A run on who?…….Hmmmmm (Released April 24/11)


“If you cannot do something smart, do something right.”

                                                    From the movie, “Serenity”


I have done my best to avoid this topic, but the indicators still keep increasing in volume.  So, may I please be wrong.  Yet this must be said.




As the whole of the Western Society’s economy continue to be kicked around, did you ever notice the people’s rights and freedoms are still getting kicked around to a greater degree?   Is this a run on the economies or a run on the people?  Hmmmmm.


Here are some questions that unfortunately, all inter-twine.


1)      As your dollar/currency continues to lose it’s purchasing power, does that not take away the financial say/power of the people within our respective Western Societies?  (Remember, cooking of the stats are at an all time high.  This is about the real economies.)

2)      Since the corporate/governments have purposely muddled up the definitions on where your wealth/money goes, through mis-representing terms such as “Made IN…..” , has the power lost not become more realized?

3)      Since the explosion of the “FEAR” campaigns.  Ever notice on how much more a person has to be plugged in to just survive?  Finger print scanners for children’s lunch programs right to accessing your bank account.  Besides, how are the local policing laws doing in your world?  (Hey, I respect the police, but how can they respect the changes in policy and current laws of which they enforce?  Breathe the wrong way, and you are now up for questioning with the threat of being arrested.)

4)      Give away yourself more to just survive,  look at current realities behind Apple and their real-time cookies, they are not the only ones.  How many personal rights and freedoms have you given up to keep yourself up to date?  Must admit, the packaging of this crap has been amazing.  (The basics in life are food, clothing, shelter, transportation and communication, unless you turn yourself into a forest dweller.)

5)       How have the politicians treated people after they have been voted into power?  (That is trend that could be timeless.)  It is amazing on how the politicians and the media have pitted people against each other without getting to the real problems.  (Get the people to re-act instead of pro-act, because many would get caught in showing their true colors.)  Do they really give a dam about what is right or wrong?  I still believe that some do, but that number keeps getting smaller.

6)      Take a look at the level of censorship within these democracies.  Take a look at how much more “cutting and pasting” that is happening in real-time.  Take a look on the growing list of sites that certain search engines no longer access.  How many more examples do you see?

            WRITE A BOOK.


You see, no matter what the rocket science is, the net result is the same.


–People have less political say.

–People have less freedom of sharing and expression.

–People have less control in what they see.

–People have less financial power over their wealth., which is a form of expression as well.


The sadder thing is, it is already proven that these realities are being done by many people within our societies.  The more they lose control, equals more controls that are being put into place.  Where and when does it end, so we all can begin?


The only thing I know, is this is a reality, and there is no where to run or hide.  And yes, the lines that were draw and redraw in sand years ago and today, have been crossed.  I hope as this awakening that is taking hold within us all, does work towards the right direction for this species.  Our species.





1) The speculators dream continues.  YUPP, “Their job is to make money.”  For who?  No comment.  But, I did laugh when Obama yammered about how he would have a task force to investigate the level of manipulation on Oil.  Right up there with the current banking equations and/or mortgage fraud.  The Layers.  Well, at least the tracks will be covered up better regarding the layers of B.S.  (So much for a pricing revolt, after all many are using the word “Stabilization”.)  So what is the current real play?  The new highs are going to be the new lows.


2) I heard of this one before, but it was recently confirmed.  There is a county in western Canada where they have, “THE TREE POLICE”.  Yupp, if you own your own land, you now have to get a permit before you can chop down your own tree.  No matter what the current damage that tree is doing.  Mind-you, I hear that laws are becoming more intrusive and the people enforcing them have become as well.  If this keeps up, we are going to need our police to protect us from these laws of insanity.  What a conflict.  (Best part is, people are making money from this crap.)


3) The other day I was going through an airport because flying is still a part of life.  For this round, the Canadian version of the TSA pulled me aside to do a chemical analysis of my hands and satchel.  (This is a domestic flight.) 


So, let me get this straight.  There are now two different sets of scanners and X-ray machines of which now take pictures of my balls and asshole. (Kinda pissed off here.)  And now chemical swabs of my body.  What is next?  Saliva tests from my mouth?  The best thing is, the politicians and bureaucracy will only push this further if they can.  I feel for the USA , they are at least three times worse.  Sorry, you people are now leading the pack for being the #1 Police State.


4) It is so wonderful regarding the “Royal Wedding”.  They even had contests to give away free tickets in order to drum up support and gain ratings.  Yes, I feel so warm and fuzzy in my celebration of people who don’t give a shit about us all. (Should be interesting in what new policies will be signed during the next couples days.)


5)  The other day was a beautiful day, so I sat outside to soak up some sun.  I saw the next door neighbor chipping away some ice in the shade, and I went over to help him.  It felt great.


Sorry for this one for being rather long.  (The original write was twice as long.  The soap-box, what a pain.)


5X5 Eternal,






Ps.  Next email begins the next series.  May 8, 2011.   As yes, forward this to those of whom you feel comfortable in sharing such realities.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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