The Screen Thing,,,(Released Feb 27,2011)

Screens ,  Screens,   Screens.  
        A screen for everything,  a screen for everywhere.
                  TV, Computer, Fridge, Car, Bathroom, Every room.
                          Take it here, take it there, take it everywhere.                                                        Talk about a reality.
So, here are a few tangents of thought regarding the Screen Thing.
PROFITABILITY – This has created so much money.  The Oil Industry has been reminding us all on how many jobs they have within the Western Society, yet the screen thing over-rides that thought by miles.  (No wonder they were getting involved with utility companies since the 90’s. Opps, off topic.)  Hardware, Software, nothing simple here, just a created need.  Even just now, I have just started to pay an extra 2.00/month on my phone bill because I refuse to pay my bill on the “Screen Thing”.  Hell, you now need people to teach people on how to interact with other people in person.  Talk about a wave of profit.
INDOCTRINATION – From your work life to your personal life.  From your walk time to your drive time, even while you are waiting.  For the Elders to our children (Is that from 6 months or right from birth ? ).  Look-up this, look-up that.  Look-up anything with the latest App.  After All, it will tell you how and where you’re at.
Hmmm, could this be to the point where it is like a monkey with a banana ?
A FEAR – Now we have book tablets, screens for books.  That one created one large book chain to go into bankruptcy in a rather short time.  The written word has now taken a hit. 
Well,  after all, history as well all know, is written by the conquerors. Yet now, history can be changed with a click of a mouse.  Even then, what you buy and what was written, will it or can it be the same ?  It is easier now.
These are a few pieces of the whole about the “screen thing”, and the only thing I know is, “It is a tool.”   A tool for who ?  Now that is a question. 
I look forward to your response.
1) It is a speculational corporate dream.   Food prices are going up because of an alleged shortage, and everybody is into that.  Gold and Silver is going back up because of the next reason/excuse.  (Hell, China produces the most gold, do they not ? )   
AND YES, Oil is going back for a slew of reasons/excuses,  but that is the ride.  Why ?  Because the reality of oil being everywhere on this planet is coming out, AND peak oil was just a line of B.S.  Even then, the term “fossil fuel” is now dieing,  “Abiotic fuel” is now taking hold.  After all, the Russian Government were no fools in taking over oil in their country many years ago.  It good to see signs of people not just realizing this fact, but are starting to show this fact.  Here are a couple of links if you like that show more.

2) Wal-mart has finally taken some “down-grades” because of the next version of those practices has come into play.  Even then, every store/company/corporation has indoctrinated this basic process.  Has it finally come to the point where a person could create a business based on, “How it is made. ”  AND ” Where it is made” ??  Companies know this, are they not trying to show a level of moral ground now ?  (Interesting thought though.) 
3) Protests, Strikes and Protests.  This is now happening in almost a majority of all nations on this planet. (Yupp, even in Western Society)  A person can almost see how this can play out……
As each person is beginning to realize that they have become more devaluated by their government, corporate, and religious cultures, people are starting to show their anger.  The anger grows and grows, to where it is not just a couple country’s power structure that has fallen prey to their own level of suppression.  More countries fall, because suppression comes in many forms.  SO, who are the people going to rely upon ?  The “New World Order” or “The United Nations” or “The Globalists” ?  Dam, have the people behind these names already proven themselves to be corrupt on so many levels ?
The only thing that comes to my mind is a quote,  ” United we stand, divided we fall.”  It is amazing on how many levels these divisions have been played upon us all.  So where does a person start ?  Could it be your own back yard ?
Now,,,,,,what is 5X5 Eternal ?
They are a section of core writings that are over-due to come out.  They are a tool, a tool without rocket science, a tool for any individual from whatever background.  The writings are meant to be a compliment for the whole, a tool to help.
Think of it this way.
Why just see when you can see though ?  Why just see through when you can digest what is being seen without reacting, but be proactive ?   A greater Clarity and Balance perhaps ?    So, what happens to the person with a greater clarity and balance ?  What do they see ?  What do they do ?  Maybe a person can believe in the species of men and women.
In the next email, there will be a link to a Blog Site because these emails are separate from the writings of 5X5 Eternal.  Each time the link appears, there will be another section released.
Next email, March 13/11.   Again, I look forward to your response, because our lives are too short to not share.  That includes forwarding this email if you like.
5X5 Eternal
Ps….  There has been one supporter who has helped me on so many levels.               Thank-you, thank-you very much sir.

About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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