An Ownership Concept….(Released March 13,2011)

Well, this one ties to the screen thing in a sense.  Yet, all of the email topics are entwined together.  Kind of like your life being tied to others, and others being tied to ourselves.  So, let’s continue.
You think you own something, but do you?  What do you think you own?  You come into this world with nothing, you leave this world with nothing, and if you want to leave something behind for your friends and family ?  Not to worry, that typically gets torn apart as well.
This trend has been going on for many years and it is growing in strength.  Here are three examples of this trend. 
1) Entertainment, the most obvious. You buy some music, or movies, or even books now and you no longer have anything tangible.  Is that not true?  You now have a copy of something that is formated for an extra item you must own.  And, if you do not have the updates for these core items, you are out of luck. (Or the next format.)  While as we all know, it is a battle for who gets to be the next standard on the delivery of such items.  (Yaa,,,who ever has the most flashy lights.)  The best thing is, because of the amount of tracking that is in this technology, the process of delivery will become more intrinsic.  You pay for the right to use, yet you lose the right to own.  (Hmmmmm)
2) How about your “hard assets” ?  Becoming very complicated to have such things.  Look at gold, silver or better yet, your home.  For instance, throughout the mortgage mess that is still going on in the USA, because it being so hard to get the deed to your property, even the banks could not foreclose on thousands of properties.   Smells like a “full-circle” to me. 
3) Intellectual property.  Wow, and it is true.  Take a look at on how people have been trademarking their words.  Ya,,,I own the word, “feelin’ good”. lmao.  Grow up and let the words grow. 
Yet, think of this.  You are at work and the company supplies the computer, the paper, the phone and whatever else.  You have a great idea and you need a place to put the idea so you do not forget, so you put it down on the company tools because you will get back to that idea later at home.  BUT wait, you leave or get fired, and then what happens to that idea, heaven forbid if you want to use that idea.  After all, it was on a company supplied tool. (Think about the picture you have saved on your screen to give you a warm reminder of life.)
Hell, the Insurance industry is built on this reality.  You pay them for coverage of which they do their best to not cover you.  (fine print, special clauses, etc.)  Opps, that is a another topic.
So, what do you own ?  Or better yet, what are you allowed to own?
BLT……Bottom Line time.
1) Stats. Stats. Stats.  This stat is too funny.  Unemployment  is going down in North-America.  Yet, here are just two points that are not said.  1)  After a person no longer receives unemployment benefits, they are no longer counted as unemployed.  2)  As some people have gone back to work, ever notice that those people are going back to work for 60 to 80 cents on the dollar of what they have made previously ?  (That is before benefits.)
After all, somebody showed me that they can statistically show that fire-engines are the cause of fires in your city or town.  Hell, the majority of Canadians do not see an improvement for another 1 to 2 years and that country is a resource nation.
2) In the beginning of the Libya crisis, before the fighting really began, governments had problems in flying out their citizens.  WHY?  Because the insurance companies would not underwrite those flights.  Hmmmm, might have to do that topic, because the undertones are very real, right down to the financial markets.  (Bond upgrades and downgrades.)
3) Outsource, Outsource, Outsource.  Why do governments and corporations like this so much?  Two expressions, “Limited Liability” and “Plausible Deniability”, which does mean, less accountability.   Hey, Kudos to the American government which has passed legislation on limiting the liability of pharmaceutical companies regarding their vaccination shots for the public.  Hmmmm, does make a person think.  (And if I am wrong, please let me know.)
4) What a world for commodities.  You name it, it is there.  Hell, the media is doing their part as well.  (Opps, I forgot, all of the media is almost owned.)   So, here are three questions:  1)  Why did the food prices go up so fast on the retail side ?  The Mighty IMF said 5% by spring and maybe another 5% by the fall.  2) Libya produces a very small amount of oil, yet oil goes up by almost 30% ?  3) A few commodity houses were purposely over selling some metals, so they bought back the options which intern raised the price more.  Dam, an instant profit.  
Now remember, commodities have a different set of rules that are not like the Stock Market and Money Markets, yet one could say there is a theme.  
5) This one is just a wish.  For the people who have been devastated in this last bit of time.  Australia, New Zealand, and now Japan.  May your strength continue to show as you are all piecing your worlds back together, and as you put them together, may they be pieced with a positive balance for all.   (A moment of Silience.)
As always, forward this email to those you care about and please let me know if you do not want to recieve these anymore.
5X5 Eternal,
AND, here are the links to part 1 of 8 regarding the topic of “5X5 eternal”  (there are also other older emails there, the current emails go to people on the list.)×5-eternal-a-tool-part-1-of-8/


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