The Gold Thing,,,released December 12,2010

 Those who see,

    Those who see through,
       Cheers to you,
          So shall we continue ?
So,,,,A Gold Thing…….(and commodities,  you choose.)
Well,  gold has been around for a long time, right up there with jewels etc…..a measurement of wealth which also means a measurement of control.  (A part of the whole.)  So, many years ago certain powers brought on the “Gold-standard”.  You know, if your country currency is to have value, it will be backed by gold. 
Well, to the surprise of many, a country massed an incredible amount of gold, right to the point where it was time to get off of this “gold-standard”.  There are many thoughts on the reasoning of why this happened, here are a couple.  “To much wealth in in one society” or “It is time to spread the wealth throughout that society”    Either way, the gold card is back. 
So let us take a look at the process of this assigned value.
1) It is a traded commodity.  Traded by brokers and you know that other term, (speculators).  Because of this action, there is a value that is assigned.  They achieve this value through speculation and psychology.  The mood on the floor…..emotion.  They play and bet on this fact.  “Watch your arrows”
2) So it is emotion.  Must admit the emotion of gold is at an all time high.  From the radio to the internet,,,,BUY BUY BUY GOLD + SILVER and gems, and buy from us because we are looking out for your best interest.  OR  Sell you olfgold jewelery and you can buy a nice pair shoes or boots….(@ 20 to 30 cents on the dollar).   Hell, you can buy gold from vending machines in Europe.   Everybody is doing it.  (except a few clever ones, they changed their tune months ago.  Position, is a good thing.)
3) But wait, how many gold producers are there out there and who controls them ? (You can own stock but you do not control the company.) Hmmmm, would it be safe to assume that they have a seat on these exchanges ?  How many seats are actually in these trading houses ?  (with these facts, how about diamonds, oil, or food ?)   Not many independents out there anymore.
So, what is the reason for all of this ?  The established reason is because of the American dollar.  (from the price of oil to the price of food)  Beautiful reasoning, but the prices are all higher with every currency. 
 Can you see ?  Can you see through ?   Are all currencies devaluating ?  Wow, depending on the position you hold on the commodity market, a person can devaluate themselves to where they have no wealth, hense no value, hense no say.
Wow, emotion, better keep a balance.
BLT time………
1) The Cancun Climate Summit,,,(fun, sun, and margaritas).  It is a success, as they say.  I have not seen the original text yet.  WHERE IS THAT LEAKY GUY.  But there are a couple of things I have found though.   Bottom Line: The carbon market is back.  The 100 Billion dollar fund is not a one time thing and this agreement was not about the environment, it was about the beaurocracy.  But hey, 100 Billion is a good start.
2) The Leaky Thing.  There are lots of rumors and views on the one.  Quite simple, there are poeple who are in a re-action mode.  Hmmm, does make a person think.  did you like the re-actions that happened us all after the three buildings going down in New York ?  The internet is already censored, it is getting harder to find out what is really going on in this world.  (Hell, look at the students in Britain.  Even then, why were the “Royals” driving by while these demonstrations were happening.  Not to be rude, but the Royals do not care about their citizens.)
3) Canada came close to having a its third news channel on it’s basic cable package. (something for all, or almost)   Except in the approval process, there are actions that can be taken which can stop this from happening,  they are called “interventions”.  Well, there were 19000+ interventions, except 17000 of these interventions were based from an interest group from New York, USA.  Let me think this through,  American interest protesting because of a Canadian News Network that does not belong to American companies.  (imagine what is happening to the American news)
4) China.  Is China the real problem ? OR is it our own people selling out to make a greater buck ?  OR is it the consumers trying to make a buck by buying cheaper stuff ?  OR is it the governments that have changed the definitions of what “MADE IN USA/Canada/EU/Australia etc” means because of the lobbying of certain corporations. (Includes banks).   You Tell Me.
5) DAM, where is the H3N2 thing?????  Interesting.  Is it because of all the phyical damage that has happened because of the H1N1 shots ?  Gotta love it when a plan falls apart.  Kinda of reminds me of the mercury they put into our immunization shots we recieved when we were babies to give the shots a longer shelf life.  When they get caught, they stop.  (unfortunately not all time.)
Either way, past it on to those who you feel are worthy.  I look forward to your response.
5X5 Eternal
Ps.  Next email, “A gift for and maybe from our Elders,,,,,a double edged sword.”  And then I am caught up on these emails.

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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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