Assimilation,,,,,and the Fight against it. (Released Jan 17,2011)


For those who see,

 And those who see through,

  May we maintain a balance,

   So we all can continue.  




Let the next round begin.


Assimilation,,,,,,,, and “The Fight Against Assimilation”


When I heard this being said in my own personal world, I was angered and saddened.  (And no, it was not by some wacko white supremacist group)  Yet, it was from people who have their own culture and religion which ties back to their own respective country/people  (yupp, and from two different places as well.)  They were so proud, right to the point where they openly stated, “that they felt they are together in the fight against the forces of Assimilation.”  WOW, sounds like a bunch of cultural religious purist zealots to me.  Hell, if I was saying anything like this I am quite sure I would be called a racist.  Yet, I am thankful that I am not of that nature.  Yet, there is a line that exists within us all.


So, let’s take a look at the process of assimilation………………


-Well, first you have different people from different parts of the world coming together to live in one place. (Agreed?)

-Then these people fumble around and learn some basics regarding communication, and so realizing they also have some shared actions which in-turn helps that shared communication. (Agreed?)

-So, with these shared actions comes the realization of shared values, which also help and influence each person’s individual core values. (Agreed?)


NOW, a step further…..


-As people are getting along with their shared actions and values, people start acting like people.  People start falling in LOVE and create new people.  Hmmmm, all of these people making more people.  WHY?  Because men are men and Women are women.

                                          Oh My God,,,,,,Blame it all on LoVe.


NOW, the last time I checked, there are at least four countries in this world that where their society is established on this reality.  (YES, it also includes the aboriginal people within these countries. )  IT is so established, that this has been going on for hundreds of years. (yupp, this has a strong population.)  Right to the point where it is practiced and accepted by all the Western Society based countries.  (Yet that is on the verge of changing.) 


EXCEPT YOU PEOPLE, who want to hold yourselves above other people in the lands of which you chose to go to and have a better life.  All while using the words “Cultural religious right” to push your previous country’s religious cultural agenda.  I thought through sharing we all can adopt and move forward. (continue to create something beautiful)  But not you, it is either your way or the highway.  Well,  we all know how much ground the Catholic Church lost when it was applying their tactics of “special status” over the people on many lands. (Sorry, religion is another topic and on many levels, it does provide comfort for many people which can be a good thing.) 


So far these practices have awoken different religious and cultural giants in certain lands.  (Religious wars etc.)   


BUT, there is a much BIGGER GIANT that is waking up.  (opps, another topic)  A giant that has been in the making for thousands of years.  This giant is not about colour, religion or race.  But is about love, understanding, sharing and growing as a human within this species of women and men OR men and women.  This giant, does not need a religion or a government or a corporation to tell them what to believe and do.  (For they are also learning and seeing the difference between good and evil.)   This giant is making allot of people nervous because of this development and growth which is increasing in strength. 




So, my question is, where do we go from here ?  Do we split up these western counties to make new countries ? (There goes allot of rights for women and men and there will be mass migrations.)  Do we continue on in the splitting up of those countries within by letting sections continue to grow to the point where it is turning into their own country ?  (Well, those migrations are still going on, a little slower though.)  Do we get to the point where we send those people back to their country who are taking a fight against assimilation ?  (After all, these people do not really respect what has built within the western countries.)   Which ever way a person looks at this equation, it is a hodge-podge of emotion.  However,  right now,  these are the realities that we are all facing within this western society. 


Only thing I know, we are men and women who are a species.  (I look forward to your response.)




1) The “pro-gun” people are now back out in force because politicians figure it is time to take another kick at controlling the “right to arm oneself”, after all, the mood has presented itself again.  (gotta take advantage.)   The only thing I know, is the United States is the last country where good people have the right to arm themselves against the evils that exist within their land.  (Think it through, for good and evil does exist in all lands of this world.)  Oh,,,,Comparing the American people to China or India regarding gun legislation is beyond,,,,,,way to go CNN. (and you wonder why your ratings are down.)  Even then, unfortunately this incident will be utilized to further the business of fear….Hell,  the laws have already been turned onto the people of that land.


2) So the G.E. deal is going to be completed with it’s sale of it’s retail loans unit.  Wow, with all the so-called “growth within the emerging markets”.   Does make one wonder and remain careful regarding emerging markets.


3) So, the World Health Organization is getting involved with doctors regarding baby weights etc. (Standardization)   Hmmmm, well since they failed with the H1N2 hype, which is a FLU, might as well put more pieces into place.  Catch the recent study about people are nursing their babies to long and how the W.H.O. has come to the rescue and said, “you just want to sell more baby formula.”   Bottom Line: If you standardize a people, it is easier to control.


4) Oil goes up, fuel goes up……Oil goes down, Fuel goes up…..Oil goes up, fuel goes up.  All because of a spoken word, not supply and demand. (Even then shut down a couple refineries, and you create less supply anyways.)  Yet, China is now starting to close their borders regarding commodities and India is eliminating “futures trading” on core commodities.  Hmmmmm, maybe they know something we do not.  YET Meanwhile, Canada is building “TWIN” pipe-lines from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia to feed China even more while hurting Canada’s Environment further.  I guess the manipulation is going both ways. 


5) This one is a question.  Why are the Americans killing off all of the wild horses in their land ?  Years ago, they created bureaucracy to protect them and the killing is still rampant.  I have my theories, but they are not complete.  Please let me know, why are you people slaughtering wild horses ?  (They are doing no damage.)


I do thank-you for sharing your views for they do help.  I hope with myself sharing, it helps you as well.  This will be an interesting year.





5X5 Eternal.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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