A Canadian Political Thing……Supplemental (Released April 30/13)


On March 31,2011, I received a news-letter from a politician that is in a different level of parliament within my land.  It was dated for winter of 2011.  (A true demonstration of the typical politician in action. ) 


Hmmmm, similarities that can be applied to many lands perhaps.   


So, here are some tangents of thought regarding our Federal Election that is happening this Monday.  Some quick comments.


Conservatives.   Driving the “FEAR” campaign.  Like it or not, people are getting tired of this tactic, people are seeing through.  So far, all that has been done is this party has crossed to many lines regarding accountability for many people of this land.  And the FEAR campaign is beginning to lose steam.


Liberals.  Another group of people, that are still trying to push this outsider of which has no business in trying to play this role of “Party Leader”.  (You left Canada , and now you think you can just come back and run Canada without actually earning that right?)   AND this DONK, is playing the “fear card” as well.  All I have to say is, “Follow the money and you will find the puppet-master.”    (Is this the same people that were behind the protests for Canada ’s third “News Channel” which was based in Quebec ?)  People are getting tired of people from the outside ruling this country.


The “PQ”.   (The Quebec Separatist Party)   Quebec , you have milked this country so very much, and the PQ has done a wonderful job.  Just follow the money on that reality.  However, I am glad that people over there are also realizing that Quebec is a very important part of Canada and are starting to show it through their support of other parties.  Remember, Quebec has implemented certain policies of which we all can learn from.   


The Green Party.  There is a pretty picture that is showing its colors.  Agreed, the environment is important.  BUT HEY, the Green Party made some big wins in Germany a couple months ago.  So, who does the Green Party represent?   The Canadians or the realizing New World Order?   How can we help this world if we cannot even help ourselves?  Maybe we should fix our country first.


The NDP.  That is the only leader who has shown any heart regarding this country, and has not digressed like the Liberals, Conservatives or the PQ have, namely that American Style of throwing shit at each other.  Now is the NDP for this country?  I do not know.  However, this party has made a stand for sections of this country in the past, and has stirred the pot to where the “powers that be” have made some statements.   Interesting.


The only thing I know, is the less we vote, the more power we all lose.  For many years, life has been choosing these people instead of people making choices for themselves. (But hey, gotta love the “Fluff and Puff” of this Royal Wedding. Not to worry, the people will pay for all of that crap again and again, until people stand up.  What a “PR” campaign though.)


Yet on Monday, I will still have to decide.


Maybe.   One day.    Canada will be run for and by Canadians again.




Ps.  Dam, this was a short email.  (opps)  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO ANY CANADIAN YOU KNOW.  Thank-you.


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