11 of 16, from Pens, (Released, August 23/12)




What has been shared and seen, CAN still change.  There is a way. 


Yet unfortunately, the levels of the famous, “FEAR CARD” is, and has gone beyond.  A blessing or a curse?  Which side is yours being played upon?  Why do I ask?  Because, what happens when people are pushed to such degrees?  YES, clarity.  YET, what happens when that clarity rattles one’s balance?  Will I ask a more questions, and even play upon that conscious/sub-conscious of the individual’s core balance and also upon their immediate collective?  Yet, that is not the way of such writings.  (I still try, because I still realize that I am, “One of One”.)  These writings run deep.  Yes, there are more, and no, they are not on my computer.  (Rather impressed with these latest versions of tracking software though.  A constant up-keep for myself, how about you?  Or can you still write with a pen and paper?  Can you still have a conversation with other real people and still learn?  How conditioned are you? 


NOW, do you see the implications?  WHY?  Because there is a large section of this society that cannot speak, write, or do basic math, without that “Screen Thing”.   If a person was to summarize this notion, I would give it about 2 to 2.5 FULL generations.  A saturation or tipping point?  NOT YET, because those final pieces have not been implemented.  Pesky awareness.  (46 million results regarding re-education camps.  YES, that includes Canada as well.  Just a result, yet the current IS Re-education for the Christian Chinese population in Hong Kong.)




Hell, other countries/cultures do realize those levels of manipulation.


Look at Japan.  That country has been screwed over by TPTB.  Even then, the power of paper still over-rides any file, because paper is harder to fake/forge than any “Blip”, “Blurp”, or “File”.  Why do you think those fax machines are still being used?  (That was all about trying to break that country regarding its own government debt.  Very impressive on how it still remains owned by its citizens.  What a story behind those many years. Benjamin Fulford anybody?   http://benjaminfulford.net/ )

Meanwhile, net results are net results.


Think it through.  (This applies to too many aspects of our Western World as well.)



SO, time to connect another small dot.


I have shared the “Five by Five”.  (The individual.)  I have shared the “S.E.P.E.S”.  (The individual in relation to their world.) 


NOW, the “Five Questions of What” (This is about action, because there is too much at stake.  After all, things have stepped up because people of the people are stepping up.)


1)      What do you see?  This is the biggest question. It is the beginning which ties directly to the end.  Or is the end which ties to the beginning? Yes, to your end, and to your beginning.  What do you see?  Remember, it is also to what you understand?  Ahhhh, the pesky “5 by 5” appears.  After all, if a person has a greater Strength in their Balance, the Clarity can be digested.  (The best thing about being wrong, means an opportunity to learn something new.  A VERY REAL RULE.)

2)      What would you do?  “Would-of.” What would you do with that line that you/me/we have had crossed, so many times?  “If I had a billion dollars, I would.”  “If I had the opportunity, I would show them.”  If.   If.  If.   Do you see the conditioning?  DO you see your conditioning?

3)      What could you do?  Ahhh, that dose of reality.  Wait a minute, those little realities that have been held so for so many years are no longer applicable.  BEFORE, a person could vote for a person who would actually follow through.  BEFORE, a person could buy/vote with their power of money that they earned.  BEFORE, a person who would have a problem with another person could actually confront them and come out to a mutually beneficial agreement.  BEFORE, a person did have a choice to not be a part of some sadistic show, and not be criticized.  (The recent opening Olympic ceremony.  Why would I celebrate Perversion, or the continued Enslavement of People, or the ultimate NANNY/POLICE state dressed up in technology.  Dance. Dance.  Dance.  With “FAKEBOOK”.  Opps, forgot, the Brits are selectively enforcing the BLACK-BOX on their people.  Gotta like that Ping-box.)  What could you do?

4)      What should you do?  Dam.  Getting close to those internal thoughts and feelings.  A turning point?  A feeling point?   Either way, it is that question on where a person tries to maintain that balance in this current world.  YES, “5 by 5”, and the realizing S.E.P.E.S.  Balance within the short-term to maintain the long-term.  What should you do? 

5)      What will you do?  Another specific turning point, or just a realization?  What to say?  What to play?  AND, how do you OBEY?  Hmmmmm, what is meant regarding this OBEY thing?  Well, what do you see?


Enough.  Nothing to do, except what needs to be done.



SO, to illustrate the application of these “Five Questions of What”, the next five releases will be, should be, could be, of the following topics.  Then maybe another Five Releases regarding some basic and real pieces to our shared Western Society, actually to any society.  (Because there are people out there bent on the destruction of this Western Society, and the massive suppression within other societies.  “Divided we will fall.”)


1)       The Real Abuse of Children.  Too many forms.  YET, what is happening is the people lose more privacy meanwhile those that have been proven to be a part of insanity, continue to get away.  http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/329694  (Yes, government backed. Results are results.)

2)      The Green Thing.  Lies upon lies, upon lies.  Global-warming….LIE.  Global Change….an adaptation for the same result, LIE.  Global poisoning, there is some real truth, yet who is doing it and also getting away with this?  You poison the people, you get to poison the land, and if you poison the land, you get to poison the people. This is more than Oil people.  http://climatedepot.com/   One Word, “Agenda 21”  How many more Climate Scientists will be leaving?

3)      WAR and the Spoils.  Syria/Sudan/Egypt, and so many others.  The US Gov’t has again been buying incredible amounts of bullets.  (Almost 1 million articles already.)  But now, it is starting to come out the much of those bullets are being shipped over to Syria etc.  After all, the Al Qaeda is and has always been supported by NATO, UN, CIA, and so many banks.  You see, if you create a need for war, you get more war.  (However, the prongs regarding this possible WW3, are very nasty, it will be utilized.  More are starting to see this fact.)  http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2012/3932obama_push_wwiii.html

4)      The Digital Indoctrination.  Another massive round hitting everybody.  Get them hooked and trained when they are young.  How many generations?  Tie it all in SO it all can be tied up.  YET people ARE aware and that number is growing.  WHY?    The examples are endless, so I will take the most obvious.  Facebook=Fakebook=Farcebook=Fuckbook.  Even the Zuck Man thinks you are all “dumb fucks”.  He was right, and the stock will continue to show its real colors.  So where is this leading?  One good balanced view is,  http://www.katherinealbrecht.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=101&Itemid=120   After all, the writing within the American Health Care Bill Includes a RFID chip for ALL the people, except a certain few.

5)      The Food Equation.  Wow, BIG FOOD INC.  The design is incredible.  YET, while even considering the incredible growing amount of people who are aware.  Good Food equals Good life.  Why?  Because it still boils down to those basics.  Vitamins. Minerals. http://pharmacistben.com/   But Hey, does it not tie into this next topic?

6)      Big Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals.  (The Pharm/Chem.)  This is just beautiful.  BUT, the net result still remains, because there is one very important rule that is and always will be applied to any society throughout time.  “Keep People Busy.” http://www.naturalnews.com/036816_Eli_Lilly_payoffs_doctors.html  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/are-eggs-really-as-bad-for-your-arteries-as-cigarettes/#axzz23cVNHV8S

7)      The Economic Collapse.  Again, another work of art.  Everybody and their dog is predicting this, yet the enforcement of making sure this happens is incredible.  Why?  Because you need to kill the Real Economy first.  http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/123603  Do you think that the local farms do not see these facts?  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/are-eggs-really-as-bad-for-your-arteries-as-cigarettes/#axzz23cVNHV8S   What do you think about those levels of regulations are for?  http://www.openfile.ca/calgary/blog/calgary/2012/your-garage-sale-sign-probably-illegally   SO, who does the really benefit?  Many that is why it did not happen in 2011.  I guess there is still a way.

8)      The International Agreements.  That is some incredibly loaded up concepts.  What do you thing NAFTA accomplished?  What do you think ACTA is trying to accomplish?  What do you think CPAC will finish?  Come to think of it, what do you think that 90% of all of these agreements have accomplished?  Politicians + Bankers + Corporations + Governments =  ?

9)      The UN, IMF, NATO, BRIC etc.  Simple questions there.  Who funds the UN?  Who funds the government?  Who funds the Bank?  Who funds the Corporations?  Who is getting crushed?  Bottom Line:  How can you take care of other people when you yourself need help?  Since I can help myself, I can help my neighbor, then I can help my community, then I can help town/city, then I can help my region, then I can help my country, then I can help my society, and then I can help my species.

10)   The Integration Factor.  I know this, if I was to go and live in another land, I would have to learn and abide by the culture of that land.  Live in China, become a communist.  Live in Britain, become a PRO-nanny tyrannical shallow state supporter.  An applicable reality because it is done out of respect for other people’s land/culture/laws etc.  Either that, or you life just might become forfeit.  So, what is so wrong when people within OUR Western Society want to preserve our culture?  Because, WE ARE A CULTURE.  This is NOT about Racism, the IS about respecting the people within in their respective lands.  Welcome to the silent majority, they are awake, aware, and NOT impressed.  There is no superior race, yet genetically speaking, “All of these mutts do have a larger gene pool.”   CHEERS, to the people of Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand.  We are a shared culture with four distinct cultural societies.

11)   The Religious/Spiritual Thing.  What are the first two rules regarding religion?  ONE,,,preserve it.  TWO,,,make it grow.   What has religion accomplished of so many years?  Maintain Control.  What has happened to Western Society’s versions of religion?  Were they changing?  Changing to what?  And now since it is all about that “FEAR CARD”, what do you think it is changing into again?  So now I ask, why do you think I released that “5 by 5”?  Get it?


Those are some topics.  There are more.  While these examples are just the current, before we as a species can truly begin to look at such other topics as well.  (Actually there is another complete layer.)


Yet it is still about sharing, so forward this email to those you feel who are worthy.


One of one who could be……….




Ps.  Yes, I have taken a break from these releases.  Yet, maybe one day I will, because I have not had a break for years.  Enough, I would like a break in my lifetime, besides that final break.  And yes, if I am gone, you will know.  Until then, I still have another three levels.  Either that, or I will wake up.


And For a Final Note….  Well, for you so called, “Baby-boomers”, remember this little potential promise that was made?


Well, it looks like the next Generation fine tuned it.



WAKE THE FUCK UP.   (Wake up before that understanding is gone.)


After all, it is alive and growing.



There is much work with incredible rewards.  What is that?  The reward is where we can all truly donate and build that, that was once started.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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