5X5, part 4 of 8. (basics and stage 1) released in 2011

I guess there really is not place to start but here.  Hmmmm.

SO.  How did the first exercise go?  Did you go for a journey?  How was the journey?  Was it a short or long journey? Did you decide an order for those five words?  What else did you think about while applying those words to yourself?

Is there a right or wrong order?  NO.

As each individual changes in their life, typically the order of these five words will change again.  I myself have changed my order three times so far when applying these words to myself.  Here is my current order along with a bit of reasoning.


The Reasoning:  “ I come here in a physical form.  As that form takes hold, my mind comes alive in which it realizes that there is a heart.  As those three take hold, comes the realization of a soul.  (Yupp, that other feeling.)  While the final word is spirit, of which can be shared, and as I leave, I leave is a spirit form.”   This is not final, yet it is working well so far for me.

To summarize,,,,The order and reasoning for each combination can go on forever.  Adaptable to and for each individual.  And yes, applicable to all.




Every culture, religion or people on the planet have this word ingrained into their respect societies.  This action.  Depending on the tangents of thought, meditation has evolved into so many forms and variations. (Write another book.)

We all meditate, and many do not even realize.  Chants, songs, repeating messages/thoughts to yourself while going to work, the results are still the same.  Granted, in varying degrees.  While still those actions, is still the same focusing of thought, feeling and awareness, which intern allows the sub-conscious thoughts/feelings to bubble up to the surface of the conscious mind.  In many cases, these very natural and non-tampered thoughts/feelings come to the surface of which people do work through and become stronger and more efficient in their daily tasks.  Ever notice the growing amount of people in this world with skewed and corrupted mindsets?  Still, mediation is a tool.

My meditations take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours.  Ever get lost in thought while watching a campfire?  It still creates the same result.

So what is the action and result of meditation?  A state of trance that has been achieved which reinforces the conscious mind.  AND, it can re-align the sub-conscious and conscious mind.  Yes, it can also be in a positive and negative.

And so begins

Stage 1

(Heal, Balance, Clarity)

In each day of our lives, we all take in realities that can take a toll upon each individuals core being.  The examples,,,,,well, you yourself already feel that you know many examples.  OR, how do feel after the long day, long drive, long visit, long dream.  What helps you in keeping things aligned regarding your core being?  In my beginnings, I needed healing.

You know the best thing about healing?  Is when an individual feels truly safe from potential distorted influences, so that way the healing can truly become a reality.  Yes, the beginning of balance for one’s core being.

And yes, each individual still must deal with their daily living as well.  Hence, the second part of this meditation addresses those realities as well.  We still have to live in this limited existence.

HERE IT IS.  (Remember, arrange those first five words to your order.  This is about you.)

May my body heal.

May my mind heal.

May my heart heal.

May my soul heal.

May my spirit heal.

May there be balance.

May my body be strong.

May my mind be focused.

May my heart be true.

May my soul be whole.

May my spirit flow.

May there be clarity.

Heal, Balance, Clarity.  A circle within itself that never really ends, while the potential for grow in knowledge and wisdom is incredible.  As a person begins to heal, a balance becomes more prevalent.  With a greater balance, the clarity begins.  While with that clarity, one intern learns about where to further the healing.

While through all of this, something else begins to take hold.  “Stage 2”



About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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