13 of 16, from Pens, (Released Nov 30/12)


To recap. 

With all of those insanities being applied to our shared financial system within our Western Society, is there a question or statement that can be made to create a focal point to where we all can begin?  After all, if the city/county does not tax and fee you too much, then in comes the province/state.  And if the federal governments don’t get you by confiscating all the gold and silver, then the UN will come in and call your land a “green space for sustainable development”.  (All of this has happened and is happening.)  Yes, all of that before that continued latest play of this level of corruption, Carbon Tax.  What can be said?  And to think you can run from this applied reality?  Well, those who have wealth have created a paper/digital trail miles long, so do you think you are really getting away?  Either way, do not expect a warm welcome back, no matter what happens.


 So, is there a question or statement that can be used to create a focal point on where we all can continue, which also holds the balance of the individual regarding their immediate surroundings, community, city, region. (Province/state, country, or even global society.)  What do you think has been played upon you within your world?  It is no secret, people are getting caught and they are getting away with all of those corrupted applications.  Who/what/where is the gold?


Next Topic.

War. War. Fear. Fear.

Smells like corruption?  Or like a method?



WHO IS BENEFITTING?  WHAT ARE THE ENDS?  Now apply that rule of short term pain for long term gain.  OR, short term gain for long term pain.  I can only ask questions, yet the examples are endless.


ONE.  Who financed WW1 and WW2?  (Banks?)  TWO.  What was the result of WW2 where WW1 failed? (The U.N.?)  THREE.  What was the Iraq war about? (Oil?) What was the Libya war about?  How about Columbia, or Egypt, or Ivory Coast, or Serbia, or Lebanon, or Sudan.  How many more countries do want me to name?  (I am not going to far back in time either.)  Who is always involved in all of this crap?

Who and has been accelerating their move towards private contractors?    


Here, to make a point.  It is now called, “Benghazi-gate”.  It’s the new term.  And ya, it is all about people having sex, which has still not stopped the truth about guns.  Guns for who?  (Fast and Furious anybody?)


OR, this latest one, rather odd timing.  First you have this naming of outsiders involved in Syria.


And then, rather quickly.  Shut the internet down!?!


Oh WAIT……It’s all because of Al-Qaeda.


Do you see the Trend?  Do you see the madness?  Do you see the liars?  What are some saying?  “HA-HA, you did not take Syria down so fast because the people of Syria woke up to the bullshit.”  Why?  Could it be because of the amounts of slaughtering that happened in Libya?  Was that more of a racial or religious war?  Or was it a racial war with the attempted instigation of Religion?  Or was it just power trying to adjust power?  (Yet, if it comes to that level within our society, I sense the people of those Western Societies will not do such slaughtering, they will just kick that crap out.  After all, who wants to be a part of society that thinks it is trendy to shit and pee in their adult diapers because it is fashionable?  And how is that being racist?) 


WAIT.  WAIT.  WAIT.  Too obvious.


How many types of WARFARE exist? 


Which type is being applied to you? 


Meanwhile, our actual troops that are involved in so much of this insanity, are being replaced by Contractors.  UN anybody?  NATO anybody?  How many other governments are involved?  Better yet, how many of our western Governments have signed of in allowing these kinds of organizations full access into our Countries?  Does this look like it is a representation of the people within our respective different Western Societies/Countries?


Here is the accepted term within the UN.  You look it up, but here is one line right underneath a picture.

“Faiza Patel, Chair-Rapporteur of the UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries”





Bottom Line Time.


ONE.  The Canadian Thing.  Well, it did not take long before the axing of the oversight within Environment Canada, before the lies spew out.  Forgot, we are in the process of those cuts.                 Right from the UN.  (New word in that one, “Intergovernmental Panel”)


BIG heavy snow fall in Greenland before as well.  OPPS.  (Namely that omission.)


But hey, we can trust that Harper guy.  After all, he is against the Palestinian people having their own country.  Dam, almost goes along with removing Canada’s own sovereignty.

http://openparliament.ca/bills/41-1/C-38/           Good summary, to convey that reality.


So much for acting like a Canadian who reflects the Canadian People.  (WE JUST WANT OUT.)


Even when people are getting caught.  (That’s ok.  It can be Fixed, just like the, “Robo-calls” or delaying paying out our veterans regarding loss of wages.)



Yet, there are Canadians speaking up for Canadians in Canada.


and, in one day as well.



(Awwwww, poor little Al Gore.  Liar Liar, pants on fire.  Oh, global warming in my pants.  I guess the central banksters are beginning to lose their extra 20% on everything.  What? Did you think any of those supposed taxes are going towards the environment?)


And finally, not to worry.  She went off to become a part of something very corrupt.  Hence, no surprise.


Laws and Morals, are two different applications.  Yet laws can be a reflection of an active free society. 


TWO.  The American Thing.  Hey, Obarry/romney.   Resorting to those tactics now?  NDAA was not enough?  Obama/Romney Care was not enough?  Either way.


Even your immediate henchman got caught.  (A governor.)


I guess you do not own this guy.  A bill to stop internet legislation for two years.(A Senator.) Not officially confirmed, should be in a day or two.



They have rubber rooms.  (Padded.)  Got to start somewhere.


And lots of spending, while going to the company store.  (Almost smells like consolidation.  DHS anybody?)  Either way, 68 Billion dollars worth of savings/cuts.



THREE.  Ahhhhh, back to facebook….(fakebook, that is the actual nickname.)  Anyways, yes, as the usage decreases within the Western World, it can increase in other worlds.  India, China, Middle East.  Yet, what do you think China is doing.  After all, by purposely decreasing the amount of the Value Added Economy within our respective Western Society Based countries, we now have this.  “YY from China”


Then again, the UN is out to have full controls over the Internet.  Yet first, the ITU.  Deal with it.


Now, granted, RIM has taken a kicking.  No Question.  Yet, if they keep it as a tool, (Sorry, computers, phones, tablets, are tools, they are not your life.  Is that trend is coming back?) along with a good user agreement, it will spread like wildfire.  After all, why do you think “startpage.com” is growing so fast within the user community.  World’s most private search engine.


FOUR.   Once again, controls and more controls for the internet.  So, to explain the first version of control over communication within our world, from the 1800’s, we now have all of the governments participating in this tactic.   ITU.  (International Telegraph Union.)  Here is the brief.


You know all of that corrupted laws that so many countries have not been able to pass because THEY WERE CORRUPT.  Well, those governments might try to blame this little item.  Hell, that is before we get into the involvement of the United Nations with their version.  Can you see them adopting that?



FIVE.  Do you really want a cashless society?  Do you want to be tracked right down to the penny?  Or better yet, DO YOU THINK YOU NEED TO BE TRACKED RIGHT DOWN TO THE PENNY?  You see, there is a saturation point within every country.  AND then, it will be implemented.  No questions, no answers, just done.  You see, many adults understand this, hence we go to the bank and get some money, and the spend it.  Really simple.  So, to help in the potential of “Tracking Everything You Do Society”, the emphasis has all been put towards CHILDREN.  TRAIN THEM YOUNG.  TRAIN YOUR YOUNG.


NOOO, not good enough, put them into your babies.  Just like a dog, or a cat.  Some/more people do not agree.  Some people, actually CAUGHT some of this tracking technology in action.  Sued them, and won.


Yupp, settled out of court.  Don’t think about it, think it through.  A little too obvious?




Which is Beautiful, and What is ugly?

This one, if for that Jesse Fella.  Sir, you did a show named “Conspiracy Theory”, namely two seasons.  AND, what you stood on, was your record.  While being a couple/few years after, it has spoken so much to the American public.  Why else would this last series is being stalled.  Time slot changes without notice.  Ya know, kill the show through the ratings game.  You are not alone.  There was this little show called “Firefly”, and it was also ambushed.  The Fans showed up and spoke their voice.  So to quell those voices, the network came out and produced a movie called, “Serenity”.  The examples are alive and well.


In today’s world, I am not surprised. Look at this last one.



And while these people continue to try and try.


And again, it is Leahy who has done an about face after trying to screw over the people?  Watch out, there is going to be another last second change.


NO WONDER, The Russian’s are saying “The communists won in America, but lost in Russia.”


It is called a, “Dictatorship”, and it is a result that comes in many forms.


So, which form of warfare is being applied to you?


Forward this email to those you feel who also share.  






Ps.  Will the sleeper awaken?  Will the sleeper in you awaken?  Opps, I guess so.  AND ALSO, regarding a blip I caught earlier this evening.  “Yes, many do call it a spiritual war, yet are we as a people going to be able to realize that within so many practiced religions, it has always been about the net practiced result?”  What do you think the “5 by 5” was about?


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