One of One….#3,,,,,,from Pens, (Released April 8/13)


Balance, Strength, Clarity.  Three realities which are applicable to any individual on this planet, tough to have one without the other.





Alright, time to complete this other tool.


“One of One”, who could be one of many.  (An idea.)

“One of one”, who can be one of many.       (A question.)

“One of One”, who should be one of many.  (A decision.)



SO then what?  How about,  “ One of One , who will be one of many.”  (A process)


Well, now that a decision has been made, time for that next round. (Again, this is about that individual, it is about you.) It is that time to share, time to learn, time for the next round of emotional and logical challenge of one’s life.  Namely, the application, after all, we are a social species.



Then what?  “One of One, who is one of many.”  (A realization.)


Self explanatory. Yet, is this not where shared thoughts, feelings, and visions take place among people?  Does this not also reinforce the, communities, cities, regions, countries, and yes this species?  Net results are net results.  Yet, there is one thing that can break it all back down, “One of One”, that self realized and realizing individual.  Evolution can be a kicker.


So now one question. 


What happens to the individual who achieves their own genuine self-awareness, who then applies it to their world while being aware of that process?


I look forward to your response. 

(Next email connects “5X5” and “One of One” together.)




1)News and views, what to choose?  It still depends on who and what you want to be, yet here is tool and a truth.  THE TOOL.  There is a difference between all the venues that present information.  (Paper, Television, Radio, Internet)  Ask any independent trader, doctor, politician, teacher, or thinking person.  THE TRUTH.  “The people factor”   YES, because of people being aware, information comes out.  (Yes, many people do care, and it is growing.)  Here is one of many examples that do exist out there.


Even then, the main stream media better wake up, because they are burying themselves.


2)Ahh, here we go again.  “GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISTS” or “GLOBAL CHANGE” or whatever else.  Listen, we already know who pays your bills, maybe that is why it is now over the thousand mark of climate scientists who have left your ranks.  Why?  Global Carbon Market is showing its real face, follow the money.  Do a search on “Blood and Gore”.  Look at that picture.


The earth itself does change, we all know that.  It is changing.  YET, it is changing to the point where Poland has banned “GMO corn”.  After all, how can a people change certain realities when they themselves ARE directly poisoning themselves?  Could this be an actual real positive sign?


 3)The timing of this is crazy.  YET, it does show much.  CANADA, Bills “C-30” and “C-11”.  THE UNITED STATES, “PIPA”, “SOPA”, and now “CISPA”.  ENGLAND, BBC just calls it a “New Law” ,they are so very sad.  BUT,YET, if you want a blue-print, look up “ACTA”  the international agreement.  (Sorry, I should know what it is for Australia and New Zealand, I am sure they have their versions.)   Ahhh, “fear”, what an over-used tool, yet here we go again.


4)This one made me laugh.  The Royal Bank of Canada is getting charged regarding 300 million dollars of market manipulation in the US Stock Markets, and it will go to the courts.  BUT, Jon Corzine, and his organization will get away with a 200 million dollar theft from retail investors.  Opps, I forgot about 1.6 Billion Dollars not being paid back to those retail investors.  Hell, I laughed my ass off when Mitt Romney’s wife is involved in a “blind trust” with “sex slave trading” through Goldman Sachs.  No charges there either.  (It is all there.)  The point is, “Why would the retail investor want to come back when this crap continues?” (However, a person can make money off of the “Algo” trading.  It is a higher risk.)


5)Oil and Gas.  This one is just beautiful, yet the bubble is showing itself.  Meanwhile, all that has to be done, is close down refineries to get this reality going again.  “Supply and Demand”.  It is the same thing that is being applied to energy producers as a whole.  What a wave.  But hey, the Global Carbon Market is doing great, especially when it is with the blessing of the bureaucracies within the elected western governments.






Well, the good old USA wins on this one.  You know how certain dictatorships would have pictures of their leader/president on their flags.  WELL, so does OBAMA, “Mr. Banana Republic”.  When I saw this, I hit the roof.   AND, I would like to thank that person who brought it to my attention,  “Thank-you”.


SO, why have an American flag, when you can have an OBAMA flag.  “You are a failure, for everybody, SIR, Mr. President.”


SO, my reply is this, enjoy chewing on this one.     (That is a crowd.)  (The interview before that rally, this one is on FOX.  Even then, FOX is awful, just watch this interviewer, no wonder FOX is in last place when it comes to so many things.)  OH, Ron might know something that many other people might not know, or do not want to address.  I am still chewing on it.


The next “ugly” goes to France, unless somebody else proves otherwise again.




5X5 Eternal,






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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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