One of One, Prt 2, from that Pens person. (April 2/13)




1)“One of One”  (I hope I made sense.  Call it a realization of an individual coming to grips about being and individual within this world.)


2)“One of one, who could be one of many”   (And an idea is presented, an individual begins to express that thought through awareness.  A classic question, “Are there others like myself?”)


SO THEN, how about, “One of one, who CAN be one of many.” 


Why would that one be so interesting?  What happens within that individual?  (Remember: “One of One”)  What happens when an individual asks themselves a genuine question?  A question where it could almost be a defining moment on how that individual continues within their own existence.  Better yet, remember that day when you decided to ask yourself your own question?


What did you do?


BUT THEN,,,,(yes there is more.)  How about, “One of One, who SHOULD be one of many?” 


Hmmmmmm.  Not only, that maybe, the individual can be a part of that many, but how will that person begin?  Think that one through.  Those defining moments of when that person may have their first friend, first love, or even their first version of life to themselves. 


Wait a minute.


How does that apply to a person who has accumulated some life experience,  so, to what degree do those past and current conditionings apply?  Does one’s  sight become more or less defined within that individual?  Those are some loaded questions.


*Note*.  Yes this topic is a series.  What else would you expect?  And yes, this also ties back to that “5X5 Eternal” topic.   (Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit.  What order would you put those words into when you think of yourself?)


It is about working through this life, not just working on it.






BOTTOM LINE TIME.  (Yupp, BLTs.  This gets tougher each time.  Full topics.)


1)      NEWS.  (The current Mainstream.)  We all know this one.  A bunch of TRULY OWNED “muppet puppets”.  Something that WAS truly ingrained in our societies of which IS being lost because of those versions of that “5X5 Eternal” growth processes,  many people are growing through those relentless walls.  YESSSS, ALTERNATIVE media, and many of those back their versions with the FACTS.  Yes, the actual written words on paper.  YET, some mainstream, do report a level of facts, they just have to put a spin on it because MANY DO realize they are owned. So do you

cross reference your facts?  Better yet, how much BULL can a person take?  Because EVERY Gov’t/TPTB are very active is shutting down those who do truly share.  (Biggest one’s right now are France, USA, and China.  Confirm that through the mainstream.)


2)      BIG AGRA/FOOD.  BIG BATTLES THERE.  So for that one, two immediate/current battles with one very important question.  1) In the USA, those people accumulated ONE MILLION signatures for a petition for a “Labeling law” to disclose “GMO” ingredients. BUT wait, that regulation body says it is less than 400 people, “the undisclosed policies and procedures”.  OR Canada, the attempt to dismantle the  provincial wheat boards.  Did those wheat board’s not also help the small family farmer when the times were really tough? (Hmmm, maybe a person should look at the percentage ratios of small family farms of the USA and Canada.)   YET, one question is very real.  What do those small family farms think?

3)      BUDGETS. BUDGETS.  Cuts, Fees, and taxes.  HOWEVER, no mention of the, “Business Of Fear.”  Instead of a words by me, here are a couple of links. (However, my compliments on the current play of War and Security being broken into separate classifications.) 






                (A small spectrum.)


4)      Which leads to this one.  Instead of the current speculation thing.  Let’s play the smart money thing.  Again, this does apply to both sides of the border.  YUPP, the “long play”.  The true potential play.  The continued business of Fear.  (Some Hardware.)


Guns are Guns, BUT like Gotta bullets, because how many bullets equal one gun?………….


               Gotta like those bullets as well……..


                BUT HEY, since the trend is real, profit is very good. 



                AND HEY, can a person draw some lines?




 5)         And finally, some politics.    Yaaaaaa, yaaaaa, yaaaaaa.     Yes, the USA is in an election year.  BUT, the real play is going on in a province called Alberta, in Canada.  It is a battle between women.  Namely, the leaders of the political parties are only women.  Some serious president is being set here, imagine the televised provincial debate.   Even then.  (I am in a learning process in working this new computer.)


It is what it is.


“Some Ugly”.   The USA gets this one again, sorry.  (Actually wanted to do France, that is some SERIOUS crap over there. This one wins, because it is closer to home and might have a real potential.)  So, regarding the current presidential election year. 


Like many others in the world, I was duped by Barak.  AND, the “so called” front runners are of the same nature, just like Bushes, Clintons, Regan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, how far do I have to go back?  Same shit, different pile.   So what am I saying, maybe it is time for a real, “Wildcard”.  YET, HEY, there is some good news.  There is one person.  He already has his money, and his age, AND his brain of which is definitely not owned.  The bugger has talked and continue to talk about real topics to where it has pissed off TPTB to the point where the coverage/party establishment is deliberately trying to shut him down.  YET, the people are still showing up to give him support. The other “So-called” leading contenders, could only dream to have such support of so many people. (His campaign donations are even coming from the people, 20.00 at a time.)  What does that say?  What does it say when actual people are being reprimanded for showing support?  What does it say, when a person who tries, and tries, and then tries again?  What does that say?


That maybe the American people are finally awake enough to actually begin to participate to work through and do what needs to be done.  I must admit, some REAL signs are there.


Good Luck Ron Paul, I would vote for you.  The consequences would be massive on economic scales, but then maybe it would give the American People a chance to be an American People.  Yes, that would also mean the American People would ALSO have to pay the price of so many injustices of the past.  I am sorry, because most of the American People will be paying that price because of those who are so very few. (Those few thousand.)




5X5 eternal,






Ps.  YES, as always, I respond to responses.  


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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