The Wiki Thing……hmmmm. (Released April 9/11)


Yupp,  that leaky person.


From what I understand, that site is falling from grace completely.  Yet the chances of it being utilized while falling from grace is a reality.  Come to think of it, what damage has it really done?  What has been the results?  (It did help clear the air on some Lies and remember, the definitions of tracking software has changed.  Hmmmm)


While now, one of the founders has been gotten to, a person does get the sense that they have been tamed.  Even then, to what degree has it been tamed?  (Just a question.)


So, instead of being caught up in the drama of this leaky thing, let us pose a few questions.


1) Why did the Leaky Thing begin?

2) Why did the Leaky Thing grow?

3) Why did the Leaky Thing become popular?

4) Why did the Leaky Thing become a target?

5) What was learned from this process, and from what interests?

6) To what degree can this also be applied to realities in your world?


And the last two questions are….


7) Some say, the levels of disinformation are in direct proportion to the information that does exist and has been shared.   So, what is the ratio for you?

8)  Is the drama going to end where people can openly choose between symptoms and problems? Or causes and effects?


Bottom Line Time……BLTs


1) Here we go again, I have never seen such a push from BIG OIL pushing their line.  From finally admitting,  “Yes, there is plenty of oil,,,,,,for now” (Even notice they never disclose their core samples?)  To the reinforcement of oil being a “fossil fuel” since the next accepted term of “A-biotic Fuel” scares the crap out them.  (How much oil has been used?  How many dinosaurs would have had to die?  DO THE MATH.)  Even then, if I fart the wrong way, does the price go up or down?


Ask the nuclear energy people they have beaten to the point of actually giving some honest answers.   Hell, take a look at the actual damage of the BP and partners oil spill has done.  (Lots of new info there.)   And so the natural gas play is coming, that one is great because you have less useful energy output than that of Oil.  (A topic for another day.)


2) If there is anytime to pay attention to this world, now is the time.  The best part is, it is never too late, unless you are dead.   (What a funny species we are.)   While with all of the news and information out there, leaves a person to ask a question.  What and how many different venues do you use to get to the point where you feel you are informed?


Now, before you answer that question, do consider the amount of consolidation that has happened regarding the Media.  (Another topic perhaps.)  AND, while answering that question, the top hedge funds managers in the USA did make well over 25 billion dollars for the year of 2010.  (Reported Income.)


3) To cut to the chase on one tangent regarding the Elder Thing.  There are many elders out there that are skewed, self-righteous and self-centered to the point where a person can only wonder why.  (Any more than that, a person can run the risk of being contaminated by that level of incredible frustration.)   BUT,,,A BIG BUT, there is a mass majority of our elders that truly want to be an active part of their societal whole.  They have much to offer and realize that their learning path is not finished.  Here is an example.



Why Hire an Older Worker?

We have a lot to offer: a wealth of skills experience, and commitment.

Like most people, many of us still want to continue to learn and earn.  Chances are we may have already had similar positions to yours in our past, so we do NOT want your job!

Over time, we have learned that working smart is more beneficial than just working longer or harder.  So if we only wish to work part-time, please consider that skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced part-time work also has great potential value and can contribute to the overall bottom line of financial success by saving time and money.

If we have ideas on how the job or the results could be improved, please “hear us out”.  To us, making a contribution is of extreme importance.  In some ways we are even Mentors in-situ.

We are a potential source of skills and knowledge that can help you to better succeed.  All we ask is that you respect our contribution the same as you respect your own, since we too are worthy of our hire.

We are an excellent source of general handy-persons, trades-persons, skills-trainers, caregivers, business mentors, and may other things.  For example, if you can’t get the skills you need in the marketplace, we may even be able to help train your new staff in some of those job-skills required so they can safely help you be a success.

If you can see us as not just “historical authority figures”, but rather as good workers and strong supporters for you and your career aspirations, then we older people do have a lot to contribute, and it is offered to you for the personal asking.

The bottom line is:

·        We can make a value-added contribution;

·        We would like to contribute;

We are worthy of our hire!


                                                        Written by,,,, D.W.  *thank-you sir.


As Always, forward this email to those with whom you share.  AND, if you do not want to receive these emails, please let me know.


5X5 Eternal,






Ps.  Next Email April 14, 2011.  And that will round-out this series of releases.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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