5X5 Eternal, a tool. (Part 1 of 8)


This is dedicated to our sons and daughters, and to those who see there is more and who have never had a safe place to share, to grow, to evolve.

A Note

We come to this world, we leave this world.  How can a person summarize the existence of the being?  How do we live?  So, the words being used along with the grammar in which it is being presented is not perfect.  For I, am the furthest thing from perfection.

May this tool help, and may it be improved upon.

The Somebody Tri-facta

Be is so brief, a person only knows a limited definition of where they are and where they have come from, which is also a conditioning from their elders within their immediate societal whole.  Yet, what is also happening is an over-riding of such concepts.  This is about, “Where you are is where you’re at.” This has created quite the stir over many years. (How many ? Can that question be answered? )  Still, is this not from an increased awareness within the species that has, and still is passing through each generation?

Here, look at it this way.

When a baby is born, a life comes into being.  Correct?  At that moment, that is somebody who has the potential to become somebody.  Correct?  Then that somebody has become somebody while also realizing that all they have become is a nobody. (No matter what wealth or stature that has been achieved in their immediate community.)  They have lost of what the true potential of what being somebody really means.  The realized somebody of the whole.

Now, usually this happens when a life changing event happens.  From death events to near death events, or are they all, “high stress events” ?  So many forms, yet these realities do happen.  Here is an example that was shared with me many years ago. As told through their eyes.

A Dream:

It was a warm spring evening and I remember being tired, so I went to bed early.  Just a tired young kid who is all played out.  So the dream begins. 

Imagine, small smooth snow covered hills that went on forever.  Warm light, not too bright, yet lit with exceptional clarity.  Beauty. Peace.  Warmth.  As my sub-conscious being began to completely adjust to these surreal surroundings, the world I was in changed completely. 

The rolling hills still remained, except they were endless hills of thorns.  Like a briar patch with no life, colorless, from a dark grey to a complete black, while well lit so I could see with great detail.  Then, I could no longer move, and I was also in complete fear of being in a greater amount of pain if I did move.  I was trapped.  And, just a quickly as the negative feelings began to overwhelm myself, “CLICK”, right back to the warmth of the white rolling hills.  It was so brief, yet an insurmountable amount of fear and terror to shatter one’s core being had just happened.

So, the dream takes hold. The warmth of life and clarity with the coldness and disparity.

By the third time it switched over to such darkness, voices came into the dream as well.  Angry voices, repeating the same thing, reinforcing themselves to a degree where it literally shook my soul.  Voices of my family, my friends, to people I have not met, “It is your fault!!!”  Every time the thorny blackness came, so did the voices.  The blackened briar patch and voices were taking over the dream completely, my core being was being taken over.  Everything was elevated to the point where all I wanted, was to go back to the warmth of the white snow covered hills.  The shock of the darkness turned into the need for escape.

It was so intense, I woke up out of my bed, outside of my bedroom with my father and brother seeing an incredible level of fear in my eyes as they awakened me.  The genuine fear within the soul of a 10 year old kid. (I will forever be grateful to my family.) 

In short, personal and internal events like this happen to all of us.  The forms and timing along with the frequency will always vary. Yet, these events will continue to happen. 

So, what is The Somebody Tri-facta ?

It is somebody who becomes somebody and realizes that they are nobody until they become a realized somebody of the whole.

So, where does it begin ?

What are your events that have captured your attention?


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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