part 1 of 16,,,,Pens, (Released April 29/13)


Here is something you may have seen before. (previous email release)


If I cannot help the species, I will help this society. (Western Society, there are others.)

     If I cannot help this society, I will help this country.

          If I cannot help this country, I will help this region.

               If I cannot help this region, I will help this city/town.

                    If I cannot help this city, I will help this community.

                         If I cannot help this community, I will help these family/friends.

                              If I cannot help these family/friends, I will help myself.


So, first question.  Should the word “help” be replaced by, “be a part of”?  Because are we not naturally a part of each other?  Does all of this madness tie together?  Or better yet, instead using the “help”, how about hinder”?  Either way, does that mean a person has made a conscious decision?   Hmmm, a debate within itself, of which is so simple.


So then back a step.  You may be aware and alive, but to have a decision is also an action where action does take form.  That classic focal point, a beginning. 


You know, it really is interesting when a person can draw everything back to an individual.  And while for a person to make a simple decision on whether to “help” or “hinder” themselves, does always prove itself over time.  Hmmmmm, yes, that balance of choices of which we all decide.  If I help myself, to what degree am I hindering others?  OR.  If I help others, to what degree am I hindering myself?  AND YES, I can help and hinder myself at the same time in my immediate world I am currently in.   I smell an overload, do you? 


Either way, it comes to this term.


“Core Being”.  Not human being, that term in itself is flawed.  Core Being, it is about you, the individual, without the classification of man or woman.  Some people do call it “Core Values”, there is a reason for not including or using that one either.


It is the “Core Being” within yourself of where you choose to help or hinder yourself and then the world around.


That is why, HEART, SOUL, SPIRIT, BODY, MIND are so very applicable in this world.  Think of yourself first, and then put those five words into YOUR order.  AND THEN, decide on WHY you have chosen that order.  (IMPORTANT NOTE: This also applies to people who would just choose 3 or 4 of these five words.  Bottom Line is, you still exist in this plan of existence, and those tangents of thought can work as well.)  One extra thing, as you change in your own life, so can the order of those words change of which you have chosen.


All of this IS about you.  WHY?  Why not.


Either way, like it or not, a decision is made regarding your own world.  This is just a tool to give yourself some greater clarity so that maybe you can choose life before life chooses you, with a greater clarity.




Okie Dokie,,,,,,,,Some BLT.

ONE.     ACTA, which is still the blue-print for “CISPA”.  Yes, I have my copy as well.  Still, gotta love on how they are changing that document so often, which version do you have?  Hell, gotta love on how so many corporations are on board with this piece of madness.  And why are people/corporations like google, Microsoft, and so many more are on board.  OR better yet, why do you think that the NSA is bragging about how much information they have on all of the people, YES, this includes people within other countries, because the corporate and the Agencies are IN other countries.  WHY? Because you, me, WE CANNOT charge them for the crimes that have been committed and for future crimes.  With this little tool, you can get your world destroyed with one stroke on the key-board.

But then again, Obama would just love it if people would start some violence over this, after all, look at the NDAA executive order with the other orders he has signed.  But then again, so much for his little order in trying to Kill the FAMILY FARM by trying to stop the kids from HELPING and LEARNING on those family farms.

And to think Obama is not lying when he says he will veto this bill?  NDAA.  One lie is enough.

(Wait a min.  Micro-soft is now backing away regarding their support?  Ya right.  You cannot play both sides.)

2) Apple Apple.  The recent “down-grade”.   Listen, just because Apple has sooooo much cash, they can pay out as much as they please.  BUT that will not change the fact that APPLE is flawed.  A)  Again, read the fine print in the user agreements. B) Their production process AGAIN is coming up.  Yupp, more people committing suicide at the factories.  C) YES, there are those pesky design flaws.   BUT HEY, they still have lots of cash, I wonder if it enough to pay off the bad publicity that still comes out.  Oh, that is before on how it is coming out on how Apple does not pay taxes either.

3)GM.  Yupp, the auto manufacturer.  Could almost call these people “banksters”.  Ya know, moving vast amounts of wealth out of this western society.  BUT, now it is starting to come out that the bailout money is used to move the Cadallic and Chevy Volt lines to China?  Just like Jon Corzine.  Yaaaaaaa.  It should prove to be interesting on the parts manufacturing companies as well.  After all, everything is always contracted out.   Well, after all, I guess the abuses regarding “On-star” were true in the end, because you are still taking everybody for granted.

4)OIL.  Wow, I wanted to leave this alone because Oil is an important part of any “Value Added” society.  I mean congratulations.  BUT the numbers/reasoning for supply and demand are once again proving that there is no reason on why it is still being positioned as such.  Profit YES, EXCESSIVE GREED NO.  Hell, I am also impressed on how refineries are being shut down to create a further price gap for fuel.  (And when in doubt, blame the government, it is that time of season.)  OHHH, I forgot, you are still playing the “fear card”.   AND, I forgot this as well, sorry.  The reality of oil being “A biotic” resource is gaining strength, here is an example,  “The Great Oil Conspiracy”  it is the name of a brand new book.  Look it up.

5)Again, I did not want to get into this one.  But then/when you people are trying to spark up the Abortion Debate again?  It is over, women have the RIGHT to CHOOSE.  But hey, trying spark it up AGAIN by trying to redefine the parameters, is a FARCE.  AND THEN using the “Hitler Card?” on the people within our Parliament regarding on some truth about our Troops?  Takes one to know one, “Der Feur”.  Is that what I am supposed to say now?

Do you want to know WHY you ratings are dropping so fast?

How about all of those little agreements that were signed with China WITHOUT disclosure and discussion about such agreements.  How about on how the budget is being applied?  OR how certain areas are being cut to leave a greater weakness for us CANADIANS,,,,(Food and Borders).  Or the certain controls that were created to PROTECT CANADA’s RESOURCES, from being raped.  OR, how about the process in devaluating the Canadian People by 15%, because there is a process in place to bring outside talent within a 30day time-period for 15% less. (Opps, hiring freeze.  And it is already beginning to show.) OR, how about the future agreements with the COLLAPSING EU, because since they are being devalued, why not devalue us even further. (Hmmm, can a person say, “Is that why we did not have to give the IMF 3 Billion More?”)   AND that is before I start to talk about the manufacturing side of Canada.  And the Kyoto thing has long since been dead, it is the Copenhagen thing.

OH, did I forget, this will devalue our children even further.

BUT HEY, the business of FEAR continues to grow.

Do I have to give this some real attention?  Because I have only hit upon the obvious realities.

SIR.  In this last election, the people of this country believed that we all needed Strong Leadership with a respect for all Canadians.  And the only thing you have done, is play the Canadian public for fools.  People do see what is happening in this world, and people have been connecting the dots.  If you would have been more up front with what needs to be done, the story could have been different.  OH, people do not easily forget as much as they have before either.

AND NOW,,,the UGLY………….(Sike)  THIS ONE IS A WIN,,,,,Good News.  A WIN for the FAMILY FARM.

The first sign of weakness with OBAMA’s Dictatorship through Executive Orders.  But after all, is he not openly admitting that he wants to get in so that way he can by-pass The American Congress more?   Winner  Loser

I am allowed to have some fun in the madness.  SO, Forward this email to those who are worthy.



Ps.  Yes, I am trying to keep these releases to three pages only.  Hence, less links, BUT it is all there.  OH, watch your arrows, busy week this week.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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