8 of 16,,,from Pens, (Released July 15/12)


Ahhhh, those pesky “hic-cups”. 


Yupp, everybody goes through them.  AND now, my “hic-cup” is back to being manageable.  While unfortunately, to give specific attention to people and what is happening within their own individual world, that will remain dormant for the next couple months.  Meanwhile, this work continues.



From cradle to grave.  From the individual to their own family, to their own community, to their own city, to their own region, to their own country, to their own world.  It is what it is.






Evolution and/or Evilution.



Do not just think about it, think it through.  And see how this applies to you. 


As you are born, you realize the basic needs, food, warmth, pee, poop, fluids.  These are those basics.  How did you start to communicate to acquire these?  Could they be the beginning of those basic social skills?  (Social?)  So then you learn to communicate, and then you want other things, extra food, special food, shiny things as well, and the initial answer is now “No”.  So, then you as a kid, kick and scream to try to get what you want, and sometimes you receive these things/fluids/food/clothing etc.  What is that?  Is that not the learning of the reward system?  So, is there not a price that is paid for such rewards?  (Economic?)  So, the little one becomes aware of what to do in order to acquire such rewards.  Yet what else happens.  Does that little one realize that they can acquire such control through the path of least resistance?  If I pout enough, I will get my way.  If I get my friend to do this, then I will receive that. (Political?)  So, the little one is now aware of the learned response, and realizing value for such responses.  It has become intrinsic. A natural behavior?  Yet, because of each little one’s accepted conditioning, regarding approaches, what also happens?  Is it evolution or evilution?  After all, are you not the parents of your own children?  (Evolition/Evilution?)  So now the little one has become self-aware.  And then the little one starts to ask those other questions.  Why?  Is that not the beginning of realizing there is more to their immediate equation then the self?  Where does that path lead?  What could be that net result?  (Species?)


Now, apply this basic formula to those general stages of life regarding that little one.  Then reflect that upon yourself in how you have related within your world.  Now, think on how the world has played upon you.  Hmmmmmm, maybe, just maybe, you might realize, that there is.  That not is all lost, because those levels of awareness cannot be stopped.  Then, just maybe.


And finally, apply all of those instances to that basic equation.  And what would or could happen if those layers of truth do come out, and then it was applied to that basic formula.  S.E.P.E.S.  This is very real, the examples are endless,,,,many are aware and are fighting to stop this,,,,fluoride, lithium, GMO.  YES, they are called, “forms of manipulation”.


A specific example: If a little boy can stand up and naturally pee, why force him to sit down to pee?  What is actually being done to that little boy’s mindset?  After all, little boys and girls are fundamentally different.  Is that not true?  Why this?  (There are plenty of writings regarding this insanity.)


Last time I checked, men are men, women are women, RESPECT THIS FACT, and maybe you will learn.  Then maybe, we all can continue to learn through sharing.







ONE.  Ratings Ratings.  People are disconnecting from their cable/satellite providers, and the trend is growing.  WHY?  Could it be that the information/knowledge that is being displayed is FALSE, and people are switching to other forms of information and entertainment because they are seeing/accepting that there are long term consequences?  Or is it those pesky levels of tracking?  Do I really need to give examples?  If anything, SUPPORT those other forms media.  Make a donation, they can use it.  After all, the alternative media IS becoming the “mainstream media”, and that is a battle within itself.


YET, I must admit, there are plenty of people within the currently owned “mainstream” that are very aware of the government/corporate propaganda mechanized machine.  “Thank-you, your efforts are a much needed part within our shared western society.”



TWO.  The Canadian thing.  Canadians are waking up.  Yes.  AND, guess what?  What would happen if that “hope and will” of the Canadians is brought to life?  Keep it up, because you are starting that process.  (That includes you Lady Allison.)  Until then,,,,,”Hail Harper”


And for the Jewish People in this world turning their influence AGAIN upon Canada, Wake up AND Grow up.  There are Canadians that ARE seeing incredible “Lines of Design” that are the same as The Old Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, or Communist China to name a few.  They are all dictatorships.  Please, be a part of the solution, not the problem.  Unless you are a part of these current dictatorships, are you really?  (Mind you, look on how you are treating the People of Palestine.  Actions do speak volumes.

http://www.rt.com/news/israel-police-officer-kicks-palestinian-child-437/ )


THREE.  The American Thing.  What a “cluster-fuck”.  What is there to say?  The current President is protecting a fellow corrupt comrade for starters.  (Corruption does protect corruption.)

http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/h/eric_h_holder_jr/index.html  After all, drugs have been proven to destroy the moral fabric of any society.  Take the natural stuff and the juice it to that awful synthetic stuff.  (“Fast and Furious”)


Check-points are everywhere as the Arm of the Homeland Security continues to sexually assault its own citizens.  DAM, 49439 results on that search.  Go to “Startpage.com” and search, “TSA sexually assaulting citizens.”  (Not to worry Canada, Go old Harper has signed off on allowing these idiots to come

to Canada and do that crap. 2 to 4 years, or sooner? The pieces are starting to come together, Bill C-38.  Talk about different forms of treason within that Bill.)


AND.  That other person named Romney is being backed by the same money that is/has backed Obama. They are just trying to hide things a bit better.



YET.  There is still that Gary Johnson person.  Imagine what he could do to slow down such madness.


FOUR.  Internet.  (Good and bad news there.)  ACTA is showing more signs of falling apart.  YUPP.  YUPP.  WHY?  Because the people AND the bureaucracy are realizing that these international treaties are loaded up in the back end.  Yes, the realization that levels of these insanities are actually a form of a “power grab” which leads to a very UGLY place.  (Yet, it is not done until IT IS done.)



Meanwhile in Canada, the current lying sacks of ****, have squeezed through Bill-C11 and now it is in the Senate’s hands.  Do you think that maybe, maybe those people who are living their easy life, might decide to actually earn their money by actually standing up for Canadians?  Or are they completely owned little muppet puppets?


This is not about music etc.  Even then, those up and coming musicians are about to run into a HUGE amount of trouble.  (Even if your version of that song IS better than the OWNED version.)  It is about communication.




This is right out of the text.  “COMMUNICATION SIGNALS”  What is this email release?  What am I doing?  What do you do everyday?  After all, it is projected that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars will be spent on this one regarding its enforcement.  All of that, and that is before we discuss the “tag technology” within this system.  (YES, Apple is now in the process of making it illegal to sell your old I-phone.  Think that through.)  This is very real, how many propaganda loaded stories have you seen lately?


FIVE.  The Syria thing.  Listen, people are realizing these connections.  From the high-jacked American Government, to NATO, to The U.N. , to the Central Bankers, these are people who ARE funding and creating these incredible amounts of violence.  People do also realize that the News that is being reported, are full of more lies than truth.  AND, many people are also realizing there has been an overall plan of which is coming out.  SO, quite picking and creating wars. (that also applies to you Israel.)  Anyways, what do you think your country should do when you know that within your country there ARE people from outside who are inside creating incredible amounts of violence?  (Hillary, we get it, you want war for your own gains. To name a few.)




Meanwhile.  The “PR” campaign continues with MORE lies?


Hmmmm.  How many different versions of that one base formula can be applied?  (Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, etc.)



Not only people are realizing this “Economic Collapse” does have a real potential of taking hold, but now, there are people out there working towards the genuine avoidance of such a reality.  Why do you think that the big Collapse for 2011 did NOT happen?  Could it be because of that “spirit of the people” has not been broken?  OR, could it be that the people that have been implementing such madness, are beginning to realize that their life goes beyond their little noses?  One thing for sure, it will prove to be interesting on how this process washes out.   Ahhhhh, those pesky expanded fundamentals.  YET, fundamentals are not just something regarding false valuations on money, gold, silver, oil, gas, and those other concepts.  They are also about those policies that are in place that have gotten our shared Western Society into this situation.  Classic examples, Google, Micro-soft, Apple, Facebook.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efKchHKMb2k   Cheers CNBC.


As always, forward this email to those of whom you feel who are worthy.  After all, our lives are too short to waste on such madness.






PS.  Yes, there is a way, and it is beginning to show.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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