One of One,,,,,from that Pens,




Back from,,,,




Which means,,,,,,,,,,,,


Why?  Why not.





So?  Where to start then?  I guess, start where it is AND what it is.  (Maybe even kick it up a notch.)





Hmmmmmm, where it is.   Where it is, IS where it is at.  You, like myself you are “One of One”.  An individual walking through YOUR OWN limited TIMELINE.  That is it.  Hence, “Where you are is where it is at.”.  (commercialized saying, yet I was around for that one, and even maybe.  After all, the one who reports it first,,,,,)


You know it, I know it, we all see it, feel it, and live it. 


BUT,,,,BUT,,,,,,,BUT.  Energy is energy, of which that DOES tie into the whole of “What It Is”.  (from the simple smile to the death of the fellow being)





“One of One.”


You are you.  Me is me.  We are we.  (If it actually can be,,,,,,can we be “WE”?)  Think that one through,    what is the definition of the REAL “we”.  (A process onto itself.)   Hmmmmmmm, so then before YOU start with that version of “WE”, maybe you should start with the REALITY of ME, which is you. The Individual.



Again, think it through, you are still, “ONE OF ONE”.




NOW……………..Some conflicting definitions within those terms.  Or is there?  Even then, the duality and irony of the individual can be staggering.  Hell, might even keep people busy for an eternity.  It has worked so far.  (Like a dog chasing its tail.  AND, I love Dogs.)


So then where does it all begin……(The chicken or the egg?)


Let us try this.

YOU, ME, and I.

Individual Being.

“One of One”

No matter how you slice or dice it.  You are still yourself.  You may think of yourself as being a part of a current whole.  Or until you decide onto another path, or view, or even a thought.  (Remember doubt?)     Then what happens?

So what happens?                                     “One of One”

Even if,,,,,,,,,you are the next craze, next wave, or next flavor for the next day.  It still ties into the whole of it all within our species.  Oppps.  (Chicken or the egg people.)  So then what happens?  The individual must still decide.   Bottom Line: “One of One”

YET>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What if?   What if there is a common thread?   A thread that is shared within us all.  What would be an example of this?    (A couple, or is there more?  So an obvious one, “All you need is love”……….Hmm,,,,,,Do we know that person?)  Either way, it still brought on changes within our “Western Society” which also created a potential to bring on other changes.  Net result, people still died, or were disposed of.

So, what over-rides or brings on such consequences?


Part 1……….”One of one, who could be one of many.”




1)      Think about it, if the “copy-write laws” come into full being.  Then WHAT IF, those same words are used to convey a different idea?  (Some of you, hmmmmm.)

2)       Oil,,,,,,,,there is enough.  More than you think, that includes those within that world.  After all, “There is soooo much.”   Value added profit MEANS, to add value.  (Think.)

3)      The only kind of heated apples apply to hot apple pies.  (signs are already there, especially since the country that makes them are watching that price drop……30% plus.  Sorry, old news.)

  4)      Patents Patents,,,,,,,who owns what?  Bit of buying and selling.  Which can trace back to #1

   5)      Low volumes, and “up-ticks”.  I guess that means it is not the end of that “Western World”, because the people are still not broken.   Gotta FINISH breaking the core of that societal structure first.

NOW,,,,,,,for an extra section…….”Some Ugly”…….*Only one point per each release*

          This current affair about that 17 year old kid who was shot.  Mr. Barakie, quit using this as a racial card to instigate further violence.  Then again, you better follow along those lines because it might really show intent behind curtain organizations within your immediate structure. Kinda like that Kony Thing.  More people than you think ARE growing out of that racial crap.  That includes you as well,,,,”Mr. Mitt”.  Last time I checked, “People do not want violence, unlike yourselves.”

Time to let these releases grow further, FORWARD THEM….



Ps.  You people of that Annie thing of those Gables.  Shut down and make it more public, because you are about to be utilized to a further degree.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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