Hmmmm,,,,”tink tink tink” (Released Jan 31,2011)


As I forgive those,

 As those forgive me,

  May we all grow,

   So we all can see,





Well, it is that time again.  This round should prove to be almost interesting.


So, where do you do your best thinking ?


Is it in the shower, on the toilet, in front of the computer, clicking the T.V, driving your car, going for a walk, playing with your dog or cat, catching a sunrise or sunset ?  (This could be a long email with just examples.)   BUT, think about it, and then ask yourself this one extra question.  What have you done to help or impede those moments of thought regarding yourself in that potential clarity ?


That is it, have fun.



Before the BLTs just one quick note regarding the pricing of fuel etc.  The increasing price of fuel can actually be pulled off. WHY? Take a look around  and see how many new refinery’s have been built in the last 10 to 20 years.  It is beautiful,  demand increases while supply is controlled.  Wait a minute, could this not apply to the “power equation” ?   Remember the juicing of “Enron” ?  (Oh, are you still caught up in the weaker American Dollar ?  Ok, because of the weaker dollar the world’s prices continue to go up.)  Either way, a speculator’s dream, right up there with pricing of gold…..A good retail market there.  Opps, gold has gone down.



BLT time…..


1) JOBS JOBS JOBS,,,,,are they coming back ?  NO.  Any jobs that do come back will be for less money and with less respect for the people who are working.   It is called, “a devaluation of the people within a country”, the USA has been on this path for many years and so has every other western based country.  But hey, Boeing is doing great with the big contract for China,  Apple is doing great with their gadgets,,,,,,just do not ask them about how much “out-sourcing” they have been doing.  Remember when the garment industry used to exist in every-body’s respective country ?


2) Mr. Obama.  I really thought that maybe you would be a help for the men and women of this species, for that I gave you my endorsement.  Instead, you have helped the further erosion and fragmentation of the societal whole.  (the wars continue and the utilization of fear tactics within the bureaucracy continue to erode the basic human rights within your country.)   Yet, when I saw McCain and Palin at the time, all I felt was sadness and an ugly road.  I must admit, they showed their true colours in the end, right up there with Mr. Gore with his lies regarding Global Warming.  Just a bunch of “sell-outs”,,,,,let’s call them, “Muppet Puppets” (and I like the Muppets)


Granted, you did start to bring “health-care” to your country, but the industry still rules it. (You know it, but they still do not like being measured.  One heck of a fight.)


I thought maybe you could at least do one honest thing,  like for instance, maybe some disclosure regarding the products that people buy.  Instead, you are now centralizing control over the civilian agencies regarding those products in the name of the Budget.  BUT HEY, business of fear is still growing.  (Doing the Bush thing now ?  Like the other agency that now overrides many other agencies.  H—L— S——- )


3) Not to worry, Canada has its problems as well.  We have a government that tried to sell and kill Canada’s nuclear industry…”Can-Du Reactors”…(and that technology is evolving into safer technology right down to the core material being used.)   OR,  if person has more than 5 beers in one sitting, (watch a hockey game) we are now being classified a “binge drinkers”. (it is less for women)  OR, different sections of Canadian politics are now being controlled by other cultural groups to the point where they are bragging about it.  (After all, they are from and they are pure.)


4) Here we go again.  The elimination of the penny thing,  brought to you by the “main-stream media”.  We all know you are owned and controlled by corporations which have their own agendas, ok ?   But wait a minute, that action would be an automatic bump in profits without any official price increase…..imagine the bumps in fuel, energy, communication, food, banking, insurance,,,,,,,the speculation market.  The banks have already worked it out to the point where they only accept so many pennies already.   BUT, the penny is still a point of measure, it is called, “a part of basic math.”  ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,,,,)


5) I. D. chips and Sound-wave Technology for dogs and cats.  Hell, the chips are for free.  AND yes, the chips are now digestible and do not dissolve in the stomach.  AND, you can now blast your pets ears with a device because you did not like their behavior because you were too lazy to spend some time to train them and help them to become a part of their surroundings.  This one hits very close to myself.  But the growth still remains.  You go to “Walmart” and the I.D. chips in the items you buy are not being turned off.  Chips for this, chips for that, gotta like nano-technology.  So let me ask you this, now that it seems to be accepted, when are we going to do chip implants ?


So, there you have it.  Pass it on, if you like.  I look forward to your response.


5X5 Eternal,




Ps.  Those other countries out in the middle-east, what kind of devaluation have those people been going through ?  Is it more than religion, or regional culture, or government, or corporate culture ?


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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