Supplemental,,,The Arizona Incident..(Released January 3, 2011)

What has happened is Arizona was wrong and saddening.  Saddening on so many tangents of thought and feeling.

May peace and clarity be with those who are affected by this incident.
Yet, unfortunately there are some thoughts that have not and chances are, will not come out in order for any level of growth to happen for the collective whole of society…..
So, where to begin…….
Firstly.  These actions will have their consequences, and you young man shall be completely torn apart.  The reasoning on why  you have done this action shall not come out.  If you think that you will have your say, chances are it will be edited to fit whatever definitions that certain people see fit to present to the general public. Was it not confirmed by the president of your country by playing down “why” at the memorial in Arizona ?  Hell, everybody is using this as an opportunity to vent and play their politics.   It is about HOW, and how did it happen, and how can we stop it from happening again ?  ( Without why, how can such an action be understood ?  While through understanding, the “how” can truly be addressed.)
Not to worry though, you “young man” shall have to answer all of those questions to the authorities, and that information shall be utilized.  The grilling of you as whole shall be a hell upon itself.
Secondly.   SO, here is a thoery of thought regarding this young man who was compelled to do such an incredibly stupid act.
Here is a kid, 22 years old who has come to certain realizations.  He was 11/12 years old when another stupid action was taken in 2001.  At that age, certain individual trains of thought were already established (Do you remember youself at that age ?)  The world did change after that incident. 
So I ask, what have you seen since that ugly date ? 
Did you see the increased paranoia with the people around you ?  Did you see on how much your individual freedom is being sacraficed for a greater control ?  Did you see on how politicians played on that thought to make more money off of the people around you ?  Did you see on how politicians made money off of the pharmacutical companies when they were inacting different health-care legislation ?  (before Obama, because I have not taken a closer look.)  Did you see on how the indepentent farmer has been pushed out from farming because of “ownership of seed” or the “meat processing being controlled by less than 20 slaughter-houses in the USA ?”  What about the term “Made in the USA”, and how that definition no longer has that truth anymore.  Did you see how the banks have managed to get off free and clear regarding the finance crisis that has spread throughout the “western world”.   Or what about the Wars in Iraq and Afganistan ?
OR……how about what is coming.
Did you see on how the manufacturing jobs are not coming back because certain newer definitions will not allow that to happen ?  Did you see on how massive corporations have a greater influence on the politicians to the point the politician will take the money instead of the people ?  Did you see on how censorship has taken such a hold to now where basic communication is now censored and can/will be more punishable by law ? 
While here is the politician, giving the blessing and making some profit at the cost of the people of whom they serve.
Do you think that maybe he went through a mental over-load ?  Would you go through a mental over-load ?
This is just scratching the surface and Sadly, we will never know.
However, I will share this though.  On the day of the memorial in Arizona I caught two announcements:
1)  Your TSA has announced a “non-disclosure” to the people who go through the scanners at the airports.  (You do not have the right to see your own image)
2)  The American government is now going to build a brand new super complex that is dedicated to “cyber-security” (I thought there is enough profit being made off of that concept)
So there you have it, just a few thoughts.
Again, May there be clarity and peace with those who were affected by the incident in Arizona.
5X5 Eternal
Ps.  I was hoping to wait until January 16th before the next round of emails.  Yet, there are certain realities in life, and in this western society it ties in together.  Like it or not.  (For instance, look at the price of energy/food and how that is playing out.)

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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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