So 2, from Pens, (Released Dec 15/12)


Wow, and I thought that I was going to start with the next series in the next couple of days.  On every front, it has become so busy.  While it is good to see that people are talking about this fact.  What does that do, it deflates those levels of pent up fear and anxiety within the individual.  Even then, there are a few other positive results as well.   


YET, this last incident made me sick.  AS, it does with many of you, I am sure.  There is one site, that I actually go to and read, and on occasion, share.  There are some clever people there.  Very.  Anyways, after this latest incident in the USA regarding that shooting with that elementary school, I myself was moved to the point where certain levels of emotion took hold within me.  (YES, I did correct the few spelling/typo mistakes I made.) Here are the comments.




This IS,very sad. No Question. YET, this is a continued example of those means to create THAT end. The American people know this fact. Hell, how many articles exist out there that has stated this obvious fact?  These examples will continue until……


A_  The American people are disarmed to where they lose the right to protect themselves from the current police state dictraitorship.  THESE ARE THE LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH THAT HAVE THIS RIGHT. 


B_  The American people will realize why these levels of violence are happening, and they call out such actions to be treasonous.  Meaning. Accepting that there are people within, that do not care about the American people, and will pursue these ends by destroying the American people.


C_ AND unfortunately, people will get caught up in the emotion of such insanity to where the loss of any thought will be gone, and you get the start of that real ugly.  “THAT UGLY”, (I still do not want to say it, because that also plays right into the destruction of the American people.)


QUIT PLAYING the political football.  GET OFF, of the drama. 






While when I came back, hours later, I also saw the usual unknown suspects, trying to twist my words into that such agenda.  Yes, it is very alive in that practice.  Even then, I still had to finish in what I started regarding that topic.  “The full circle of”, can be quite the pain in the butt.  So, I made these comments as well.    



Unfortunately I had to step out and take care of some other realities.






From what I can tell, those certain sections of support from within are now being dissolved.  While certain others shall be strengthened.  While also regarding those people who voted for Obama as a “lesser of two evils”?  I see 3/4 of them are now shaking their head, namely that partial support is now gone.  The most obvious of this all, are two things.  ONE.  The timing of all of the usual suspects up and out, and calling for the disarmament of all guns.  TWO.  The early consolidation of the news reports and the attempted hiding of the fact, that there is more than one shooter, Again?


What really scares me?  Is what else is going on.  Like it or not, granted, this one woke up a bunch of people.  60 to 70% in favor of the American people, and 30 to 40% for those of whom who have been pushing for such destruction of our Different Western Societies.


A very Sad Day.



Ps.  Yet the focus must remain.  Net result, this will add to that focus.  To which, you have the odds.



SO what am I for?  I am for the individual with their genuine rights of Liberty and freedom, to share within any community of their own respective town/city/region/province/state/country, to take care of their own while also understanding the impacts that it has in relation to what those consequences are for the whole of this species. 


I have a mind, I have heart, I have soul, I have a spirit, I have body.  What do you have? 




I am product of my Western Society that has incredible levels of brilliance.  While what is being applied through the current structure, (Social, Economic, Political, Evolutionary, all of which reflects onto the Species.) has gone beyond that point, to where that structure is obviously based on destruction of itself because of people being bent on that destruction.  What are you a product of?



After all, even good old Gorbachev, is now weighing in his view based on such applied realities.



“Think Local, Act Global.”  Could you say, “Because of such actions with respect for others, is what made our Shared and different Western Societies so great?”  Maybe it is time to get back to those basics and realize on how the Acting Global part, has also created such destruction because we never truly had control over such a fact.  


As always, forward this release to those you feel who also share.  AND yes, if you do not want to receive these, please let me know.  Those three basics will remain.







Ps.  This incident crossed so many lines, which is why I crossed a line regarding my approach to what and how I have been sharing within these releases.  This is not about guns, this is about the further enslavement of our species.  Namely, “The means that are being applied to create such ends.”  I guess that way still remains.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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