My Apologies……Supplemental. (Released April 3/12)


<<<Important Note>>




 Regarding the candidates for the Alberta Provincial Election.  I was WRONG regarding the party leader candidates.  So I will go through them.  And maybe you will see why, because there was a real point I was trying to make.  BOTTOM LINE, it was an experiment that I should have never done.  My Apologies.  So, here we go…..


1)”Progressive conservatives”     This is the party that has been in control for so many years, well over 30 years.  They have recently gone through a leadership change.  So far, they are the ones who are almost slated to go down.  The reason why, is because they have been making policy more for the corporate and their gov’t, than for the people.  The previous leader did try to make some changes, and that was regarding the royalties from oil.  Which turned out to be a giant mistake, oil companies gave him a slap.  Yet, what turned out to be the down-fall, was the big-business/bureaucracy winning over the people regarding our healthcare, and a couple other areas.  Too many examples were coming out of the wood-work. YET, their current pitch is about is about balanced budgets, and overhaul health-care spending. While the net result, is why this next party was created.


2)”Wild Rose Party”     This party was created, because OF the wasted money and policies of the current Government.  One of the most blatant examples would be with the environmental procedures regarding The Oil Sands in Fort McMurray.  The monitoring stations were not as real as people were lead to believe.  That has changed, we shall see to what degree that does take hold.  Even then, the constant irregularities from health-care to other forms of decisions have shown many things.  Which is why, many people have moved to this party. 


NOW, that is where the real battle is, it is between these two parties OF WHICH both leaders are women.


BUT,BUT,BUT….There are other parties.  (This is where I was wrong.)


3)”Liberal Party”     This person/party, is counting on the same strategy as what happened in a city named Calgary.  HEY, the vote was split, and the current mayor won because of that splitting of the vote, coupled with a strong showing of certain realities.  SO, this has the same feel, a newer leader, and a different younger face.  This party will/should receive an increased amount of votes.  Yet, I do have a question.  What exactly does this person want?  Because all of the politics within Canada should be about Canadians, and that is a growing concern within Canada.  The net result will still be the net result.


4)”The NDP”        This person/party could almost have the same feel as what the Federal NDP almost achieved in the last federal election.  (The official opposition which would have stopped the current government from getting its majority rule.)  Anyways, this is a leader who has been around for years.  A person, I am sure he has been humbled, many times.  Yet he keeps on trying.  He has earned his stripes.  Again, could gain some seats because OF that splitting of the vote.


5)”The Green Party”     SORRY.  They tried in 2008, but they are now a non-profit organization, because they could not even report their financials to the Elections Board.  Besides, there is more money over there, after all, the green thing is very alive in the current trends within our society.


Hey, maybe one day the “green thing” will be more about the poisoning of the people and life on this planet INSTEAD OF a Global Carbon Tax Market, and gimmicky crap to sell at a higher price.  There is technology that does exist, for that answer, you have to look at the patent office.  Opps, allot of those have been classified.




Do you see on where and how I was angling this?  It was a demonstration, but that is NOT who I am.  The proven purpose of these emails is to present a more complete view to supplement on what is happening in this world.  HOWEVER, this IS the current psychology that is being played upon OUR MANY DIFFERENT SOCIETIES.   (It is like this example, “the double pop with the massive drop”, regarding the pricing of gold of which played out so very nicely during my break.  That is what I do.)



So, my apologies for trying that experiment.  Yet in so many ways, this election IS going to be watched because of what the undertones are and how these trends are applied.  There is a wealth of knowledge in this one.  (Another example would also be on how Republican nomination process is being played out.  For that answer, who has recieved the most support from actual people?)






Ps.  The Best thing about being wrong, means there is an opportunity to learn.  AND YES, to share.  




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