5X5 Eternal….Part 2 of 8

Now that the reality of motivations has been covered, what is a person to do? Even then, how does a person discover their motivations?   Well, usually a person stands up and starts. 

Start what?  They start whatever needs to be done, knowingly and unknowingly.  Either way, the layers of life begin within that individual.

Then what happens?  A person begins to learn what they can and cannot do.

How does that happen ?   Is there a word ?


 Now that is a word that is loaded up, too and beyond.  Almost overused to the point where its meaning is lost.  Yet, the word still remains.

Here is a little concept I believe we might all share.  An individual becomes overloaded which leads to a level of Chaos.  The Chaos then leads to a point of insanity.  Then insanity begins to grip to the point where the individual is lost in Madness.

A reality.  A growing reality.  A reality that has no bounds and can affect the symptoms of ones physical and mental health.  While not just in the individual, but it can spread within the immediate family, community, region and Country.  While on a different note, the profitability on these weak points of the life of an individual is massive and growing exponentially.  Profit from profit lost.

The forms of this overloading has grown to incredible levels.  The versions/terms are endless upon themselves.  (financial, family, friends, personal, professional, emotional, logical, technical,,,,,,,,,communication, deliberation…..And then break it down again.)

How many examples do you see out there in one of your days?  How many examples do you miss?

Instead of a book of examples, I present this.

With the increased communication is this world, how many thoughts and ideas become lost in that communication.  From family problems, work problems, personal problems, regional problems, economic problems, political problems, religious problems, society problems………… It feels like and an overload already.

So, what happens?  Does the core being of the individual begin to block out certain problems so that way that person can survive?  (Opps, I almost forgot, the other problems do continue to grow.)  

How much can you handle?  Better yet, how much can we all handle with the current tools that we have?  What are those tools? 

Here are few current mainstream tools which has also created another tool.

Religion— In many ways, religion has helped this species survive.  One must admit, after these thousands or more years, we are still here.  While also, another reality of life has come to light.  How many times have you seen religion being used a tool to hinder and suppress people in this world?  YET, there are still points within all the religions that do and have helped.  Yet again, do we have to talk about how many wars have been started because of religion?

Regional Cultures— That is something that still exists.  Have those not developed into races over time?  The British, Swedish, Irish, German, Japanese, Chinese, South African, Columbians, Mexicans, Indians, Egyptian, and I am not going to go on any further.  While if I did not mention your specific regional culture, grow-up and grow out of it.  Sorry, because there are really only a few sections in this world where people can openly share who they are while having a genuine opportunity to grow through sharing, and right now, they are having some serious problems because people are still caught in the “RACE CRAP”.   I am not going to go any further.

Corporate/Business Cultures— Again, something that has existed of thousands of years.  In a sense, that is what brought on “the order” within Regional cultures.  (Societal order) Hey, a system of rules did allow Regional cultures to grow.  While the search for wealth did bring people together, to what degree has that wealth also been used to hinder people in this world?  While also, how many wars have been started because of excessive greed which intern can be applied to the Religious and Regional Cultures?

So then came,

The Scientific culture— Well, that is something that is a little newer AND could be as old as all of these other cultures.  It has is brought on a level of clarity to certain topics which also helped to bring all of these other cultures together.  Yet, that culture has been also used and abused to the point where is has controlled all of the cultures.  Pay some people money to cook up whatever facts that are needed and suppress more truth.  Even then, how many examples do you know of where science has also crossed the lines of good and evil without needing the conditioning of the previous cultures mentioned?

Have I confused you yet?  Do you think the individual who uses any one of these tools exclusively would be confused?

I guess what I am asking, within the current philosophies that people use, can we do better as individuals by bringing a level of balance and clarity first, so maybe that each individual is better equipped to handle, discover, decide, choose within their immediate world to help make their world better?

Also this tool can be improved through sharing and it is adaptable through each individual’s stage of life.  Life is still a process.

This is not about replacing the knowledge that this species has accumulated over time.  It is about the individual living within their immediate respective worlds and maybe genuinely improving their world.

SO, that is where the next round begins.  It starts with five words.  Many of you already know these words.  I released them about 4.5 years ago with the question, “In what order would you put these five words into?”  AND, I did a follow-up on that question when I asked, “Has the order of those words changed over this last amount of time?”  (That is your hint.)




About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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