Topic change,,,,Pens, (Released April 15/13)


Yupp, there is going to be no “connecting of dots” on this one.  Namely 5X5 and One of one.


Instead, allow me to share a couple tangents of thought about my country.  YUPP, CANADA.  So first, just to let you know, many generations were raised to think that our country really does not count in this world, hence, a more humbled people.  The reasoning behind it all is quite interesting (quite serious there), yet, the net result IS “hockey nation”.  Well, we are actually a hell of lot more than that.  So, if I may, we are a people who are subtle, because of our conditioning, while being quite aware on many a topic within this world.  Finally, for those who continue to play and push that concept of, “Those Canadian people will nice you to death”, we are nice until it is time to not be nice.  AND YES, we will even warn you.  For myself, at best, I am a student.  (And yes, hockey is a gentlemen’s game.  Gotta like hockey, nothing wrong with a good hockey game.  Kinda like many other sports out there.)  Enough, I am rambling.


To begin.  This is about news, views, presentation.  Here is a tangent of thought, as if that is true. (I wonder if you can see the similarities, namely for those who are not in this country.)  The links are provided, they are what they are.



ONE.  Yes, we are a country that still remains divided.  Keeps people busy, you know.


TWO.   Hate crime is down, a little late to report such old stats though. (Sorry Obama, you cannot play that shit card up here.)


THREE.  HMMMM.  Mystery.  Layers in that one.


FOUR.  YET, we do see through the obvious.  Yes, it is a ploy to take the attention off of another REAL contender.  (Just like the rest of the world. A Great way to get the people off of the facts. DRAMA.)


FIVE.  And not to worry, the green plan global carbon market IS being applied to people here.  (Are you happy Mr. Gore and blood?)   


SIX.  AND still we pay attention.


SEVEN.  BUDGETS. BUDGETS.  The people up here are quite real about that, yet………


WHY NOT, time to apply some trends that are also applied to our country, Canada.  Do you really think that the things/processes that are happening in this world are not applicable to our country?

ONE>>>>> Information.  This is a comparison between four different venues of news, same topic.  BUT, who is actually showing more information so that way you, as an individual, can actually make a decision?  (Gotta love those international agreements.  ACTA in action.  Sort of like that BNA thing.)

OR, how about this topic?

Who shows the most support for their reporting claims?  Yes, it also means placement of news as well. (Global and Sun Media do not even report on this one, after all, they are “info-tainment”.  One could compare them to the majority of the current standardized American News.)   Yet, do you see, or are you actually that conditioned?  Or scared?  While the winner in this one, does also have its agenda as well, BUT they do show certain realities to a greater extent.

TWO>>>>>Better yet, this is about a topic that was in a previous email, the elimination of the penny.  YES, “the rounding up of pennies to 5cent increments.”  The decision is now made.  Opps, and yes, we as in Canadians, now have no choice.  OR, do we?  Also, think of it this way, you as an individual will also be losing the right of being an individual by keeping certain realities separate, digital money.  (AND YES, I have nothing to hide, BUT I still want my privacy and CHOICE.)  What is really funny, is it is also being played as an international/global trend.

THREE>>>>>Do you think that the Treaty Status Canadians are not aware?  Those people have also been choked to the point where they have Chinese investment money for development of their resources.  Hell, they are now turning toward to the Arab countries.  (If certain trends continue, one can see that this can get very ugly.)

FOUR>>>>>The recent Canadian Federal budget.  So, three questions.

1)      Since the cuts are hitting “border control”, does that mean we are supposed to rely upon the American TSA ?  (Great, American style of groping and probing. Look it up.)

2)      Since the cuts are also hitting our “Food Inspection Agency”, does that mean we are supposed to rely upon the “American BIG FOOD”?  (Look at GMO corn and what Poland has now done.)

3)      Since it is open war on the CBC.  Does that mean we are only supposed to look at information as what is being stated, as opposed to every story has deeper implications?  Even then, is it also because of the growing popularity of the CBC, because they openly support many of their stories?  Or is it because of items like these, because everybody else tends to stay away from reporting these facts.  Or, was it because of facts coming out behind the internet legislation?

Personally, I am glad there is some contrast that still exists between news programming.  I am not choosing a side, I am choosing the concept of having some openness when it comes to presenting information.  Not because it is in style, it is because it is a necessity.

FIVE>>>>>Canada is a country that CAN be “self-sufficient”, like many other countries in the world, and that number is growing.  Unfortunately, many industries have been gutted and the gutting continues,  look at Ontario or Quebec.  (Draw those lines back many years.)  We had it all, and the funny thing is we can take it back.  Yet, our time is running out, because what happens when the pricing of core commodities truly do go down?  The indicators are there.  Look at the natural gas implosion of pricing, and see how that has had an effect.  Hell, right now it is about removing those final controls that have protected Canada from so many levels of insanity that are going on in this world.

Finally, what am I saying?  I still believe in Canada.  After all, our forefathers came here to get away from those other places that were dragging this world down as a whole.  I actually believed and still believe, that Canada and a few other countries were to bring the world up to that next level.  Instead, we are being brought down to some of the lowest common denominators that do exist within our world.

So there you have it, a tangent of thought with many other tangents that all ties together.  Bottom Line, we have to save ourselves BEFORE we can truly help this world.  It still starts with us being allowed to be ourselves, I wonder if that can actually happen?  (There are some examples though.)  Yet, it still ties together within this world.  I did not make the rules, but the rules that are being created can be a little insane, would you not agree?



Ps.  There is an accumulated worth that does exist within our public sectors, why do you think that Canada Post is now involved in a law suit?  After all, the CANDU nuclear power technology was the most proven and safest technology around.  Results are still results.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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