Women,,,a Western Society thing.

The good within the evil and the evil within the good, has created a greater fraying of the journey.  A path, the path, which path?  To what degree should this awakening take hold in order to show that path ?       
Ok.  Women, a Western Society Thing.
This is another section of our society that is right up there with our Elders.  We need them and they bring a level on insight that can help the whole of this species.  They are equal on many levels of thought to any man anywhere.  They bring different views just like men bring different views, and together that combination is amazing and is still in a process.  After all, this reality is still rather young.   Here are three concepts/examples that a person can use.  ( These are examples are with the media.)
1)  “Man Haters”  Wow, what is going on here.  I heard of this Nancy G. person on CNN.  Wow, I have never see such self-righteous hatred in my life.  I could not handle it for more than 5 minutes.  This is scary.  But as some say, “The loudest ones are usually the worst ones and they get it in the end.”  You know, a person can write allot about this topic but then I could be classified as a “Typical Male Pig”.  Yet, like or not, this is a reality for all men.  (Smells like a double standard to me.)  And that is before I get into the violence.
2)  “The levels of Exploitation”, that women are doing to themselves and to the people around them.  (And I am sure, that it is not just men doing the exploitation.)  Talk about pure examples of “short term gain for long term pain”.   One show is called, “Real Housewives of ________” (they have a few cities.)   Here, you have women exploiting their families and acting like little children with their “fake everything.”  OR how about that “teen-mother” show on Much Music.  Teen mothers acting like little younger “drama-queens” with worse behaviour than that “Real Housewives of _____ ”  Again, I could only handle about 5 minutes.   YET, these are examples.
3)  “Intelligent and Insightful Women”.  There are so many examples, and it does make me smile.  On CNBC,  Erin Burnett and Maria Batiromo, these two are clever, insightful and intelligent.  (In less than five words, either one of these women can shut a person down, and do it with a level of respect.)    OR, on CBC, Amanda Lang, she is opposite to this other person who pretty comes across like a sleazy, greedy,  person of whom you should not trust.  She takes in his comments and returns them without digressing.  These are only three names of so many more women.  Even then, the women in my family.  What I have seen makes me proud.  (sorry, getting a little personal)
Just a few of many examples. 
One final thought, women are half of this species, you can not have one without the other.  AND like it or not, whatever roles that are being played within each inner circle of a couple, there is the masculine and feminine, or the ying and yang.  While that role applies to the species as a whole.  So what does that make us all ? Equals with different roles and in the end, those roles are chosen.
Ok,,,,BLT…..(Bottom Line time)
1) Jails, Jails, Jails…….and they are getting bigger.  Soon, we shall see the birth of the “MEGA JAIL”  (we are almost there.)  Yet, with the level of increased outsourcing, there is profit.  What a mixed up bag.
2) Vaccines Vaccines.  Well, as we all have been questioning about those wonderful shots, so have certain doctors as well.   Here is a link to a site that has a growing list of doctors electronically signing their names as well.  Pass this on to your doctor or RN if you like.


3) Some Canadians are starting to stand up for their people and culture.  One Larger City (over 1 million), have voted to stop using Fluoride in their drinking water.  (Yupp, guess they will have to find a different use for that wonderful Aluminium based waste-product.)  AND,  one province has voted, “No more Daggers in our Provincial Legislature”.  ( Canada, like other countries have a culture that has developed.  So, why do people who leave their own country and try to make their countries rules apply to the country that they are going to ?  Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand have generations of people who had enough of that Bull—- , that is why they came here. )

4) Merger Merger……….. This is about the two main stock markets in Canada and the USA.  Germany owns the USA market,  and England owns the Canadian market.  Now, think about this.  If one country controls another country’s capital, do they not also gain a greater control over it’s people ?   Now luckily, the Germans are speaking up about human rights regarding privacy, but the British are just a bunch of control freaks. (They are the top of the heap for “big brother” technology when it comes to it’s people.)

5) I know it, you know it, we all sense it. Do you think that the current Middle East demonstrations are limited to that section of the world?  Do you think that they are the only ones who have been getting the “shaft” ?  There is a breaking point within us all, if that line is crossed, may we all us that energy in a positive way for our, and our children’s future. 

5X5 Eternal



As of always, forward this email to those of whom you feel are worthy.  AND, as always, please let me know if you want to stop receiving them.  I mean no harm, I am only trying to help.  (Next email, I will explain the 5X5 Eternal, Feb 27th)


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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