12 of 16, from Pens, (Released nov 26/12)


Due to the Fact that these releases can be very long, I will not be able to do the applied use of the “Five Questions of What”.  I do my best to tapper the length back regarding these releases, while then these are loaded up with links with so much more information/knowledge.  I hope you understand.  Even then, what was the purpose of the “Five Questions of What”?  The adaptation of the individual is amazing, while through those levels of clarity, while maintaining balance, strength DOES continue to grow.  How mindful, are you with your logical and emotional sides?






Wow, how conditioned we truly are.  Yet, it is what it is.  (Breaking the chain is one thing, do you at least want to improve it?)


These levels of diversions have grown in strength, call it those levels of self-fulfilling prophecies, perhaps.  So, these topics have been chosen because of those levels within that have been played and down-played.  While, how many times have you seen those applicable realities being slanted to produce those emotional results which then become applied to those within their respective different societal wholes?  Here are some pillars that have/are being applied to this whole within every person within any society.  (1 of 4)



Next Topic……

”This Economic Collapse Thing.”

(“Fiscal Cliff” or “Economic Takeover”)


So many varying degrees within this topic, very applicable.  All before those other layers within.  So, “Mahna Mahna”.


Who stands to benefit?


Well, everybody and their dog in involved in these lines of design.  Hell, this game has been “on” for many years.  Let me ask you this.  Were you one of those that paid for a subscription service to find out about such applied realities?  Did you say, “Wow!  I am making money based on the downfall of my immediate society.  Opps.”?  This is a, more current link out there.



If you actually watch for the subtleties, this was put together on many lines of design.  YET, the most obvious was this, the link at the end of the message.



Should we talk about the Derivative financing behind those currency plays?  What is that net result?  You buy gold, you buy silver, while some others, they but land.  That is even before the water plays.  We could talk about the food plays and how a certain market is being set up to be the Global Central market for food commodities.  (Not based in the Western World Or how about that dipshit named Al Gore, and what he and his groups stand to make on the Carbon Market.  Sorry, one heck of rant there.  Who is giving these abundant commodities such incredible values?  PEOPLE.


Meanwhile, the only thing I know, is governments have confiscated peoples earned wealth before, and they will do it again.  What is the action within Agenda 21?  Yet, this will apply to all except a few.  (How many can you name?  Monsanto with Harper/Obarry.  Or the Coal/power play for those people.)  Here is a classic.



Hell, up here, the conditioning has become more about the percentage of loans in default.  Wait minute, I thought it was more about how many dollars are being loaned out per each dollar in liquid capital?  Do I need to go on?  Or better yet, how many of you do not say anything at all?  Why?  Because of the famous, “FEAR CARD”.  What is the net result?  Who stands to benefit?  Do you see, that this little united front is also falling apart, because those people within are going through their realizations?  What is the net result?  Who is going to lose?  It is the same answer with different titles, it is still PEOPLE. 


Why has this not happened?  Could it be because the one commodity that makes the real gold is the gold?  Is it people?  Digital Indoctrination, or Social Behavior, or Organizational Behavior?  What is not completely owned, THE PEOPLE.  What is always in play for control, THE PEOPLE.  Who has been waking up?  THE PEOPLE.  Who is scared?  Who has been active in creating levels of conflict?  Who stands


So, is there a way without tearing down everything?  YES.  There is a lady named Ann.  I caught her latest series regarding the Financial Collapse being explained in plain English, there were two applicable parts.  ONE.  People are the Gold.  TWO.  You can restore our Economy if you restore basic morals.  You know, she IS an example of that growing shared awareness.  People.  Then again, what do you think I am doing, or better yet, what do you think you are doing?   



YES, there is a way.  And yes, it can be done by keeping those important pieces that did make our Western Societies Incredible. 


So where and what is this leading to?  Well, who and what are taking their positions?  It is like this possible collapse, “The Replacement of the current world’s currency for that next currency.”  You see, we are not the only ones.  From Russia to China, to Europe, and the USA.  Plays within plays, to achieve the net result.  Think this through, and be very clear about this.  Which currency many years ago had a society built on moral standards with respect for the fellow man and woman?


Who stands to benefit off of whom?  Do you think they care?





ONE.  Now that the fall-out from these American Elections are becoming more applicable, that little level of “Class Warfare” comes out to play some more.  (Nice diversion.)



While do you think that new FEMA grad program (brown shirts) was going to stop?  After all, this young man does not know what they are doing, yet he sure is eager.  Where is the coverage of their latest “cluster fuck”, is it because the truth is coming out again, or has that diversion served its purpose.



Hell, I am rather impressed with this one.  Far reaching effects which brings honesty, which also brings back those fundamental business approaches.  “ADDING VALUE” for the Valued Added Society.  (This is not Obama Care.  He would not be a fan of this approach, or others.)  Not to worry, up here in Canada, we have those same problems.  What if transparency is applied to the Canadian Health Care System?)



TWO.  That weed thing.  How many people do you know who have said this?  “They do not want the weed to become legal because of the effect onto other industries.”  ?   So allow me to elaborate.


There are so many studies regarding hemp.  (Type in “Hemp Studies”  700k + there.)

There are so many studies  regarding marijuana.  (Type in “Marijuana Studies”  1.2mill + there.)

Call all of that, a mass of information and disinformation.


You want an answer? 

Who within stands to gain or lose within the “Hemp Industry”?  (Hemp grows faster, does that not make it more of a renewable resource?  Clothing, paper, and so many more applications.)

Who within stands to gain or lose within the “Marijuana Industry”?  (Alcohol or Weed?  Taxes?  Well it does naturally grow.  The Medicinal purposes is a list that is growing.  How about brain damage from use and abuse, Alcohol vs. Weed vs. Pharmaceuticals vs. Opiates? )


It goes like this.  If Weed becomes legalized, then so will Hemp.  If Hemp becomes legalized, so will weed.  Even then, why do you think the UN is going against these core shared value changes within so many respective Western Societies?  (Looks like that direct link is now being blocked.)  So, here is a random link instead, this one is from a division of CNN.



All of that, before I even get started.  What a distraction, do you really think you have the right to govern yourselves?  It is 2012, how much longer do you think this is going to drag on for?  As long as you let them.


THREE.    Meanwhile, in Britain.  The major part of people within the medical industry are being set for another round of devaluation.  To heck with devaluation, how about elimination.  Where is this tren going?  (After all, those within do know about those empty promises.)  And that is before we get into the implications for the people within that society.



But, Healthcare workers are needed.  Obviously yes, but I guess you might be next are next.  Opps.


Slippery slope.  Or, go to   “gf2045.com”  This is that organization.  Strong packaging.         


FOUR.  Since once again, the Hype about the Flu is once more being applied, this time it is out of country and will soon come here.  (That is the hype.)  So, here we go again.





It is what it is, while until those who are responsible continue to get away with such realities, why would anybody trust these.  Vaccines used to be a trusted reality, and now people are getting fired for refusing them again.  It is called, “accountability”.


FIVE.  Conspiracy.  How is this for a definition.  “It is when there is excessive manipulation practiced upon the whole of any society in order to achieve such results.”


So, look at this.  And then I will share a story.  Actually, just a question.



This is a massive law-suit that has incredible implications.  Why did “cnbc” run it and then Delete such a very REAL applicable story.  The last time I checked, all that remains is a link.



The Ugly/Beautiful.  Yet, for who?




Yes, quite the example.  A great example of those levels of digression within our society, yet to which part of those different societies?  Yes, while the diversion is based on emotion.  Well thought out.  Clever.  Hell, try this example.



This one is a great example of people seeing through with what is portrayed within the mainstream/conditioned Media.  Yet, is this also a part of the acclimation of the mindsets of people, because it does also belittle the journeys of an individual as well.  Either way, there are many levels onto which these Dialogues do exist, opps, they are growing.  So now ask yourself, what the heck in this Pens person talking about?  I know you can see, it is ok to say it.  It is ok to open your eyes.


As always, forward this email to those of whom, who also share.  And as always, if you do not want to receive this, let me know, I have no problems in removing you from this list. 






Ps.  We live in an opportunity.  This shroud that has been applied to so many generations of our society, has come down.  Do you see the opportunity?  Do you see that this can still be done peacefully?  Yet.  (I still have another level or two.)   After all, nice until not nice.  I have kicked it up a notch again, have you?  Many have, and more will.


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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