10 of 16, from Pens, (Released August 2/12)


“Fear of Change”


“Change of Fear”


What is directly applied, and what do you think is being applied?


Many years ago, when I was in my teens, my grand-mother gave a book.  Yes, the previous elder mindset was more about giving presents of knowledge or purpose.  (Wow, when I look back, I am so very grateful.)  Yet within the pages of one of these books, in a small section, it discussed about the “Fear of Change”.  What if?  What if you tried this idea, what could happen if your life genuinely improved?  Creatures of habit, are we not?  Hell, when looking back, a person can see on previous writings on how that was genuinely applied.  An improvement for the individual can also be an improvement for the individual’s whole.  What if a person took that leap of faith within their self, and actually tried to apply what an idea can actually bring?  Overall, the message that I saw, was let go of that classic destructive “No” that has been applied so very well within the ingrained society.  Hmmm, the development of cognitive thinking?  Quite simple on certain levels, yet very utilized within others.  So, I say, “Thank-you” to the elders that have shared.  AND, “Thank-you” for continuing to share, because as the current play continues to devalue your section of society, there ARE those that do learn from your shared knowledge.  Could mean a true value added section of our society.  YES, that still crosses many generations.


Now, apply that to what those lines of conventional accepted/conditioned approaches that are being applied to your world?  Interesting on how certain changes are being applied.  Why is such levels of fear, being applied?  What are those net results?  A slight of the hand, can equal that twist of fate. 


Allow me to explain.


May your Body be balanced.  (Well, when the body is functioning on a greater level of efficiency, it has an effect on so many aspects within any individual.)

May your Mind be focused.  (What happens when the individual’s mind stays focused on the long and short term realities that are being applied to oneself?)

May your heart be true.  (Yes, it is form of strength.  A strength that can feed or destroy the mind.  While if it remains true, what happens?)

May your Soul be whole.  (Seriously, what does that say?  What are those real implications?  A classic question, Bohemian Grove anybody?)

May your Spirit flow.  (What happens when those shared values/ideals come into play?  You know, when you and friend are on the same page without even communicating those fine points.)


SO, what changes in those “fear cards” have you seen that are being applied? 


Better yet,


What happens when the growing active aware society decides?  (Lines of design.  Evolution or Evilution.)


After all.  How can that card of, “Global Awareness” be played when so many people and their basic common senses, are being crushed through so many “Lines of Design”? 






ONE.  Those internet cards.  This goes beyond, YET the attention MUST remain.  Nice thing about this first link, is people develop the next round of  real Algorithms that do work.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX2MjRddXCA&feature=related  True is true, look at Apple and Facebook regarding their users.


YET.  The Governments are trying SO bad in controlling you.

http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/31/senate-cybersecurity-bill-mirrors-russian-internet-agenda/   AND still they are back loading this abomination up with the attempted disarming of the American people from their Right to Protect themselves.  

Yupp, it is also boiling down to THOSE people at the U.N.



You want to see where this leads to?????


While, anything for ratings.  What a Win-Win.  Make some ratings and make an ignorant point to cause MORE FEAR.


TWO.  The Canadian Thing.  The Quebec question if VERY real.  That is one election where the people of Quebec have an opportunity.  YES, an opportunity to stand up and be heard as a people.  (Alberta in a sense tried as well, yet they also in a sense DID NOT have a choice.  Alison, Bilderberg.  Danielle, Lap Dog.)  So, what might happen?

The Quebec people could remind us Canadians, that Canada is Balance of people with individual and regions of different needs and concerns.  I hope for a minority Government.  The reason is to “Slow-Down” this madness instead of pushing through such loaded up Legislation.  Then again, the signs are mounting regarding the Current Federal Government’s sick shit.  (Notice that the manufacturing has declined in Alberta so quickly for the “Oil-patch”?  Yes, the oil-patch is not alone in this formula.)


By the way, the real reason on why Canadians are very concerned on what is going on in the States, is because the Canadians KNOW that the current government IS dismantling those controls/protection/oversight that has kept Canada, Canada.  (Food oversight, Border controls, Environmental protections, Sharing information/knowledge/wisdom. Etc.)


THREE.  The American Thing.  Plenty of fear of there.  I could go on, yet I will only supply a few links.  BOTTOM LINE……”All HAIL THE TSA/OBAMA/MITT………could write an essay on just all of those names.”   YET, the American people, ARE the deciding factor.  Hmmmmm.


http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/01/us-usa-syria-obama-order-idUSBRE8701OK20120801  Load up some MORE funding?


A current example.

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/30/obama-romney-look-overseas-for-campaign-cash/  Yupp, Overseas cash does equal overseas influence.  Makes a person think.

Bloody relentless when a person sees such degrees.  While trying to kill the Ron Paul thing, and not talking about that person named “Gary Johnson”.

http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/30/ron-paul-supporters-photobomb-mitt-romneys-visit-to-poland/#ixzz22EHDGiVO   (A sign of that shared western society?  People are seeing.)


There are many gauges within the USA to see on what is truly going on in that country, well, as long as the people within that shared western society continues to slow down the madness, this one keeps on appearing.



Good on the REAL American People, because this person showed an interesting reflection OF the people, and he is NOT alone.  OH, the country IS NOT BROKEN yet.


REMEMBER:  The American People ARE the last people on this planet that HAVE the written right to protect themselves.  YES, it is also called, “keeping the balance.”  Your founders knew well.  Does that mean MORE False Flag crap?


FOUR.  The Syria Thing, with those other things.  Where to start.  Lets us start with the MOST obvious lie.


While also, read some comments about these lies.  A few good links in there as well.



NOW, why is the “Mainstream Media” going down?

http://www.infowars.com/syria-danny-caught-staging-cnn-war-propaganda-stunt/  “Good Job Paul”

OH, but the lies continue for the CI-Al-Quida.  All on record. 


http://www.rt.com/news/syria-rebel-massacre-aleppo-627/ (I guess the truth is coming out.)

http://www.rt.com/news/anti-air-missile-syria-rebels-568/  (Yes Obama, we know you are in there.)


Not to worry, The Africa lies are making a comeback.  Another version of distraction laced with more REAL violence?  And yes, there is Lebanon, too bad things are sputtering in Syria.  Hell, Putin knows, that is why he is talking about Afghanistan.



FIVE.  Financial fundamentals.  This IS very real.  Yet, since those little blocks are almost completely in place, it still cannot be done.  YET, the people within the massive shared western society of this world, is not broken. 


SO, what are those fundamentals?  Value added services that DO add value to your immediate regional society.  Value for your country, value for your people.  I might have to make this one the next topic.




It was warned about certain “Algos”, “The Gator Algo”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gMbuJsbhac&feature=g-all-u  As it IS happening.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dOO9XxH5Nyo  Algos gone wild.


AND.  Fluoride, how many more studies do you need?


(Yes, that also means the is a large part of a generation that might be deemed as.  PLEASE, stop giving your children such products.  This is the same for aspartame.)  Smells like those financial fundamentals could make an impact here.  Who makes that stuff again?


Go through this release.  Do the searches.  Share.


Forward this email to those of whom, you feel are worthy.      






PS.  Yes, good to see those levels of clarity that are being shared to that greater degree.  Yet, remember, there those levels that are trying their best to confuse.  It still boils down to that level of real inter-personal communication.  People sharing with people.  Not just information, not just knowledge, but also those levels of wisdom.  YES, wisdom.


PPs.  Remember: Because of a strengthened balance, the increased clarity can digest those levels of madness.  It is good to see that you, the people are beginning to show the way.  Back ground is done for this round, welcome to the next round within this series.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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