4 of 16,,,from Pens, (Released May 21/12)


A true statement?



Well first, I guess a person would have to think of who really is the establishment.  Hmmmmmmm.


Did you think you are a part of that establishment?  Seriously, answer these questions.  Of what you have worked on so hard in your life, has your net real worth become less?  Or, of your life’s work, do you think that it has been used for other purposes for which it was not intended for?  In raising your children, honestly, to what extent did you have an opportunity to instill and reinforce those core values which are so necessary for any true fundamentals in being a part of any shared positive civilized community?  To what degree are you a part of your community where MAYBE, you might know your immediate neighbors?  OR, while being a part of your small (real, not plastic) immediate community, to what degree are you seeing sacrifices being made with no real long-term logic, which has in many cases destroyed those shared thoughts/feelings/respects?  How many social gatherings have you gone to and left realizing that the differences are out-weighing those once shared similarities?  When was the last time you can truly say to yourself, “I have paid attention to our societal whole and have shared.”?  While also, the consensus that was shown/stated was not a reflection of what structures that were put in place.  How many more questions would you like me to ask?  Yet, just one more question…..How does it feel to have once believed that you were a part of something of which you never really were?


Here is the Wikipedia link…….  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Establishment   That is their version.


Can the establishment be something that is shared instead of being that classic indoctrination?  An indoctrination of skewed terms of which many have at best, have “half-truths”, and is full exceedingly questionable controls.  Was that not one of the basics of OUR experimental “next round”  Western Society? 


So, are you a part of that term, “Establishment”?  Or are you just a “bit” of which that feeds that establishment.  Which or what do you truly want this be?  Either way, the decision is yours AND that decision is MADE through YOUR peaceful actions. 


YESSSSSS, no decision IS a decision.


SOLUTION:  There is a way.  BUT then, there have been some promises that have been made to those who do still believe is certain formed definitions, too bad for those of you who are also realizing that your ground is also shrinking, and it is being done because of those now emptying promises. YES, it is still peaceful, shall we all keep it peaceful?  After all, there ARE pieces of this western society that ARE SO VERY NECESSARY.  WE CAN.


So, is the establishment scared?  OR can the establishment become as it once was? Or can it be more?



BOTTOM LINE TIME………(Some good/nasty stuff in there, depending on where you stand, still useful.)


ONE.  One good thing about CISPA, is that it is showing who those people are in pushing such internet censorship, and controlling of information/knowledge/wisdom through legislation.   AND YES, they are so determined to where it is so obvious, which is based on elimination of some basic rights.  AND YES, there are still more rounds coming up until there are certain changes.


Gotta love it when this next round is a re-enforcement of a play that was played on Canadians.  In the name of children.




What is beyond reasoning, is the technology is already there.


But I guess it is waiting to become the next publicized crap to create THAT MOB mentality.

Bill-C30 is soon to come back from the rewrite, and the current government is going to try again.


The current little sneaky maneuver on the American side is the “2012 Secure It Act”, while still keeping CISPA for the right moment.


SORRY, but we ALL need to last until this crap stops.  Much can change if there is a genuine change in the American Landscape.  IT IS those, soon to come, American Elections.  Namely that guy named “Ron”. (In Canada, we already realize to what extent the American policy has taken over our country, yet that might change and maybe we will all see/realize/accept/change those who are pulling such strings.)

TWO.  The loaded Canadian Budget Bill.  YES, 70 plus changes to the current Canadian laws that are directly changed.  Imagine the indirect changes on the summation of these changes.  Here are a few more.

http://actionplan.gc.ca/eng/feature.asp?mode=preview&pageId=337   YES, a plan within a plan.  Which leads to this.

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/05/18/coast-guard-closes-3-bc_n_1528733.html?ref=canada-politics   Another confirmation from a previous email release.

http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20120426/Spy-agency-inspector-general-office-120426/  This one could lead to that infamous power struggle to step up.

I could go on, but then comes that next question.  Where is this leading to, and what can be done?  Well, the current and future political landscape will/might tend to look like this.  The current government will be chopped down because of obvious reasons. (The further gutting of the Canadian value added society) The NDP party has now snubbed western Canada and that killed their chances of becoming that potential national party choice, (Because they were trying to show how much the Canadian economy has been gutted and yet, showed what they are made of.).  The liberal party cannot break free because they have buggered it up so bad because of their Liberal party, (Because they elevated the gutting of the Canadian value added society for so many years.).  The Quebec separatist party is now about to rev it up again.  And finally, The green party has been connected to the UN Agenda 21, (Green Fascism anybody?).

SO what happens?  The opportunity for this current gutting of our Canadian society has a greater chance of taking hold, before that needed unity can come back and correct these insanities.  Hell, a person could say, “That this government is also laying the ground-work to increase the chances of Canada being broken up into pieces.”

THREE.  Yupp, it is being confirmed that because of this new little immigration job pool in combination with those little changes to E.I.  EQUALS………FROM 15% on up in devaluation regarding the collective Canadian Society.  Not to worry, this will include all of those Canadians in their little glass towers.  BUT HEY, pass the bill and we will give you the details later.


PSSST.  There is another little FACT/REALITY that is coming out which can null and void many pieces which are also applicable to BLT #2.


Looks like there are judges out there that are seeing the level of BS. regarding those “Robo-calls”.

BECAUSE, this last tactic of the majority government was just pure sleaze.


FOUR.  Mr ZUCKER who thinks his world is his SUCKER.  Face-book.

Since you think that the people who use “Face-book” are a bunch of “DUMB FUCKS”.  I myself tend to refer to them trusting people who are looking for that same level of trust.  And they DID trust you.


Hmmmm, maybe we should connect some dots on Face-book.  Can you say, “Batting Practice”?

Look up, “charting regarding face-book search usuage.

OR, some different fundamentals.


OR, how about one of many law suits coming.


OR, how about on how it is washing out.


OR, how about the actual performance on the “first day”.


OR, how about a big company pulling out their advertising revenue, one of many to come?  (And these buggers used American Tax dollars to gut the American people.  NOTE: I did not say the American banks, or the current American Government.


OR, maybe it is because of this incredible ugliness.


After all, how deep are the pockets in trying to control these realities?  Gotta like those who DO know better than to use your site.  “RESISTORS”.  Does that mean if we exercise our choice we are now a part of a resistance?  (How much did that one cost?)


Hmmmmmmm, I smell “Hedge-funds”, one can only wonder which one will hit first.  OR, is it going to be the savvy retail investor.  After all, the “Algos” were playing quite the range on Friday.  (But then again, the ALGOS are hitting the commodity trading as well.)  Maybe it is getting close to start helping those retail investors, yet the fundamentals ARE the fundamentals which why so much DID pull out of that current mess.  99%?

FIVE.  In the spirit of connecting some dots, so shall some dots be connected regarding that “5×5 thing”.  What happened was I decided to share those couple dots with a person and their team because I finally felt that they were worthy.  In doing that level of sharing a couple of days ago, I also realized that hey, this Western Society is also worthy.  So, here is what I shared.

“The 5X5 is very real.  It has been designed to align the individual’s conscious and sub-conscious, hence what does also happen, it is reflected to the collective sub-conscious and then back to the individual’s sub-conscious.  Yet what does also happen, is it goes back and forth to the point where it starts to show in the collective conscious and the individual’s actions.  This is where TPTB, are doing their best to gain such control.  WHILE, one thing that has been proven over sooooo many years, is that it cannot be done.  BUT, what the big gamble/game is now using, is that realized direct technology to create those ends.  The 5X5 still over-rides it.  (The 5×5 is not “new age”, it is the net results of the “old age”. AND without that classic indoctrination that everybody else has been yammering about. )  YES, there is more, but that shall not be revealed until it is needed.”

So, go back and take a look at those recent previous email releases, and then decide, and then share.

 UGLY AND BEAUTIFUL AGAIN.  WOW.  How can this be censored or controlled?  Either way, I smiled with a tear in my eye, because there is a way within this current construct.


Again, it is all there.


5 by 5.



PS.  AND that completes that series.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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