6 of 16, from Pens, (Released June 3/12)


So, what was the purpose of visiting “fragmentation” again?  What did it show you?  What did you learn?  What did you share in your learning?  After all, with that greater balance, lines can be drawn for that greater clarity.  AND yes, a greater understanding about those net results.  Do a search on these words. 


“Police Raids Organic/Raw Food Farmers.” 


Do you not think that this is not going to be applied to Canada?   Bill C-38.  (Small Pieces, yet very real.)


NOW, back to another topic………NEWS, VIEWS, and REVIEWS.


Many people call it, “Red Pill or Blue Pill”.  Yes, here comes that little now “classic” expression which did a wonderful job of maintaining that level of fragmentation.


Wikipedia’s Definition.



How about adding this to that version:  “Red Pill” means, “Short term pain FOR long term gain.”   “BLUE PILL” means, “Short term gain for long term pain.”  It is still about those pesky realities called, “Net Results”. 


So then, is it fair to say this? “Red Pill,,,Blue Pill, how about that truth pill?”  It all intertwines, it is what it is.  So then I look again, and again, and at the same time, I reflect those thoughts through my core being.  And then I ask,  “Who is also showing such degrees of that shared essence?” or better yet,  “Who else is also asking those real questions to bring on that greater basic shared understanding?”




Well, here is an obvious example.   (There are too many examples. How many others do you see?)


For many years there has been a group called “The Bilderberg Group”.  (Write another book.)   Either way, it is finally coming to this point where it is now finally open.


http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Alison+Redford+advancing+Alberta+interests+elite+gathering/6706093/story.html   (Cheers, to that writer in trying to do their job.)


So then, you mean they really exist?  I thought those people were just figments of people’s imaginations.  If it is true, then who really is this group?  What are they really doing?  WHO, WHAT, HOW, WHERE, WHEN?  I now have questions, would you not have questions as well?  Hmmmmm.

Then where can a person go and get more information about this group that DOES exist, and actually draws upon that other information that is available, and that does exist?  (Other sources that do support that are of which are separate in the lines of design regarding Money.  Ownership.)  After all, it is not a conspiracy, “it is what it is.”



Fifty plus articles, with links to other sources of information/knowledge without the propaganda of the current standardized controlled media.  One good example of, “It is what it is.”

Solution.   Looks like the solution is naturally presenting itself, maybe if people DO continue to actually share with each other, (which goes to that extreme of talking with your physical neighbor) maybe that solution shall continue to grow.  Maybe, it is ok to start talking this in an open fashion.  Why work on something when you can work through it?  







ONE.  Internet.  One must love this “Flame thing/virus”, all that is happening is that the lines of design are now being traced back to our western society’s government and corporate.  (Hmmmm, if that comes back to bite them in the ass, it might be used for another excuse for such abuses regarding internet security etc.)  I am thankful that these internet bills have not passed.  Because, if it was not for that reality, it would further the elimination of what those original terms of what Western Society does mean.  Remember, the summer break for those politicians/power people/TPTB has not happened yet.


TWO.  The Canadian Thing.  (Three things)  “Mulcair”.  It is what it is, Canada HAS been losing it value added economy for years, (Dutch Disease.) this can be traced back to the days of Trudeau.  It is not about east versus west, it is about Canada.  Go to telephone store and inquire about a “smart-phone”, how many stories are coming out about how they have stopped presenting the “Black-berry” over other phones?  After all, the manufactures have always been offering “bonuses” to those sales people for selling their product. (Does this also apply to the phone business?)   “Budget”.   The only thing that is being proven, is how Corrupt the Canadian government actually is, and wants to be.  By breaking apart those things that protected the Canadian, it will leave all of those more vulnerable to outside devaluing controls.  “Robo-calls”  , obviously these sleaze-ball tactics are real and because of this FACT, certain other realities are now coming out.  This is the weakness, that shows an interesting path.  After all, the current “majority run government”, is now showing its true colors and are active in trying to plug this hole of truth.


BUT HEY…….let the sheep continue to devalue their own Canadian culture/people.


http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20120601/retail-council-wants-import-tariffs-removed-120601/ The further gutting of Canadians.  So obvious, in how this has been created.


THREE.  Oil and Gas.  How is that pricing gap between the price of oil and fuel for your car doing?  One refinery bought by an airline, and two now slated to be closed.  Supply and Demand in action, alter the supply, and increase the demand.  How many other revenue points do those companies really have?


FOUR.  The Bee Thing.  Now that TPTB are all pissed off with Poland in their the finalization of eliminating “Monsanto’s”  GMO corn.  Looks like France is joining in on another front.


Maybe, these supposed food shortages that are being forecasted by some people are now showing their true colors as well.

FIVE.  Economics & Social Economics.   There is a loaded reality which ties into everything.  With all of the corrupted tactics of “Face-book”, there still is that bottom line reality.  “Search Volume”.  Watch your arrows, and watch for the next batch of start-ups.


Even then, maybe this is why this is being played upon people to such degrees.




The Ugly/Beautiful.

http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/05/31/alison-redfords-constituency-association-received-illegal-donations-wildrose/  Ugly or Beautiful, you choose.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=A0sU-tSd4rA  (Do note the woman behind him showing that it is some sort of joke.  Who voted her in?)


AS ALWAYS, forward this email to those you feel who are worthy.






Ps.  You think it is busy now, it is going to get busier.  Looks like this IS the summer to not take a vacation.  Why?  Because as we all do what needs to be done with what we have, maybe those other “doomsday scenarios” will not take hold.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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