16 of 16, from Pens, (Released Dec 10/12)


TO Recap.  Yes, what a mess, all of which is based on Lies.  After all, people want and deserve the truth.  And yes, people can handle the truth.  People want to share the truth.  Proven too many times.  Here is the latest regarding the push to bring out that truth on the Global Warming/change lie, and how this just exposes more truth.



AND, what are the net results?  The continued exposure of who really IS behind the application of such lies.  (U.N. , Central Bankers, Governments, Large Corporations.)  There is a small amount of people, who are getting away with poisoning our planet.  What makes this to obvious, take a look at all of those who claim themselves to have immunity from persecution from such layers of lies and destruction.   After all, transparency is at an all time low within so many organizations, because of those levels of manipulated net results.  They are laced within financial and international treaties.


Next Topic.

Religion and/or Spiritual



Throughout the times, religion has always been utilized for spiritual enlightenment.  AND throughout, it has been always been organized, which has also been utilized.  While even considering everything in this day of age, some countries/regions have it directly embedded within the worst of their laws.  AND yes, out also comes that stat of which most wars are started because of religion.  There is some truth there, yet to be applied on so many wars?  That remains to be proven because religion is directly tied to a societies belief structure as well, and when leaders of opposing nations/states go to war, the card of, “Those people over there do not believe like we believe, so we must attack!!!”  Which also ties the spiritual unity of people with those shared values, a shared energy?  The Soul of that society?  Do you see on how these words have been twisted upon you?  Yes, there a couple real factors within this equation.  I could go on, and on, and on, and on.  I am sure you can as well.  For now, it is about this practiced reality.  Organizations.


What is the first rule of any religion?   To maintain control over their people.


What is the second rule of any religion?  To make it grow.


What is going on?  A religious shift.


Which religion is being changed to where it might even eliminate itself?  It is one of those founding/basic principals within our Western Society.  Yet, which religion has been finally exposing itself for what abuses can happen within?  YET, if you collapse it fast enough, it can be replaced with another version/perversion to truly regain those once incredible levels of control.  AND HEY, maybe even keep the same name, because the Vatican is calling for a New World Government and Bank.  What other versions have taken a form of a religion that has come out, with those greater levels of control?


Then again, what do you think the U.N. is doing with, “The Millennium Project”?  Or better yet, which two religions are not allowed to receive any criticism?  If you do, what is that person going to be called?  What religious topics have the greatest amount of censorship regarding the internet?  While, who currently wants that full control over the internet?  Or better yet, who is being called racist or traitor for having a genuine interest in preserving their own culture within their current lands? http://rt.com/news/un-world-wide-web-468/


Do you see on how this has been utilized and played upon to create so many levels that benefit?  Except that benefit, is not about or for the people.  Kind of like the process of the U.N, all of which is being padded by the Governments and their versions of religion, with the blessing of major corporations.  While the money changers, get to force fund these organizations through fraud, to create whatever rules and regulations to further such levels of control.  Hence, the birth of a New World Religion.  So, which religion is the most suppressive or structured?  Draw the lines, for this is about those net results.


What do you think the “5 by 5” was about?  It was about you understanding yourself, without the bias, perversions, or limitations that have been applied by so many other forms of spiritual, religious, or scientific organizations.  Even if you choose 3 or 4 of those words, when you put them into an order that is a reflection of yourself, you learn.  (Body, Soul, Mind, Heart, Spirit.  What order would you put those words into when you are thinking of yourself?  Then answer why to yourself.)  Then what happens?  Is you can digest those insanities with a greater strength and balance so the clarity comes through so YOU can share those answers and more towards and attain that real resolution.


This is not just about people taking back control, this is about people taking back control without falling back into those other levels of control of which can lead us all down that same road again.  THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY, yet we cannot do much regarding those other insanities within the whole of this world, because our shared versions of our Western Society are corrupted.  How can you truly help others when you yourself may need some help.







ONE.  The Canadian Thing.  YUPP, Harper is done and he knows it.  So is the conservative party.  You can see the incredible amounts of spending that is happening.   F-35, anybody?  Carbon Tax anybody?  The Liberals have ruined themselves still for another ten years.  Bringing in and hyping Trudeau, will not get the power back to a centralized East.  NDP, well, they are the “Cap and Trade” people.  Just like California?  One can only hope, that this is the last majority Government.  After all, the Conservatives won a by-election, which means, they still maintain a majority.  The only other hope is the robo-call affair and may one or two other scandals.  Either way, they are spending us into oblivion without actually showing us where the money is going.  This just might now happen within the time of conservative rule within government.  (Jack the interest rates, and we are crushed.)



TWO.  The American Thing.  The American people are about to fully be High Jacked.  Well, the system within is,  yet the maneuver regarding the this “Fiscal Cliff Drama”, is all about one thing.  OBAMA HAVING COMPLETE CONTROL OVER SPENDING WITH NO OVERSIGHT.  The guy is trying to use executive orders to run that country and its people into the ground.  TSA, DHS, IRS, CIA, FBI, CFR, DEA, FEMA, so many names for that mess.  The control is centralized, which is why those court cases are coming out that are legal and can destroy him and his cronies.  Right now, it is about the money, and to protect the Central Banker owned Federal Reserve.  You know this.


THREE.  Some Financial.  Well, this would be a financial.



After all, you can be put there quite easily.



In other words, there is nothing to say, except Apple will not save itself by announcing that they will bring some jobs back to the USA.  Sorry, the NWO/Central Bankers will not achieve their goals, because the “gold” is awake.  Fundamentals.


FOUR.  Middle East.  I might have to give that a full topic.  YET, those truths continue to come  out.  You want something to cross-reference?  Watch this interview, and smile.  The Syrian people are standing up because they have seen what MAINSTREAM MEDIA/NATO/UN/BANKSTERS/AL-CIADA have done, and that is why they are standing up.  Do we need to talk about the UN indirectly sanctioning the slaughtering that happened in Bosnia?  Either way, we will use the current Libya thing instead.



What is really great, is this lady also corrected that Alex Person.  AND, it was not edited out.  Which leads to this.  The more you try to discredit Alex, the more you will discredit yourself.  YET, to correct him, is also a form of sharing, which IS a needed part within any Western Free Society. 



It is what it is.  Besides, that last link is also for that David Kid.


FIVE.  Our police and Arm Forces.  You people are doing an incredibly tough job.  “THANK-YOU”   Within every day, you face levels of insanity within your own organization, and then go out and still try to be fair in the application of such madness.  We need you.  YET, we also need you to apply those measures that are a reflection of our shared and different Western Societies.  There is a way, and just as much as we need you, you need us.  Please, and Thank-you.  You see, if a person looks back ten years, can we all agree that what was being applied was more in-tune with those societies, excluding the FEAR game.  Yes, this is about each individual respective country/society within the whole of our Western Society.  OUR CULTURE.  YOUR CULTURE.


There you have it, the last email within this series.  This series, when looking back, took one year to complete.  (The topic list.)  I hope you have learned and shared as much as I.  While yes, people do adapt and can adapt regarding that applied madness, and still maintain.  WE have an opportunity here, and the next opportunity, may never come again, not with the current direction that is being applied.  You know it, we all know it, and by talking and sharing about such realities, shows that this is not done.  After all, it is the individuals that make the whole, which is why the ground floor still rules the top floor when it comes to those net results.


The turning point has happened, yet the follow through must be maintained.


AS always, forward this email to those that do share.






Ps.  You are a reflection of your society, as your society is a reflection of yourself.  Welcome to the silent majority.  The sleeper has awoken, and they are coming out.  The best thing is, is through all of those levels of trying to bait the people into violence, the people have proven otherwise.  Cheers.


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