7 of 16, from Pens, (Released, June 17/12)


Would you agree with this statement?

“We do not live in the world in which we were raised to believe in.”



It is what it is………………………………………………………

So there is nothing to do, except what needs to be done.





So, before I begin this next round of releases, it is time to clear the air a bit.  MYSELF.  I am not a Bear.  I am not Bull.  I am not a Donkey.  I am not an Elephant.  I am a Hippo.  What does a hippo do?  She/He leaves the world alone until some idiots cross those fateful lines.  Who am I?  I am a realist who does have some understanding on what it means regarding, “Short Term Gain equals Long Term Pain.”  Hmmm, many other people in this world realize that fact, and that number is growing. 




ONE.  The Media/The Mainstream News.  This first link is a great example of what it is.  (The specifics are not exact, but the overview is great.)

Corporate/Government controlled information. 


You see, the people within those versions of controlled media do realize this fact, and they are using the internet to get some truth out there.  Scroll to the bottom of that article, and you will find,



No wonder that there are so many attempts to control the internet, it was supposed further the fragmentation of our Western Society.  Instead, it is bringing out levels of truth and potentially bringing people together.  Net Result, there are people in the news media that are doing their best to show what really is going on.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0AL4yml3bw  How many reporters know this story?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=myxV3wPk9P4  Lizzie Phalen.

http://www.youtube.com/user/SyrianGirlpartisan  Yes, Syrian Girl.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=K3l0WkQe4JE RT.


TWO.  Regarding Canada.  “BILL C-38”, that budget bill which IS loaded up with massive changes to our previous laws.  Here, take a look at those other Bills of which might/will be passed before these people leave for their “summer-break”.



You see, when a person puts the pieces together, this new loaded up reality becomes real.  AND THEN, a person realizes that it is about devaluing and dividing Canadians into pieces.  (Yupp, it is called, elimination of our country’s “oversight”.)


Here is an example, since the controlled media is hyping this up so much. 


The Environmental Canadian Controls”  


This is beautiful, since “Global Warming” is a lie, did you not think that those Canadian Controls which were showing those truths, will now be turned into whatever “juiced” version that TPTB will dictate?  http://english.capital.gr/News.asp?id=1525641  

NET RESULT?  Is the Global Carbon Market continues. “BLOOD AND GORE”

 http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-02-16/gore-likens-carbon-to-subprime-debt-in-plan-to-repair-capitalism.html (This Jack-ass never stops. But hey, follow the money.)


Pssst,,,,,,,Trees and green leafy plants survive/live/thrive off of “CARBON DIOXIDE”.  


So what is it really?  GLOBAL POISONING……Big Pharma’s poison the people, Big Chemicals poison the land.   Hand in Hand.


Do not believe in that reality?  Look at this example.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3x-Uj4yAMY&feature=player_detailpage  Aired on CTV, 2009.

http://www.salem-news.com/articles/june122012/monsanto-gates-dp.php  Hmmmm.


THREE.  Harper and Herpes?  It was mentioned to me the other day.   With the current Harper government loading up such massive legislation upon Canadians, he is imposing a “condition” upon Canadians.  Much like the condition of “Herpes”.  Harper = Herpes.  (Carry that shit like luggage.  Unless you kill the host.)  I laughed, and then realized the host was Canada.


There is a way to undo this madness, and the current government is very aware and afraid of this FACT.  It is called, “THE ROBO-CALL SCANDAL”.



Think about it.  Because of the truth coming out on how bad it really is, the current majority government is now applying these tactics.  They are very aware.



And so are the courts.



Hmmmmmm.  So, there is one confirmed “by-election” with the immediate realization of seven more “by-elections”. 

AND that is before we talk about “Dean Del Mastro”

AND,,,,that is before we really talk about “Quebec’s inquiry regarding corruption”.  After all, it is the Canadian government that has always fed Quebec through Canadian Tax Payer Money.  (The Majority is now back to a minority run government, and that is the best case scenario for the current government.  Either that, or full criminal charges along with all legislation becoming automatically Void.)  Worst case or best case, it is STILL a case.


I guess we do not have to kill the host. Opps.


FOUR.  That American Thing.  Wow, what a “cluster-fuck”.  They have this government/corporate that is bent on war to further their interests and the systematic destruction of its own people.  Do the people of America run their country?  Yet, to what degree does this reality apply to any Western Society based country?  (Follow the money.)


Anyways.  As the rest of the aware world knows, Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama, and now Romney are all the same. “Muppet Puppets”  AND yes, there were those guys named Rand and Ron Paul, yet the only thing that was achieved, was a distraction to keep people off of that third choice.  Hell, it distracted me as well.  I actually thought that the Paul Family would bring back those things that DID make that country great.  Congratulations to the Paul Family, you are a genuine part of that, “cluster-fuck” now. Bottom Line: The USA is the last country on earth where the people DO have the right to protect themselves from internal and external tyrannical organizations.  (Government ,Corporations, Banks, UN, NATO, and a whole bunch of other names/titles. Since this current process is being slowed down, might as well try to use the NATO card.  http://www.voltairenet.org/NATO-preparing-vast-disinformation

Ask any trader/banker/economist/scientist/researcher/farmer, or any person who is aware of what “Value Added” means.  It is what it is.


YET, there IS a third party choice which is actually made it onto the national ballot.  Yes, a person named Gary Johnson.  (Libertarian Party nominee for President)  Yes, those basic fundamental men/women rights, that is growing in one hell of a movement.  Here is a link to a recent interview that is on a show that has been running for many years.  I myself have only given him some attention these last few months, yet the level of research that team does is very impressive.  (I tend to read.)  This will give some genuine insight into what is really going on in the United States and its people.


So now I ask.  How many of you will actually not just watch what is being said, BUT take the time to confirm such sharing of information?


Do you, as in Canadians, think this insanity that is being applied to the United States and Europe will not be applied to us?  What do you think that the current government is accelerating?  You already know the answer.  (While if you cannot answer that question, just apply the current trends upon YOUR children.  OR, do you think that Mercury is good for your children’s brain?)



FIVE.  Police and Armed Forces. (Talking about those within our Western Society.) I am so grateful for these people.  WHY?  Because time and time again, they have proven to be more than some hired mercenaries who do not give a dam.  Yes, there are some “Bad Apples”, yet these people do see what is going on, and most do understand that the levels of insanity that is being applied to our Western populations is crossing all boundaries.  Rather interesting, maybe that is why our extended Western Society (Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand.) has not turned into a complete version of what a “Police State” is.  (YET, there now is, the establishing American TSA, which is a direct arm of the American Homeland Security.  Everybody loves drones, good profit there, until.) Meanwhile, what is happening is TPTB are trying to rotate our forces into other areas to enforce such madness.  Psst, the police see that as well.  And yes, I am quite sure they realize that this next round of technology that is being put into place, is meant to replace them. 

http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002721617  (Police changing sides and walking WITH demonstrators?  After all, that is a people that do STILL recognize what dictatorships look like. Which do include all forms.  A picture is worth a thousand words, a few good pictures there.  Still makes a person think.)


Net Result:  I just wanted to say, “Thank-you”.  Thank-you for still trying to apply the fact that we are still men and women, doing the best we can with what we have.  Thank-you for being aware.   



There you have it, the text and pretext for this next round of email releases.  What does it show?  That there really are connections.  There is a shift beginning to take form.  There is a way, and the answers are closer than they appear. 


May your Body be balanced.

     May your Mind be focused.

          May your Heart be true.

               May your Soul be whole.

                    May your Spirit flow.

May your Clarity grow.


As always, forward this email to those you feel, who are worthy.






Ps.  Do you think I enjoy talking about these facts/truths?  Personally, I would prefer to spend more time on the real and natural evolutionary patterns within our species.  There is actually a show that has been running for many years which touches so many topics that ARE applicable to our shared society.  http://www.coasttocoastam.com/    After all, short term pain Does equal long term gain, yet the journey is what adds that extra spice in life.  Quite the spectrum of topics there.


PPs.  Keep your paper-work complete. (Paper still over-rides the screen thing.) AND, when it comes to investing etc, the definitions of what fundamentals are, just might become a bit more clarified.  Good business ethics will ensure those levels of survivability in these levels of that, “growing awareness”.  It should prove to be interesting on how this washes out regarding those regional/global economic  markets.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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