An Elder Thing…(Released December 19,2010)

Well, to look at our elders is to usually say, “They are those who are wise and they share that wisdom through story”. They are the product of conditioning from their days of being younger.

Hell, the only thing I know is they did the best they could with what they had. They are a very important part of any society, culture or religion. Also, in today’s world, we need them more than ever. We need them to be active in sharing their wisdom so we all may continue to grow. (not doctrine, but wisdom) Yet on too many levels this is not happening.

Why ? Could this be one reason ?

Well, to keep things some-what current, lets start with the “war-baby” generation. They had their parents, and there where many ideals and values that they did not agree with and they did not want to such things to be a part of their active world, “To break the chain.” (This is a reality that applies to every generation.) So, what became more common? Retirement homes, so that way our elders can get the basics when they can no longer provide for themselves. So, in every community there was a retirement home that was still a part of that community. Again, they did the best they could with what they had. (Times were changing, people were living longer and becoming busier because the demands those people’s life were greater.)

So then came the “baby-boomers”. Yupp, “monkey see monkey do”. Yet they had their version of that process as well. Retirement homes are now becoming “retirement communities”. The elders are now being removed from their immediate community to another community for elders only. Hey, great job in pushing that idea, got to make some money as well. BUT, our elders have become more removed from our daily society. Funny thing is, “baby-boomers” are going to be the next generation to go into that process.

And the next generations are “GEN-X” and “Gen Zero/Echo Boomers”

This is just one aspect/reality. Do you see this trend ?

There are so many other factors regarding our elders and future elders. Yet, they have wisdom that has grown in many of them. They can help, but do they want to help ? Can they break the conditioning that they indirectly imposed upon themselves ?

So, is this a present for or from our elders ?


BLT Time:

1) What was the morel behind “A gold Thing” ? The price can be manipulated as much as the price of many commodities in this world. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Look at the massive profits behind the oil companies while they are still expanding at a phenomenal rate. (and that does not include the R+D budgeting for finding new uses for oil.) As for gold being a currency ? I am sure that many of you understand the ramifications of such a thing. Would that be 300% to 600% of inflation instantly for everybody in the western world ? We could call it “The modern mid-evil times”.

2) Just because it is Christmas time. A company sells you a Gift Card, and they make interest off of that money and they get to charge you a handling fee indirectly for the use of this card. (They must think they are banks. lol) BUT now, there are companies that will buy those gift cards from the person who has recieved them for cash. (I wonder what the handling fee is going to be for that one ? Even then, how did such an agreement become a reality between all these stores/companies ?)

3) So, in the next American Budget, there is an alotment of 160 Billion for the Iraq and Afganistan war. (The War on Terror, or as some call it, A war for some Oil and Drugs) Kinda funny, the budget was held up because of taxes. I guess that would be “Strike 2” for Obama, especially regarding the move of getting Bill Clinton to sell the budget to the American People.

4) The bee population. It still is declining. The latest theory is because of “nicotine based pesticides” that are used on our food crops. Now, I am a smoker and I do have an understanding regarding the nature of the addictive poison within nicotine. Yet to use it on our food crops, that sounds redundant, I am already addicted to food.

5) In the world that I grew up in, there is this term that we all tend to use. It is called, “Merry Christmas” it is a part of our culture. Now a days, the definition of that term has changed, yet the feeling of Christmas is something that still remains. So, for all of the stores/corporations etc who have now choosen to not use this classic term because you do not want to offend other people. Remember where you came from. There is respect for many other cultures from other lands, is it wrong to say, “Respect my culture that has developed over time as well.” ?

Oh, just because you may have come from oppression does not mean you bring rules of oppression to others in this land. Be a part of the solution, and granted it is tough for all of us, but we all grow because of this fact.


May we grow together.

5×5 Eternal



About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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