The Nuclear Thing….(A supplemental) Released March 16/11


Before this useful, safe, abundant, and clean technology gets pushed out because it is the latest “fashion trend”.  YUPP,,,,FASHION, right up there with the “Charlie Sheen Thing” and the latest pair of trendy jeans.  After all, it is about ratings,,,,,right?  Sorry, I am not impressed.


YUPP,  The Nuclear Thing.  (Lets take a look.)


FIRST.  The Japan melt-down is NOT a full melt-down like some others.  HELL, look at the refinery that did not take any time regarding that complete destruction.  How old was the refinery ?  HUHHHH.  Meanwhile, the developing technology of Nuclear is being challenged all around the world?   Bottom Line: the Reactor is 40 YEARS OLD, AND was slated to be shut down this year.   AND it is still standing.  Kudos to the Japanese in doing a great job in building a power-plant that took soooo much abuse.   AND YES, May this awful potential for a disaster be averted.  It does make one give a moment of silence.


With that being said, let us take a look at the reactions so far. 


1)Well, so far within the Nuclear Industry everybody is reviewing their safety strategy.  Now that makes sense, after all, the potential for,,,,is real.  Then the Japanese Government is also taking great pre-cautions.  (pro-active perhaps ?)


2)The markets are reacting as well.  The price of core material is going down and so are the stocks of the producers of energy as well.  ( re-active or pro-active ? )  Hell, if you want to play the game, “follow the money”, this is a perfect time.  Ya know, which company is in bed with which company. 


3)And now comes the anti-nuclear people.  Some people, are even calling it an end for Nuclear Power.  AND, on so many grounds.  Right up there with the Charlie Sheen Thing. 


So, I ask you people this.  Refineries are creating massive dead zones,,,correct ?  Wind is also creating massive sound polution,,,,correct?    Solar power is using an amazing amount of energy to create that source,,,,,correct?  Geo-thermal is about punching more holes into the ground which it right up there with punching holes for oil,,,,,correct?  Damming up more rivers for that power is interupting that ecological balance,,,,,,correct?


So what is to be done ?  Hell, right now I am asking, “who are the ones to win from this current run ? ”    I already see that, all you have to do is, follow the money which is now having it’s run on the policy of many governments.


OR better yet, there are at least three different technologies that have been developed for  safer nuclear energy.  Huhhhhhhhh.   So here is one, which of-course the majority of the all wise media will not tell you anything about.  (Might hurt their ratings.)


“CAN-DU” reactor technology…….This has been around for Decades.  Hell, they have had it so where the uranium does NOT have to be as refined.  Hence,  a safer core material.  (Remember, refining uranium is what makes it so dangerous,,,,,great for bombs and it does not have to refined for energy which has been proven years ago.  BUt gotta keep the refiners happy.)  Hell, the Can-du reactors have it set-up so you can safely do maintance WITHOUT shutting the reactor down completely.  (Remember those price bumps on fuel for you car while they use the excuse of, “The refinery is shutting down for maintance.” ??)


These are just a couple things… is a link that shows more highlights.  (And no, I do not own any stock in this concept/reality)  (scroll down to history highlights.)


Now, I will ask this ?   Why did the current Canadian government try to sell this technology secretly ?   AND, why is the Canadian Government purposely slowing the sales of these reactors ?   (The latest example, The Ontario government has been trying to buy a couple.)    


Oh, and yes, meanwhile the Good Old BUSH/Obama muppet-puppets are still doing the push for using food crops for fuel/energy.    Well, first you create the BIG FOOD (That is done.), and then the BIG FOOD does what the BIG OIL does.  Yupp.    What a bunch of DONKS.


Again, it is a perfect time to follow the money.


5X5 Eternal,






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