A “Maybe” from that Pens Person. (Sept 13/11)


“Yupp, getting a little hectic out there.  Quite interesting, because as situations continue, people are starting to really show their true colors.  The best part is, it is becoming too easy to see.”




So then where does one begin to digest such realities?  Take a look a these little blips.  Hmmmmmmm, should a person return to help?



Der Spiegel,,,,,facebook.




And then I saw this comment as well.


not to mention its great for starting / organizing riots!”








the china factor continues….





and the riot equation……





While meanwhile,,,,the Algo’s are getting a new toy.  Hmmmm, that coupled with the “black-pools” and “upstairs traders”



Yet if you look over to the right, you can catch some twitter/flickr activities.



Yupp, a few things within many.  What is the net result?  KEEPING YOU BUSY.  Hmmmmmmmmm, should a person return?  (And yes, one of one who CAN be one of many.)



Going to need a few more weeks before,,,,,,,,,,,well, maybe.



By the way, did you get the point behind those previous email releases?  Do you still have them?   Here is the link of which will take you to some of those writings/email releases, (the last three series are all scattered within this site.).  There are many pieces there.  Did you make a choice?  (While those who are playing the conspiracy card, is also just a line of B.B.S.)

Other than that, it is Still About Sharing.  About growing.  About Evolution, NOT EVILUTION.   (Feel free to forward this email.)


5×5 Eternal,






Ps.  Yupp, and there still is a way.  The tricky part is doing this without such levels of that ugly, “fear card”.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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