15 of 16, from Pens, (Released Dec 6/12)


Quick note.  The reason on why I did not include FOX in that deletion list, is because that venue has been flopping around so hard in what and how those levels of information are shared.  Yet, they can be there, just not as fast, because they play both sides.  Opps, kind of like many others who are changing?


OK, to recap. Who funds the UN?  The Governments.  Who funds the Governments?  The Banks.  Who pays the bills?  The People.  Who is getting no say in what is being applied?  Or better yet, who is eliminating your right to protect yourself, in the name of others?  OH, who has been expanding their immunity from persecution? 


So what is the ITU, or CISPA demonstrating?  This is about the process, along with the where and what is being dictated.  Come on, it is ok to say it.  How much can you say?  How much will you share?


Could a person say, “The only thing that the UN has proved, is the destruction of truths, rights, and freedoms, because the real processes behind such actions, have proven that reality too many times.”



Next Topic.




Global Warming.  Global Climate Change.  Extreme Weather.  What is happening now?  Who is receiving what from this realized practice?  I guess that is why so many people are pushing these pieces so hard, because it is all being pushed on this claimed fact/lie/omission.  Plants live off of Carbon Dioxide.  The planet is made out of carbon.


So, now those batch of liars at trying to change the terminology.  EXTREME……IT IS ALL EXTREME.  The rain, it is EXTREME.  The snow, IT IS EXTREME.  So, when the summer is warmer in areas, those areas tend to be cooler for the winter, IT IS EXTREME.  WOW, some new lows.  I am not even going to get caught up in this argument, because the amount of lying through omission of real data, those lies have become so obvious, it is now tearing itself apart. 


SO, here is a minor update.

ONE.  More climate scientists continue to leave because of the data is being manipulated too much.  Namely, those Data Models.  After all, just look at the applied models of Derivative Financing.

TWO.  Carbon Taxes, the flows of money are going to some obvious places.  Why is that?  Could it be because it is all about the DEBT GAME?  The Central Bankers are joining in this game.

THREE.  BP has gotten away with so much.  And that is before the damage of the so called “disbursement material” that was sprayed.  Should BP and company, be chopped up into little pieces and returned to the people of those respective towns/cities/regions?  Then again, it was strategic of BP to sell off a bunch of assets during the height of that process.    


WAIT A MINUTE.  Again, where is the money going?  Who is making so much money from these applications?  And finally, where is the blueprint? I myself am only going to answer one question which ties over to that other applied reality.  (The direct link to the UN site for myself is not working, so Wikipedia.)



Meanwhile, the strength of the other sites are growing because the truth cannot be hidden.  Unless, the governments get a hold of the internet.  (CISPA, ITU, etc)

http://climaterealists.com/index.php             http://www.co2science.org/index.php


This one is still my favorite, because these people share so many views to keep it honest.



Along with this applied reality, “If you poison the people, you poison the land.”  Which also leads to this one, again.  There are so many others.



These realities are growing.  More people are sharing.  Right now, the big play is to finish the application of Carbon Taxes.  After all, the gamble is about which taxes are going to stay.  All of that, before those applied realities of Weather Modification.  People are waking up.





ONE.  The Canadian Thing.  Like many people within Canada, the Silent Majority do know this applied tactic.  So, if you thing that the Royals don’t hold authority over you, then why so much press?



If you want to know how they treat their own people, then take a look at England, or Scotland, or Ireland.  Why care about people who do not care about you?  Or ask this little piece of crap.



Well, after this next budget bill.  I guess it is safe to say, “The Conservative Party” is now finished.  Just like the Liberals, and soon to maybe be the NDP.  (A Canadian Nationalist Party?)  Meanwhile, I say, “Thank-you” to the First Nations people for supplying a needed hic-cup.  You are not the only ones who are starting to act like Canadians.  Together, we are a culture.



TWO.  The American Thing.  So, the NFL is now getting into the gun debate.  (Bob, go bob some apples.) I guess NBC wants the next hit on their already lowering ratings.  While the PR game is playing the racist card?  BACKFIRE.  Only in America, is where a person has such clarified rights and freedoms.  “To protect themselves.”   Beautifully done though, because the Senate unanimously Passed the 2013 NDAA Bill.  Interesting though, not one Mainstream media outlet reporting within the first five pages of my search.



Meanwhile, individual States are passing bills to nullify the NDAA.  Here is the most recent.



And no Mainstream Media again, yet it still is happening.  Nice diversion.  Welcome to Federal Dictraitorship?  Right to the point where it is helping in the destruction of the Mainstream Media.  Yet some smaller TV Stations are paying attention.  This one is out of Boston. Regarding the continued land grabs.



THREE.  A bit Financial, again.  Have you figured out your fundamentals yet?  After all, if you play that game, the social climate is very much applicable, along with those historical results.  Which also means, as such levels that are being played upon our different Western Societies, other natural effects continue to grow.  How many Goldman Sacks or Morgan Stanley retail outlets are left?  Getting caught eh?  Even then, have already moved out of those western countries because they never really did contribute to their region/culture/nation. 



FOUR.  Dec 21/12.  Fair Enough, I myself have spent a few nights onto this topic.  And there really is only one thing to say, “If we all go boom, we all go boom.  While if we all do not go Boom, what will you do?”  Quite simple, is it not?  So then it goes to that next round, you still have to continue with what is in front of you.  True?  So what will you do?  What will you do that is a reflection of you?


Well, first, to what degree is this applicable to you with your perfect drug?



And yet, are you good enough?



Yet the biggest choice is, are you on your knees or on your feet.  Can you see?  It is not about what happens, it is about how it has been played upon you and yours, and ours.  WHY?  What do you think is being played upon you within you world?


FIVE.  Those PETA twits.  I love Dogs, I enjoy cats.  If it was not for those relationships that I have had through my time of life, I would be less of a person.  Quite easy, dogs and cats, see things that we cannot see.  Hence, my respect for them is great.  Apply that to other animals, or pets.  We build this relationship and what happens is within our individual world, an expansion of understanding develops?  YES, there are idiots out there that abuse these bonds to and beyond.  Yet, here is a collection of statements from PETA wanting to ban such a basic act that has been practiced for so many years.



So, to see this, I have no problems.  Is this link true, I do not know, but it made me laugh.



Ugly or Beautiful?  Ok, this time I say nothing.  Is that beautiful or ugly?



So, forward this email to those you feel who also share.


5 by 5,






Ps.  It looks like I may have to do 1 to 3 extra releases to compliment this series.  And the last topic is?


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