hmmm3, from Pens, (Released Nov 22/13)


Ok.  Back to work.


Wow, how conditioned we truly are.


Sensory overload, what an incredible tool.  It is good to see people are seeing through to what levels that are being applied.  The dialogue is not just remaining, it is increasing.  While because of this fact, those sickening levels have all been kicked up a notch again.  Why else do you think I took a break.  Let’s be honest, people are more than those who portray themselves within those standardized levels of media/government/religion.  It is fact, the trend is established, and it is growing faster than expected.  Why see when you can see through?  Why work, when you can work through.  So, shall the citizens within their respective western society based countries continue to take responsibility for their own actions and realize, that they are their own culture of which IS to be respected?  YES, those alarm bells are going off.


Again, the best thing about these current plays, is the reality has to come out for what has happened to achieve such results.  Getting caught.



Why do you think I loaded up the possible topic list for the last of this series within the series of the, “Release of 16”?  What did it illustrate?  (You have a brain.  You have a body.  You have a soul.  You have a spirit.  You have a heart.)  Did you decide?  Or, which part of your core being made a decision?  The internal conflict within yourself is also reflected upon the external conflicts you see within your world.  A full circle that works in both directions.


So as you continue to stop lying to yourself, what happens within your world?


An example.  (Write another book on just the examples.)


How would you define these thoughts?  This is a topic that has and will be played upon.  Yet, it is also a dialogue.  It is that trend.


So what is a statist?    


For Myself, sound simplicity is an incredible tool as well.

Mahna Mahna……….

Gotta have some fun.  (I blame those others at that table.  “GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.” (Yes, I even go to place/site and hang out and have fun.)


Finally, what is happening?  Could it be, the results of that card of, “overloading the people” is falling apart?  Is Evolution taking over Evilution to just survive, or because it has always wanted to thrive?  




SO, these are the topics that did not make these final five within this series of 16.  YET, there ARE a part of a whole within any society. 


ONE.  The real abuse of children.  What a political and money making football.  The duality on how those laws are being applied to create a different effect, is very real.  Do you see the connection between these two links?  Cause and effect?

While before.


 And then meanwhile.

Charities make money as well.   

Why is this one still running?  Hmmm, a support from other mechanisms? Very Obvious now.


Bottom Line.  Our Children within any immediate western society IS a reflection of those practiced morals.  What has your government been practicing?


While for the U.N. , take a look at this document.

Do you think that there was such a document for those within the Western Countries?  Please.


TWO.  Digital Indoctrination.  Wins and losses on that process.  This is a, “Catch 22” for those that use and are being used within those platforms.  Lets pick a very real example.  Facebook+Fakebook+Farcebook= Fuckbook.  Yet, who is getting fucked, and who is getting fucked over?  Long-term and Short-term.  Think it through.  Only thing I see, stats are stats.  Here we go.

Do you remember that obvious trend behind those numbers?  Well, here we go again.  The P.R campaign continues.

While the truth behind that previous trend continues to show.

While that REAL truth still remains.  What happens when a person wants to leave Facebook?  Still, no control given back to that individual regarding their information.  First time, shame on you.  Second time, shame on me.  That “trust” is gone.


Even then.  I myself have nothing to hide either, but what gives those levels of indoctrination the right to be able to go into my mind.  Intuitive software, is beyond real.  Conditioning, what are you a product of?



I but music on CD’s etc, for myself and also to share.  Why should some proprietary software have any information regarding my changing tastes in music over my lifetime?  It is what it is.

The backlash of this reality is growing.  This is actually growing in strength.  What does this example prove?


YET, the push is on.


So for the final question.  Why do you think that “Blackberry” users are still using their Berry?  A tool is a tool, and the majority of those users are very aware, and understand those facts.  Ahhh, those pesky user agreements.   So which maker is truly ahead on that tangent of thought?


THREE.  Pharma and Food.  Another backlash on this front.  AND, the implications behind this web is very real.  Here is Monsanto and Goldman.


Opps, I guess maybe that might be another bad investment.  That Race is on.  Russia is out.  France is out.  Hungry is out on two fronts.  Peru is out.


When people become aware, people can naturally care.  “Short term Pain does, equal Long term Gain.”


Even then,,,,,,Chemtrails and Contrails, another bottleneck of information.   Scroll down to all of those links.  The Mainstream News.  Collective Lawsuit anybody?


These are not just conspiracies.  These are blatant ABUSES OF OUR SOCIETY’S government and corporate structure.  I can say that, because it is still people.  People making decisions.


FOUR.  The Integration Factor.  This makes me smile, so very much.  Yes, there those people who do realize that they do have the right to protect their respective western societies.  Why, because of all of those people within their respective countries are realizing those directions that are being taken, are wrong.   This is a fine line.  So very fine.  Peacefully first, yet Freedom and Liberty do create those real opportunities.  What is this all about?  Truth.  Corruption again.  More Corruption.   And the people within that system are acting up.  Even judgments are being reflective of individual states.  (Utah)  And police are showing signs.  



I guess it is because people who did integrate with their respective countries have the RIGHT to stand up to those levels of Bull that have been conditioning us for such lines of madness.


After all, we are not India.  Yet, they do have their own problems.


So, what are those final topics?  I guess I should finish this “release of 16”.


As always, forward this email to those you feel who are worthy and want learn.  IT IS still about sharing.






Ps.  We have a genuine opportunity here, because of those levels of play within those lines of design.  While some people, are very much aware and are playing upon those terms within their own version of those ugly controls, “For the betterment of humanity.”  This is very real.  Yet, what has been one undertone that I have maintained?  Then again, why do you think I have released those core writings in pieces?  Like many others on this planet, there is that natural established people, people who are aware.  Aware, and see that all can be aware.  It has been interesting/saddening on how those levels within, have been blocking such a reality.  Maybe that turning point has already happened.   

Again, these buggers are being very thorough.


For myself, I am just some guy throwing a rock into a pond.   And yes, the next releases should remain to three pages. 


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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2 Responses to hmmm3, from Pens, (Released Nov 22/13)

  1. I had a couple of networked website environment associated with a sole website through facebook . com. I wish to remove of these. Will there ever be by any means to help remove one simple networked website continuing to keep typically the another because can be?.

    • penseroso069 says:

      Well, considering on how certain levels of rooting. Who and what do you go “on” with? And then, within what country? The behavioral aspects do tend to be real in the push while also falling apart within the process.

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