Yupp,,,it is that time again. (Released May 9/11)


*****Due to uncontrollable circumstances, it is time for break.*****


Like many others who share such levels of thought and knowledge, we do not charge for such insights.  (Because of that, my resources are now all spent.)  Yet what also happens, people like us who care are getting tagged, because many people do not like or want us to point out such realities that do apply to us all. (Fear comes in many forms.)  It is not a conspiracy, these are realities.  (All info that has been shared with these emails can all be cross-referenced through legit corporate/government news agencies.) 


All you have to do is, “open your eyes and see.”  While this is very much deemed as common knowledge, but unfortunately people get caught up in the emotion of fear and legitimize it through logic based on fear because that is what the current conditions are within our Western Society. (look on how the royal wedding was played, or the BS behind the “fear machine”) 




Want to know how the “double pop” with a “massive drop” that is being played within our Western Economies, which includes the commodity plays?????   OR better yet,  how about the current corporate/government plays on an individuals rights and liberties.

LOOK IT UP.  Even then, I have shared enough info so that a person can play and make money for years ahead…..Yupp, profit from profit lost.


So, instead of a massive rant, here are the list of topics that were going to be covered for the next series of emails.  (Yes, the scheduling of the topics were set from 4 to 6 months in advance.)


·       MEN and the changing roles.  This one was a warning because not only men have been pushed around for many years, but now men just might flip back those rules that women have been playing and utilizing upon men.  While it has already started. (we are a species based on symbiosis, maybe we should start acting like one.)

·       Environment.  Yupp, as mentioned before, we now have the solidification of the Global Carbon Market, which means, a Global Carbon Market TAX.  This is beautiful. Instead of stopping the nonsense of polluting ourselves, you can now a pay a “fee” and keep on polluting.   YEAH,,,,GO GLOBAL WARMING…..opps, is it not called a solar warming?

·       Replace the politicians, but do you really replace the system?  If you have not begun to figure this one out, then you are a product of the conditioning of your world.  Here is a question for you.  Who has more power, the Politicians or the Bureaucracy?

·       The English Language and why. Well, this is one thing that can tie us all together or             split us all apart.  This is the one language that has used and indoctrinated other languages to point where other languages are now using English words in their own language. This is an interesting topic.


·       Media, a wonderful overload with instructions.  So do I really need to carry that one any further?  Besides, how many books have been written?  My question is, to what end has this all been played out for?


·       The Insurance game.  This topic is exceptionally tough.  WHY?   Because the insurance game is into everything, and they do not need to play by anybody’s rules.  You think you are born into taxes and death?  The insurance game has all the stats though, and the best thing is we still all think it is just death and taxes.  HATS OFF to the Insurance Industry. (If I go any further than that, I might have a bigger problem.)

·       Fragmentation of the whole within the individual.  This is a subject that has been layered and played upon both for and against any individual regional society.  If a person is confused, to what degree does and can that confusion spread?  This is an incredible topic.  Ya know, there are so many lines within our species’ design that tie us together of which would/could eliminate so many problems.   To bad people are still trying to tamper with this natural evolution of our species.

·       So, where did you come from?  I asked that question to an important person in my life, and she said, “From my mommy’s belly.”  She is so very right.  Instead, we are still having twits trying to play their racial, religious and cultural crap onto their children because after all, they are better than everybody else.  So now I ask you, where do you come from?


There you have it, those were the topics which would bring the email releases to the end of August of  2011.


As of always, feel free to forward this email to others.  It is still about sharing.






Ps.  Oh, regarding Canada ’s Election.   There was a massive shift in the political mood within Canada .  People are equating the current main political parties are of the exact same nature and it showed.  (We are not only country where people are getting sick of the BS of the corporate governments.)  Hell, one party gained so much that one candidate was off vacationing in Mexico during the election campaign and Still Won.  (Sad and embarrassing for Canada as a whole.)  I guess what I am saying is, “The emotion is growing within us all and this is an example on how bad we can re-act.”  Something that can be applied to any democracy.  Have we lost the potentials for democracy which intern could be a massive loss for the species?


The only thing I know, the level of lies that are being applied have crossed the line too many times.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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