3 of 16, from Pens, (Released May 14/12)




I have racked my brain too many times in how to present these facts.  I guess there really is no other way to present, to state, to share in these realizations.  Yes, that shared realization, which can be an incredible Opportunity.  Yupp, time to clear some more air.


While first what must be done is that we must work through and accept some facts. 


There are truths. 

There are Lies. 

There are realities.

Which yes, leads to those other terms.  Manipulation, and conspiracy to name a couple.  (And yet there are many other terms.)


It is what it is.


Yet, I still become saddened and frustrated, and then laugh in defense of myself, when I still meet so many people who are still caught in their versions of denial, OR are so caught up in their little/big world who is just like a horse with its blinders on, OR who are a part of such levels of lies and knowingly spread and preach such falsehoods.  How many people do you meet each day who are putting their energies into that formed reality?  (Yupp, also a future topic in that one.)


Hell, ask any person who is aware and actually chooses to be aware of more than their specialized work, or conditioning.  You can see them as clear as day.  Look in their eyes and see.


Then again, what is the purpose of that little pesky process of that tool called, “5×5”?


For me, it has been about the bottom line.  That “net result”, “BLT”.


The examples are endless. 


So as an obvious and current example:  

The American Republican Nomination Process, “RON PAUL”. 

That guy who is actually not owned by “the powers that be”.  Hmmmmmmm.


Well, the general media black-out still continues but a couple cracks are starting to show.  Hell, this person has gone up against some serious economic/political people.  Bloomberg….CNBC.  More than those other little puppet politician people will ever be able to take, especially when it comes to such necessary and needed questioning.  


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpqGhIOfImI    CNBC. 


http://ronpaulflix.com/2012/04/ron-paul-interview-on-bloomberg-tv-apr-30-2012/  Bloomberg.

 Just take a look at the line of questioning and on how he is answering and trying to answer such questions,  AND THEN, think on how so many other candidates have answered such questions. (opps, I forgot, their questions are usually about basic math.  1 + 1 = 212.) Even then, it shall prove to be quite entertaining on how the “Mainstream Media” shall have no choice but to start reporting on how GOOD

this person named “Ron Paul” is doing.  (Too bad the mainstreamers are destroying their own credibility to a greater degree because of these bought tactics.)  Wait a minute, to what degree are they also supporting CISPA?


Here is a good example of that Ron Paul person.


Or this one, which does cross those generational barriers.



SOLUTION?……..There ARE lies, truths and realities.  With those basics, what will happen is a simple base line will form.  A start of that simple understanding.  What is yours?




Bottom Line Time.


ONE.   CISPA.  MODZILLA has joined in the fight against this crap.  Again, CISPA means that the corporate and governmental structures will be able to get away with all of the current corruption and abuses from the past and for the future.  Take a look at what has been copy written.  And the current politicians, they do not care, they only care about getting away with more crap/abuses/corruptions, except for a handful.  Great time to get votes for the next election that is coming up in USA though.  Yet, that would also mean that you would have to have a past record of speaking up for the American people. CISPA must be stopped, to repeal that madness WILL be twice as hard.


TWO.   Too funny.  Harper tries to spark the debate on abortion, while Obama tries to spark the debate about same sex marriage.  Meanwhile they BOTH try to pass more crap through their respective governments.  Harper, the massive Budget bill.  Obama, the CISPA bill.  Sorry Kids, the deception game is becoming more and more obvious.  Needless to say, both are out to gut our countries even further by signing more and more international trade agreements, take a look at the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement.  Yes, the problems are very real for our western society.


THREE.   It is business, follow the money.  Here is a good sign.  But the Mainstream is again failing.




FOUR.   A speculators dream or nightmare?  I am still impressed with that 1.26 Billion dollar gold futures trade in less than a minute that brought down the price by about 75.00 about two weeks ago.  Hmmmmmm, the “Gator Algo” is warming up on the commodity side?   Then again, I did laugh when “Chesapeake Energy” was caught also running/owning a hedge fund.  But then, Goldman Sachs says, “buy gold”?  Opps, I forgot, Goldman is also “back-dooring” Chesapeake. (3 Billion there.) Hmmmmmm, what a mystery.  How is that for speculation?


FIVE.   Bicycles are bigger than people when used.  Motorbikes are bigger than bicycles.  Cars are bigger than motorbikes.  Trucks are bigger than cars.  Buses are bigger than trucks.  Big-Rigs are bigger than buses.  Know these facts, and you will stay alive longer.  Because now, we might be slowing down the current speed limits again to accommodate the ignorant.  Dam, those safety twits must be getting their ideas from the days of Eastern Germany, when on the autobahn; the speed limit was as low as 40km/hr.


THE UGLY, or is it an ugly?  Could it be both ugly AND beautiful?

On Sunday, which would be today, I saw a little bumper sticker on the back of a little white sedan.  It was a “Ron Paul” sticker.  Yes, a bumper that is in support of Ron Paul.  Funny thing, there are two sides to this reality.  YES, the car had a Canadian, Alberta License plate.

THE UGLY.  It is sad when American Politics is making such an impact on Canada, especially when our Canadian politics do need an increased level of attention.  Strategic cuts are what they are.  This guy is even gutting our military personnel.  Remember the BIG BUDGET that did not say anything about what these cuts are?  AND YES, along with some extra “Back-End” new policy stuff?  All of which is wrapped up in one BIG BILL.  Hell, that is before all of the little international undisclosed agreements.  (Was our leader not just in another recent American/Mexican/Canadian meeting?)

THE BEAUTIFUL.  OR “cheers” to that person that realizes that because of those strategic budgets cuts and policy changes, it is purposely leaving Canada vulnerable to the “Ameri-union’s” political/fascist  agendas.  AND, by showing support for Ron Paul, is it also hoping that maybe IF there is a respect once again for those American People by the American People, then we the Canadian People will be respected for wanting to keep that level of American Corruption OUT of Canada.  (Opps. I forgot, the Canadian Banker Bailout.  Guess it is not the American People, but the skewed corruption.  Still waiting to see.  We have not forgotten Obama. )  Hell, maybe that person just wants to keep that American TSA out of our country, or any other version of that American/U.N.  Alphabet Shit Soup.

Once again, it is all there.  Look it up.  It is what it is.

Once again, FORWARD this email to those of whom YOU feel are worthy.

Once again, it you do not want to receive these emails, let me know.

May the clarity that is taking hold be balanced.



Ps.  My offer still stands.  I can help, but the window of myself of helping such stability, now has a time frame.  ALSO, as it has stepped it up regarding such madness’s, so have I.   So now I ask, do we all really need to go there?  After all, it is not a conspiracy, it just is what it is.  So back off, North America belongs to the people, it is NOT yours.  Yes, those scenarios are very real.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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