14 of 16, from Pens, (Released Dec 3/12)


To recap.  Types of warfare.  Just two links.  You have seen this recent view by now, The Rebels murdering the Syrian People.  (opps, youtube now wants your identity first.)



And Hey, we have others within the funding of such madness.  The Muslim Brotherhood being paid to rape and kill fellow Egyptians.



Now think.  Think this through.  What kind of warfare is being applied to those people?  AND, what kind of warfare is being applied to you with what you are seeing?  Think this through?  Thoughts, feelings, responses, can it equal clarity?


Next Topic.



So to avoid the rant, here are some examples.  I did some searches, remember, the software/algos also apply to this.

“U.N. Destroying Human Rights”                 26 Million plus results.

“U.N. Involved with Murder”                      32 Million plus results.

“U.N. Involved with Central Bankers”        12 Million plus results.

SO, I decided to be a bit more exact with the wording.

“U.N. Destroying Countries”                        1.6 Million plus results.

“U.N. Bankrupting Countries”                      1 Million plus results.

“U.N. Destroying Liberty”                              1.4 Million plus results.

“U.N.  Destroying Freedom”                         1.3 Million plus results.

“U.N. Murdering People”                              800k plus results.


Now, I did not use Google, Yahoo, or Bing, so I am sure the result numbers would be higher.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.  So, once again, I ask some questions.


Who funds the U.N. ?   Governments?  If governments are funding the U.N. , would the people of our Western Societies have given permission?  So, who funds the U.N. ?  If the people within these shared Western Societies are being suppressed with all of this debt, how are we also funding the U.N. ? 

Look at a the math, does that add up?  Where does most of the money of the so called, “Western Societies Debt” go to?   Does it not go to the Central Bankers?


So, whose money actually started the “seed money” for the U.N.”  Could they also be same people who attempted to try, “The League of Nations”?


Who is asserting their will over the Hemp/Weed industry?   Who created CISPA?  Who is behind in trying to bring back the ITU?  Who wants to fully censor our FREE and OPEN WESTERN SOCIETY without disclosure?  Better yet, who do think has been reinstituting the Mercury in your Vaccinations Shots?  Maybe this topic needs some further application.









ONE.  Canadian Thing.  Harper, and also to maybe, the little liar Trudeau.  Puppets are puppets.  Even the ignorant ones.  (Green thing, Bloc, and others).  The days of minority rule over the majority, well, just heads up.  Clean up your act.  AND NO, it does not mean a fully corrupted American two party system either.  Clean up you act…Alison, Carney, to name a few.



AND maybe, just maybe, the Canadian culture is forming together.  After all, if you cannot take care of your own backyard, what makes you think you can involve yourselves in other countries business?  My God, what potential we have as well.  After all, all of those who have been coming here these last few years, have not been checking their crap at the door.  Yet, there are those who have, and those people are sharing.


TWO.  The American Thing.  A Welfare Dictator State.  YET, as many do see, the current USA Government is not a representation of the American People.  And this Obamney Twit show?  Blatant, rude, and acting crude.  Too obvious.  



They do not answer to anybody, they think, and they are expanding.


THREE.  People, this is not about gutting the system.  Yes, the Algos are an incredible tool.  (That Gator Algo is scary, rather clever.)  YET, it is a short term tool.  So then where?  Where in where are there applied fundamentals?  Product in relation to the people is what IS in play.  So to choose?  Well, who is actually making their product in this Western Society?  Who is actually doing full disclosure regarding their process? (Remember, Made in USA does not mean Made in USA.  Same in Canada. )  Who actually applies short term pain for long term gain?  OUCH, does that mean honesty?  Speaking of which, how is GM doing in comparison to Ford and Dodge?  (Hey, I drive currently drive Japanese, and I am embarrassed about them taking pride is shitting/peeing themselves in adult diapers.)  OR, just take a look at the awareness that is growing within the Monsanto play.  Basics are fundamentals. 


OR, do you think this will not get out?



Why?  Well, who owns the gold when we are the gold?


FOUR.  Internet.  CISPA.  That is the framework.  This ITU Organization.  Opps, forgot the adopted organization for the U.N. from the 1800’s?


NICE PRETTY link, brought to by some VERY ugly people.


Let us get this straight.  The internet is and was created within the Western Society.  And when you look at the process on how that process came to being, well, those who live in these free societies are the minority.  See how that vote will work?  TREATIES.  ECONOMIC TREATIES.  The recent and long past has proven itself, too many times. 


FIVE.  News Views and Reviews.  Yupp, very tough in that world considering that, “realizing transition” within that fold.  Either way, those applied tactics within the mainstream are fundamentally falling apart.  (Think Global, Act Local.  How about, Respect Local, and share Global?)  Many of you already see that.  So, before I do a possible rant, the current play.  OK, we already know why the Alternative media is the Mainstream, and that growth is realized.  Yes, so much talent, with levels of honor.  I myself, use 120+ sites, plus some TV, and Radio, with written info on paper.  YES, there is a difference.  Anyways, here are three sites/venues where it is washing over to those levels of the mainstream media.  (Yet, the people within the mainstream want to say more, and some are showing their way.  Thank-you.)


RT.COM   Yes, it is Russia Today.  While also within, those reporters are talking about those issues/stories that apply to where the Western Society is applied.  General feel, these people had an opportunity to bring back those levels.  Balance?  Yet YES, they are more specific regarding Russia.  Yet, maybe that is the price for bringing some important levels of truth.  Taking on the BBC?  There is that play.

Drudge Report.  Plenty of links.  The summations of those links with headline names, can be very effective.  Specific, with those layers of truth.  That is right out of passion, trying to maintain a balance within those links and also keeping other mainstream alive because they also want to contribute.

Infowars.com.  That little bugger/buggers.  Yes, that potential.  The approach is refining itself over time.  Radio, TV, Documentaries, Paper, and even a social network.  Hell, even that Alex person with his Sunday Show, well, I smirked.  You see, within his website, the links, keep it honest.  Yes, he has his view, but those who know, also see.  Can you say?  “Which network might fall?  NBC, CNN, CBS, or ABC?”   Alarmist, how about applied realist.  This last Sunday show, well, watch and see. 



AND FOR CANADA?  Well, within our world, there are those who ARE doing what needs to be done.  THEY ARE, starting to share on those levels AND within the obvious.  Yes, they are still in pieces, and for specific news, like business, on many levels, you still have to go out of those Canadian Venues to see.  What is that?  Is BNN just like the BBC?  Good for one story maybe, per day?


Only thing I know, it is changing.  Who is going to adapt?  OR, who is waiting for the BIG internet cyber security crap?



Which is Beautiful?  Which is Ugly?


Well, go back and look at this release, and choose what is ugly and what is beautiful.  After all, what do think is being applied to you?  To pretend like nothing is going, is why we are in this madness, we can all die tomorrow; the choice is on our knees of on our feet.  I guess people are starting to do what needs to done, are you?  (YES, those small things you do, do turn into bigger things when more people are in that equation.)


As always, forward this email to those you feel who can benefit, and who also share.






Ps.  Yupp, it kicked up another notch.  Dam, these buggers are doing so much damage to themselves.  How many more levels within these insanities are left?  Kind of suspect something, that those within such levels are so aware of such applied theories.  Meaning, those who thought that they were on the inside, after all, have always been on the outside.  Then again, “the fear game” does make some act pretty silly, considering the applied tactics of warfare.  Bottom Line:  It takes three full generations to become trusted servants of such lines of design, and then those higher applied levels of warfare begin.  Then again, what do I know?


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