An After-thought…(and more) Released Feb 6,2011

Did you ever think, the ideal of bringing people together from other lands was an idea to further the divsion of people.  Hell this idea had never really worked until now.  Quite sad, yet true on many levels.  There have been many phases of this action happening, one could draw the lines of this action throughout these last many years. 
Personally, I think we are on the last phase with these reality, along with a few more “hic-cups” before the idea has lost.  (Some people are getting nervous of this posible loss) Yupp, we are all so close yet so far.
Imagine,  the population on this planet that has increased so much and because of it, there is a level of increased communication.  YUPP, “the blur of communication”   AND because of that blur, people have had their views skewed and certain ideals have become lost.  While, like it or not, people re-act or pro-act to the skewing of these core ideals among us all. (Yupp, the species.)  While the layers of the skewing has been growing for many years as well.  Best thing is, because of peoples conditioning, many believe they are the righteous and it keeps the machine going.
Hmmm, so many tangents of thought inter-twinded together, and the simple message becomes lost.
What can be offered ?  What can help ?  We have come so far.  Yet, there is a level within us all that is dieing but is not dead.  Do you feel it, or are you so caught up in the “race” so that way you cannot feel it ?  (We all re-act differently.)
Are there basic words that can help our emotion and/or logic which can help bring some clarity to the individual so inturn we all can share without the influence of certain peoples interest hiding behind religion or culture or politics or economics ?  AND maybe let evolution become a reality to where with certain cultures may continue to grow with the thought of “SPECIES” being a reality ?
An interesting balance with subtle tangents of thought. 
Unspoken words.  Or should I pack my fear and go ?  (while fear is applicable to all)
Let it grow and forward this email on to those who you feel are worthy.  Time to help and be helped through sharing.  (An application that applies to all.)

About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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