Hmmm, from Pens, (Released November 13/12)


Ahhhh, a supplemental release. 


A rant, or a reality?  While if you cannot figure this one out, well you just might BE, that idiotic foolish little twit who has come to the choice where you believe you have no choice but to survive.  Get it?




SO, let us play a game.  “DO YOU THINK?”



ONE.   Why do you think that what is going on in the USA, is So very much on the radar within that beaten yet grown and realizing free world?  COULD IT BE?  That they were the buggers that actually created a document that DOES allow a people to be, in those REAL stages of being FREE.  Liberty? 

Must be about people.  OR.  Is it about Government?  Is it about corporations?  Is it about the inbred monarchy?  Is it about those old feudalistic elites that have had such controls of so many societies from that actual past?


Better yet, will that American People wake up?  OR, how about those people of other realizing societies?  (Iceland,,,,Hungry,,,,Poland,,,,,Japan,,,,Ireland.)  Have they been keeping out those obvious evils, or now keeping them at bay?



TWO.   How much has that important American people been manipulated?  Could it be that realized fraud?  Do you think that they are any different than any other “high-jacked” bureaucracy/people?



VERY OBVIOUS.  Do you think that this goes both ways?


A proven fact in one set of machines.  (Blame Princeton)




Not a single Vote for Romney in a LARGER City?  WOW….as if.




That Classic and VERY REAL……GMO labeling for California.

There is no testing to see if this crap is actually safe.   

YET,,,,,still linked to obesity, cancer, liver failure, infertility, and bunch of other shit.

But Hey, this labeling was voted down?


I guess, the only thing to say is, “These are some of the latest current real results.”   AHHHHH……GMO Insects.     Oh, you mean that has been going on?  (Duhh.)   And the corruption continues.  and that FEMA/Homeland/TSA do continue to show its real colours again.



While finally.

WHY?????  Because.

WHY?>>>>>>>  Because the American PEOPLE are the only and last people on this earth that have a right to protect themselves from TYRANNY.  (Obama or Romney.  Obama/Barry was more up front about this fact.)  Which also means.   (Dam, now up to 34 states.)


So what is the answer?   The American people actually had the chance of putting up a third official party together, and win the next election.  Instead through all of the disinformation, the people did not show up OR voted for Obama/Barry or Mitt.  (The rules that have been working for you were turned against you.  Actually, the tool of “overload” was used. )  Not to be rude RON, but we are all conditioned, are we not?


OH, for my fellow Canadians.  You better pay attention, because why do you think that Harper has been challenging those “Robo-calls” to such degrees?



THREE.   United, can we stand?  OR, divided we fall?  What will you do?  DAM, how many examples do you know of?  Now granted, this does almost break certain silent agreements.!/Newsweek/media/slideshow?  Wow, these lands were the lands that were first, to bring out “rights” for all.  BUT, I want my OBAMA PHONE.  

Meanwhile the so called “rebels”, have been the people who have been stirring this madness up.

Where does this all lead to?  Only have to look at other countries that these forces have been involved in.  (Who has always been involved?)  Ahhh, so now a level of truth comes out?  These buggers have been involved in everything. 


How many examples do you want?  How many books can be written on a monthly basis?  Then again, why do you think that the people of Syria have not rolled over to these levels of force?   OR, Sudan anybody? 


While again back on other fronts. 

It is ok to have a “Gay pride parade” but not a “NON Gay pride parade”?   

OR, the most obvious.

Everybody celebrates their form of culture, while the one group that DID come together in these following countries which DID break through that ugly racial card, and then created ANOTHER growing real group.  Who are these people?  THEY ARE THE MUTTS, THE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT SEE COLOR.  THE HYBREDS, yes it is called “gene-pool”.  (Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand)  BUT HEY, these people are not allowed to celebrate their culture because that would be racist? 


Who does this really benefit?



FOUR.   How many different versions of this term exists?   Ahhhhh,  CONSPIRACY.   Wiki still says..


Yupp.  It has now been proven too many times again.  The people who have been looking at what the real, “long-term consequences” of actions are, are still being labeled.  Too bad those labels are falling apart because those who have been doing the labeling, are proving themselves to be directly involved.  YOU ARE GETTING CAUGHT.  DO you think?

Who does this benefit?  There is such a thing as “clean burning” coal plants.

Who does, and has these levels of madness benefited?   A little obvious?  Still, sorry to hear that the “E Holder” person will still remain.  “Fast and Furious” anybody.   Too obvious?

Those buggers/traitors were caught on the first Budget Bill.  SO, better put Part 2 through, before the “Robo-call” scandal comes out completely.  So obvious.



The truth may be a bitch, but the truth IS the truth. 


It is good to see, that more and more people ARE paying attention.



FIVE.   How many versions of distractions are left to keep people busy?  Will this stop?


Why do you people still take the bait? 


IT IS still the choice of the potential mother and father.  WHY?  Because no matter what this political football produces, the decision that is made by that mother/father will still be done.  A life is a life, and when that life is breathing, the fine lined reality of murder is real. 


SO, to end this debate.  Who is benefitting from such moves?


I do not know, but there are many versions.  Eugenics is real.



SO, What is this supplemental release about?


Evolution is REAL.  Evilution is REAL. 


Your/our decisions do still show, kind of funny on how those decisions always come back to bite any person in the ass.


So again, what do you think that all of these releases have been about?




Ps.  Looks like those obvious buggers are trying again to control that flow of information/knowledge again.  From more Executive Orders, to International Agreements.  DAM, want another slice of “Getting Caught Again”?  Too Obvious.



MAYBE, this applicable madness has come out to where it is too obvious.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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