9 of 16, from Pens, (July 26/12)


Ahhhh, the next series begins.


Through all if this madness, that way still remains.  As many do see, while not enough, there is one constant that does remain.  It will still grow, unless the manipulation wins.  So, to start……………..


2012.  That little Date with such specific applicable madness.


How many versions do you see that are being applied on such subtle levels within your western society?  How many versions from other societies, which are also being applied to this western society?  How many versions exist out there?  Which version has created the most FEAR within you and yours? 


Are you a Nostradamus? 

Are you a WW3? 

Are you a second coming? 

Are you an anti-person?

Are you an Anunnaki with that Nibiru?

Are you the U.N. with the New World Order?

Are you that grey with that potential introduction to all?

Are you that solar/galactic alignment?

Are you that Global Green Thing?

Are you that Mayan?

Are you that Native People?

Are you that Global Awareness with its own truths and falsehoods?

Are you that Zombie Apocalypse?

Should I go on with more current examples?  Is this reminding you of a question that I asked in a previous email?


Yet, it loads up again.  Laced with the topics within the Mainframe of a construct?  Accidental, or deliberate in design?  Do not just think about it, think it through.  There are so many false and true blips of knowledge of which those applications are being played upon many.  Yes, and it still washes out to you and your world.  Why do you think the “5 by 5” and “S.E.P.E.S” was repeated?  Yes, two basic tools which can bring, and strengthen the individual so that way a person can look within their-self AND look within their own collective to draw upon that potential balance of which CAN bring a greater clarity to decide. 


What would you decide?  How would you do in such applications?  Why would you use such applications?


Wait a minute, why even confuse or create such confusion? 


There are still those pesky real basics.


Dead or Alive.  Good or Evil.  On your knees or on your feet.  It is what it is.


However, there was one theory/concept that actually did catch my attention.  It was about the path of this species being split into one of two paths.  On one path, the species thrives, while on the other, those ugly levels of which I cannot say.  Quite interesting though, what do you think that has been happening over these last many years?  (If anything, be honest to yourself AND for yourself.)







ONE.  From the Olympics becoming a Farce, yet now, becoming a “False Flag”?  So much hype and BULL-SHIT.  This could be one ratings disaster.  Unless there is that created disaster.  My two questions are, “How many laws have been prepped for this potential round of BULL-SHIT?”  AND,  “If that crap does happen, how many people will be speaking up to share such truths?” 


You see, the flop behind this farce is becoming so very real.  It has run its political value, (50’s to the 70’s).  It is about to run its economic value as well.  I laughed when I saw this example, because it is so very true.  (The COPY-WRITE police.  The implications ARE VERY REAL.)



Ahhh,,,,,,The ZION Games…….GREED TO, AND BEYOND.  (With bonuses.)


TWO.  The Canadian Thing.  Welcome, to the realized Canadian.  Draw your lines.  Yes, the diversions are real.  As many of those who also do see, that is why on so many levels, it has not happened to such a degree upon OUR CANADA.  So, let us talk.


“The concepts, ideals and culture within these regions are very real.  There is an established culture within these places.  “WE HAVE A HISTORY”, and the continuation of that exploration shall continue while not being oppressed by the powers/evil that be.  (not to rude, “more than any other culture on this planet”)   WE ARE A CULTURE…(black, white, brown, yellow, red, green, and pink with purple poke-a-dots). “


DEAL WITH IT.  IT HAPPENED, and it will grow.  (That Is 1.5 generations of which you have to deal with.)  The lies are showing too clearly, and the realized Canadian IS seeing.


THREE.  The American Thing.  The darker of the dark.  The play within the play.  There is the one rule that has been a VERY REAL constant.  (Which has been applied to all, especially to our shared Western Evolving Society.  Evolution or Evilution, it is real.)  KEEP PEOPLE BUSY.  Classic Example………….


This shooting within the “Batman Crap”.    You IDIOTS, too many do see, NOT impressed.  (How many shooters?  How many people?  I hear the American FBI is good at this stuff.  Search: “FBI behind False Flag Operations”  (Plenty of information, 2.6 Million articles there.)

FOUR.  Getting a kick out of the “BLIP FLIP”?  Ahhhh, the economics.  You silly DONKS.  JUST SICK.


Yet Wait.


Could it?  Would it?  Should it?  Maybe?  Perhaps?


Are there? 


Those within such madness, that are showing signs that maybe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just maybe?  That many also want those levels of clarity that were once applied to those, that was once genuinely applied.  Hmmmm, pissing more people off are we?


This is about QE4,,NOT QE3.  Either you get it, or you do not.  What is Z.I.R.P.?  What is Libor?


Fundamentals, what are yours?


FIVE.  Just some Links.  (Just a taste.)


Excessive greed and indoctrination?  Which is more applicable?



Train them young.



That is OK, The American Homeland Security will be there.  (The Canadian people are right.  Not the Harper/Cronies.)  However, nice distraction with the Chinese Government trying to buy a very large Canadian Company.




Yes.  Why do you think the alternative media WILL continue to grow?



Think it through, why do you think that cash MUST remain?  (Real implications there.)



To hell with rate manipulation, follow this road.  (They paid it quickly though.)



The patent/copy write, game is very real.  Another reason on why there is such a push.




Watch this link.  Can you see the Ugly?  Can you see the beautiful?  Can you tell the difference?




Bottom Line, the American people are the LAST people that have the right to protect themselves from such madness.  Why do you think this is going on?




Yes, this is actually the shorter version for this release.  FORWARD this email to those you feel who are worthy.  AND, if you do not want to receive these releases, please let me know.






Ps.  Next release is this Sunday.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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