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So, this is where it starts to become real.


“MIND, BODY, HEART, SOUL, SPIRIT.”  Those five words apply to every person on this planet.  Now granted, not all of these five words apply to each individual.  Agreed?  WHY?  Because when a person takes a look at the general indoctrination of the spiritual one, (Religion, Beliefs, etc)  each person has gone through their own version/conditioning.  Hence, it must be respected.  This is about EVOLUTION, not EVILUTION.   Evolution is natural, Evilution is manipulation for personal gain.


Now also, as some have realized, this is about giving the individual a chance.  A chance to decide, with a greater clarity.  Yupp, it is all up to you.   Hey, it is still about our species, yet the current rules that exist and are being applied are now,,,,,,,,,,,well , you know.


So, what is the purpose of this?


It is about waking up an individual from whatever conditioning, which would allow that person to ask “Why?”, and then come up with some increased understanding.  OR, for the individual who is “neck-deep” in levels of information, etc, which would bring some clarity to make better long-term decisions.  OR, for the person who claims they have been “awaken” through their versions of indoctrinations and then maybe go back, and help to make them better.  OR, for the individual who is seeing incredible amounts of insanity that is being applied to their collapsing society, instead of crying “WOLF”, maybe realize that through sharing, (because that is how a typical individual, DID accumulate such information) and begin to see more clearly, AND maybe help the processes that IS currently being held upon ANY societal whole. OR, about the individual that is seeing new definitions of their current society, while trying to come to terms of what some changes may truly mean.  OR,  how about those potential conflicts that are hitting the individual to the societal whole, if the was an increased clarity and balance, would that not help to Maybe deflate such realities?  OR FINALLY, while an individual may not understand such realities that are being applied to their world, maybe this would give them the strength to find out, and maybe share, and maybe HELP their world.  (Write a book.) 


Even then, what about the individual who wants to know what has been helping or hindering their self through their individual life?   


What about you?  What do you see?  How do you feel?  Why do you feel?  What are the consequences of your actions to such thoughts?  What realities can YOU apply in your immediate world, especially considering, you can only do the best you can with what you have?


This is a tool.  Nothing more, and because of this being such a tool, this helps the evolution and evilution of the whole.  Hence, the choice is yours.  I myself, I still believe, believe in this life, believe in this truth, believe in this friend, believe in the society, and maybe, believe in this species.


For myself?  Well, I Believe that there is a way, of which that does NOT lead to such extreme madness’s.  AND, it can be done without the current devaluation of our evolving Western Society.  (Yes, and maybe undo some of this Evilution.)


So, in consideration of the versions of the realities, of the conditioning that is applied to so many of the many societal wholes that do exist within our species.  A mixed up Example.


Part 1. (Stage One)


May my body Heal.

     May my mind Heal.

          May my heart Heal.

                                May the be BALANCE.


May my soul be whole.

     May my heart be true.

          May my mind be focused.

                May my body be balanced.

                                     May there be CLARITY.


Do you see?  This is about the individual, as a being and realizing that they are a part of their world.  From the personal to their shared world.   A beginning.  A realization.


BUT THEN, because of such a realization, then one does also realize they must also re-enforce that beginning.  Hence.  (Stage 2)


May my soul Heal.

     May my  mind Heal.

          May my body Heal.

               May my heart Heal.

                              May there be BALANCE.


May my body be Strong.

     May my mind be Strong.

          May my soul be Strong.

                                 May my STRENGTH be BALANCED as it GROWS.


May my heart be true.

     May my body be balanced.

          May my mind be focused.

               May my soul be whole.

                    May my spirit flow.

                                  May there be clarity.




The TWO POINTS in this example was to show that there is choice, AND to show a connection through realization.   You choose your terms, and then choose your order.




Stop and say these words to yourself.  (The core words and order are yours to choose.)



May my body Heal.

     May my mind Heal.

            May my heart Heal.

                  May my soul Heal.

                       May my spirit Heal.      May there be Balance.


May my body be Balanced.

     May my mind be Focused.

          May my heart be True.

               May my soul be Whole.

                    May my spirit Flow.         May there be clarity.


*****AND as a person starts to apply their reality to the reality that is being applied to them you get,



May my body Heal.

     May my mind Heal.

           May my heart Heal.

                May my soul Heal.

                     May my spirit Heal.     May there be BALANCE.


May my body be strong.

     May my mind be strong.

          May my heart be strong.

                May my soul be strong.

                     May my spirit be strong.    May my STRENGTH be BALANCED as it grows.


May my body be balanced.

     May my mind be focused.

          May my hear be true.

                May my soul be whole.

                     May my spirit flow.        May there be CLARITY.



So there you have it, something that can/does help. 


A tool, and use it as such.  Use it to help you, because this is about you.  AND yes, there is much more, but this should be enough.  There is a longer version/overall outline at “thoughts.com”  that has a few sections that have been covered to a greater extent, a little blog.  (WordPress, started to censor my releases back then.  After all, who needs a person who can connect some actual dots and then openly share on how it can be done.)


AS always, forward this email to those you feel who can use such applications.






Ps.  Now, if you use this basic tool,  imagine what more you will be able to see and digest, WITHOUT going into that standard overload/denial mindset.  Yupp, kicking it up a notch.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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