Hmmmm 2, from Pens, (Released, Nov 20/12)



Call this an another supplemental release.  (A sharing.  With no extra reading, just watching, and a bit of extra reading.)  Hey, it’s me, Penseroso.  What would you expect?


Throughout these years of myself doing these releases, if any, have I chosen to share any insight regarding myself.  So then I share a blip.  (A previous life.)


David.  A person who was born, from a mother and father who in many ways, believed in the goodness in their society.  Yes, that process of vaccines.  Yes, those vaccines you receive when you are a baby.  Hell, that mother and father believed/conditioned with their society to the point where this son of theirs was not the first son to fall to such a demise.  Yes, he was the second one.  The first one passed away early because of the amount of those experimental attempts and tests the establishment had pursued.  For this second one?  Well, the reasoning for the parents was based upon a quality of life instead of allowing the establishment to pursue their ideals.  He is still alive.  (That little bugger, I still miss his laughter.  Another story.)  SO, what was the cause for this turning of events for these people?  MERCURY in the vaccines to give these shots a longer shelf life to make a greater profit.  That was the reasoning that was supplied at that time.  (Yes, there is still a collective law-suit.  W.H.O. anybody?)  Still, two out of three children were affected out of such madness.


While still, I had the privilege of knowing David. 


It is incredible, with what I have learned.  What did I learn?  I learned, that no matter what, there was a being inside a body that DID have levels of understanding of which was incredibly frustrated, because he did not have any ability to be able to share and then learn within his time frame.   Yes David, in those times on where we both deflated that frustration, it was amazing.  (To see what they see in order to survive.)


IT is still really simple David, “NOT ALL vegetables are vegetables.  They never were.”  


While many, also do have their versions.  


Yet, there are those who are younger that do share, while being a part of that accepted standardized society.  They also see, do they not?


So what is the point of all of this David?  We are all vegetables.  Yet how we all make our garden grow, has an incredible long term effect for so many generations.


CHEERS.  To David.




So why was all of this said?  Well, those people are the first people to be scrapped within our shared western society, units were being closed down since the 70’s.  While this next round will even be worse.  Don’t believe me?   Look up percentages of the prison population that NEED Therapy.   (No, it will not be Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, or Globalism that will save these people.  It will still be the people within their own respective regional cultures.  How many times has that been proven?)



As I have looked and also supplied tools, this species is not dead.  We are still a species of men and women.  (Hmmm, it has been some time since I have used that term.)


While reality still dictates, if the species is to thrive, then we all must break this habit to just survive.


Lines are being drawn.  These are not my lines.  Bottom Line?  It has been the Western Society that did set the standard for that next beginning of this species.  Why do I say that?  Well, a large part of this society is not Racial Based.  Even then, just take a look on how the spiritual/religious side is still being practiced upon those respective societies.  Yet, people do not just see, they are seeing through.  Yes, those mutts are showing those signs.  Do you want this to continue to grow?  (Oh, just to let you know, those mutts will turn on those respective purists. This is known.  Why?  Could it be because those purists have always been against those mutts? The examples are becoming to clear.)  OR is it, that maybe many more people are moving forward and beyond those classic basic cards that have been played upon our shared western society?


Either way, have fun with these examples.  (Watch these completely.  And ask, “What do you see?”)   (Police and American Armforces?)   (People and bureaucracies within?)   (It is still a net result.)  (With good intentions.)   (So who is being racist again?)  (And who is acting racist?)


You see, I am a mutt.  I am a mix of many other so called cultures.  I am also aware of these other cultures, from where they have come, DO HAVE some of the worst points within.  While also, having some very positive points.  Meanwhile, many purists, continue to play upon that racist card.  But wait, have they not also brought in outside blood to keep their blood-lines alive?  Ahhh, that pesky gene pool.


While since I am born in Canada.  The latest play within this country is a push for another so called, “Race/Culture” with their values.


AND Corruption as being a part of their culture within their society.


OR is it, that maybe, many more people are moving forward and beyond those classic basic cards that have been played upon our shared western society?  Maybe, that this realizing Western Society are actually seeing what is being played upon us within our Society since it has been played upon so many other societies/races.  (Opps, welcome to the silent majority?)


It is a bugger, when those people within are showing such signs for uniting against such obvious foes. Read.  Watch. And Learn.

Yupp, and this venue continues to be honest in their views for what is being applied to that societal whole.   While the person who is speaking, is talking about the People of America taking back their country peacefully.


And for Canada?  Well the people within Canada are seeing how much of this madness is being played upon the Canadian people.  You see, that fundamental flaw happened years ago.   So, to finally clamp down on the Canadian people will take a shorter time, yet so will the reality of that awakening.  Why?  I blame our elders,  “THANK-YOU”, for being our Elders.


FINALLY.   News ,Views, and Reviews.  Again, because of this next round.  (Reading time, I tried.)


Yes, there has been a massive transition.  People are been turning OFF those so called, “standard” expected versions that had some positive parts of any societal whole.  Why?  How many times do certain venues continue to be caught in their versions of those lies.  NEWS.  (Sorry people, I have tried to warn you too many times, with many other people.  While many of you have tried to share that truth in other ways, you are still being shut down.)  So, do you want to finish, and be a part of the society that leads OUR whole society to such low degrees?   Are you going to finish your works to be a part of such controls upon our shared society?  Maybe, that is why your collective shared management has been keeping such controls over what you people have been able to share in what has really been going on in this world.  (While that important shared vent has remained, internet.)  Maybe, that is why some other places for information/news has been growing to such degrees.  And maybe, that is also why the so called, “Main-stream Media”, has been towing the line to feed such lies, because after those controls have been put into place, their ratings will come back.


Here is a quote from somebody else who really hits this point.

“American news agencies should be declared criminal organizations using psychological operations on the people.  They should be required to display a warning label; Lies of omission and brainwashing tactics are being used on our viewers 24/7. Buyer beware.”  MWG.

Then why do you think that all of these internet controls have been about?  (We all know, and yet so many do not talk about such obvious truths.  Yet, the actions have shown so many times.  Censorship vs. Truth.)  Except, an Apex point has now arrived. 


United Nations anybody?  International Treaties anybody?  What do you think ACTA was all about regarding that deceptive approach?  What do you think the “cloud” and its proprietary software has been about?  Ask a current British citizen about that “Black Box”.


So since the respective governments (USA and Canada), have not been able to pass such legislation within their own countries because of the obvious lies.  (Getting CAUGHT AGAIN.)  They are now turning towards other versions/entities to bring on such controls.  A Canadian Version.  (Excluding the Kony LIE.  Why?  Why Not I guess.)  An American Version.  Even Australia knows.  How many other countries are realizing?


SO then Obama/Barry signs ANOTHER SECRET Executive Order.  Ahhhh, another example of a dictator.  Duhh.


Do you think Canada is exempt from this?  Sorry, Harper in action again.

And yes, the press release.

OMNIBUS BILL anybody?  Budget Bill #2 is in the process.  American Homeland Security anybody?  TSA anybody?  Do I need to continue?


And that is before we go into that current next round of, “Asian Trade Agreements”, that other country’s governments want to be a part of.  Do we need to talk about China’s and India’s level of Censorship?  Or, how about the levels of censorship within the Muslim countries?  Either way, there are some seriously conditioned people over there.  It is what it is.  How about Cuba, or Venezuela?  Only thing I know, is we the people within our respective western society based countries, have a greater diversity of culture.  Sleeping/awakening giant, where will that line be drawn?  The clock is now ticking again.



The Beautiful/Ugly.  (The Distraction Game is ON.)

The Middle East Situation is getting out of hand.  Could all this also be because of those levels of truth coming out?  People are getting caught with their hands in this mix.  If more continue to be caught with those levels of truth coming out.  Maybe, this situation can also can deflate itself at the same time.  (UN, NATO, along with certain countries.  While if you follow that money, it will lead to some others.)   Knowingly?   Knowingly?

Either way, the PEOPLE of Israel are getting pissed off.  Do those People want to know why?





Ps.  Now it is time for me to get to work.  Too finish this series and maybe, continue a few more releases.  This work is not complete.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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