The Western Thing,,,A blessing or mistake ? (Dec 3,2010)

“As we continue to travel along, what shall we be ?  Hell, what can we be ? “
They call it “western society”.   Yet, it did go another step further,,,,,,They are called “Canada”….”United States”….”Australia”….”New Zealand”………(and yes, “South Africa”, but excessive greed blew that apart.)   Like it or not, there are evolutionary/evilutionary patterns there.
One of the BIG reasons why people went to those places many years ago was to have a fresh start in life.  Away from religious and cultural oppression and persecution.  Maybe, to build and be a part of something genuinely good.  Did they know that they were going to be about “core values” of the human being ?
The concepts, ideals and culture within these regions are very real.  There is an established culture within these places.  “WE HAVE A HISTORY”, and the continuation of that exploration shall continue while not being oppressed by the powers/evil that be.  (not to rude, “more than any other culture on this planet”)   WE ARE A CULTURE…(black, white, brown, yellow, red, green, and pink with purple poke-a-dots). 
However in saying this, there are many examples of good and evil that have come to the surface and it is really showing itself.  Some of it is beyond ugly, yet some of it is beyond beautiful.  Is it a good thing that some “age old” crap is finally showing itself ?
Here are three examples:
#1)  In my part of the world, (and yes I live in a small city)  there are parts that are devided into “termed” sections of this city.  And I met this couple.  They now live in a certain section of town because they became sick of the energy of the previous neighborhood they lived within.  (the previous neighborhood is one of the very expensive and elite neightborhoods within this place)  Yet what they saw was all these cultures being very leary of each other to the point of “pre-judging” and almost “hating” each other.  They moved and now they feel more a part of their community.  She is Asian and he white (yellow and white)……..thing about it. 
#2)  Here is a person of whom I talk to now and then.  He said, ” My father watches these new imigrants and he is sick of their agendas and the bleeding off the system while doing nothing to help.”   Because of the the sensitivity of this one,,,,,(they are brown.)  Hmmmmm…….could that be another thought ?
#3)  Here is another person who is and still an active part of a “Spirit Drummer” group.  (Spirit Drummers are a group who are a “key” part of the indiginous people within North-America,,,,,yeah, tribal)  He is white and they are red……think that one through.
#4)  Something very close to home, my neighbors.  The other day, one of my neighbors had his kids shovel my next door neighbor’s drive-way because it was done out of respect and courtesy. (Hell, maybe a lesson learned for the kids)  It still a community,  and a good deed is a still a good deed.   He is black and his wife is white………are you catching it ?
Do you see ?  Do you feel ?   Or better yet,,,,,,can you see ?   What examples do you see ?
Bottom Line:  The potential is no longer a potential,,,,,,,,it is a reality.   WE ARE………………………..are you or can you ?
BLT Time,,,,,,,,Hmmmmmm.  (no gold or oil this time,,,,they are in the future)
1) It is official, the ringing in you head that happens from time to time IS FROM aging, hearing loss, or infection from a latest study, it is not from technology.  I guess we as in humans do not sense technology, because it was less then two years ago that we as in humans are evolving.   Hmmmm, a good debate in the future.  (should feed some lawyers, remember the “power-line” debate…….made a movie about that one.)
2) So doctors in the USA are beginning to distance themselves from the Pharmacutical
Business bonuses.  Does that mean doctors are now beginning to act like doctors ?  (Hmmm,,,,maybe the billing money is enough.)
3) I did not want to talk about politics but this just makes me laugh or throw-up.  I just want to say “CONGRATULATIONS SARAH PALIN”.  I am so impressed with you “cashing in” on you fellow people.   Two books,,,,,ONE TV show,,,,,,”CA-CHING”…..and right down to influence peddling to your daughter.   I do have one question though,,,,,”How much money do you need before you finally get caught ?”…..(It was a close one regarding your term as governor of Alaska.)   HELL, you are getting paid more than BUSH,,,,and he first “paid speaking engagement” was outside of your country.  Please go away with your skeewed views,,,,,,,,AND OBAMA, “step up or step off”.
4) Well, the banks are set for for some more big profits….”government easing”.  There is a way to get at some of that business money, the product/service you offer should have a formula of 20-30% domestic and 70-80% foreign, not from other western countries though.  (I hope I am wrong on this one,,,,,,but the “PR” should be good.)
5) Cut-backs Cut-backs……..they are settling in and starting to hit  EXCEPT, the “business of fear”,,,,,maybe some on the “war-machine”  (but that funding does have a new name,,,,gotta love the concept of “so-called” transitional thought.)  Gotta feel for the British students and their 300% increase in student fees.  (this is serious, the trickle down effect is real)   Wait until these cuts start hitting other countries,,,,,US, Canada, Austalia, Japan,  and others. While coupling that with the “speculation” of commodities  (inflation)…….DAM.
We all have so much that is pressed upon ourselves, may the clarity that you hold be true.

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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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