So 3, from Pens, (Released Dec 27/12)


What do you want? 

What do you see? 

Are you still in denial? 

How obvious can this be? 


Or, were you actually hoping that with the wave of a wand, it would go away?  What to do.  What to do.  Hmmm, will you see through?


So, to clear some more air.  Or, a pretext for that next level of releases to respond to such applied madness?  Flip a coin.  I am not done, are you?


Basics, do you know the difference?  The difference between people, to the indifference within people, to the consequences of such actions, to politicians, to governments, to banks, to international organizations, to global government, or to central banks?  What about your local police, to your country’s other police, to the next generation of police, to your arm forces, to your global police, and their arm forces?  Do you know some difference?  Notice any change in the tactics of that Big and Ugly U.N. ?  How about the layers within those many bureaucracies?  What is the trend of all of these examples?     


While, how much lower do you have to go before you finally pop your head out of your ass and take responsibility for your own personal actions BECAUSE, what goes around, does come around.  Yes, by making no decision is still a decision, while the best part of that is, you then get NO choice in what is being decided for you.  Which means, to be ignorant is not to be bliss, it just means that your time on this plane of existence will not just have an external pain, it will also have a greater internal pain because of such ignorance.  Just like that classic example, “Burning the candle on both ends.”


A person comes onto this world in the form of a body.  And within this body, a mind and heart develops.  Yes, those three points, then out comes another realization, a soul.  Wow, in such amazement, a person has an opportunity to share.  What are they sharing, in what form does this occur in?  Not just information, or knowledge, or wisdom.  Kindred spirits, could there be more of that then what we have been conditioned to believe?


With a greater balance, a person’s strength will grow.  With that greater strength within one’s balance, one can digest those increased levels of clarity.  Balance.  Strength.  Clarity. 


So, you have a mind, a body, a soul, a spirit, and a heart.  What order would you put these words into that would be a reflection of yourself, for yourself?


Yes, you can.




Here, I stumbled upon this 8 minute message.  Namely, here is a person sharing their view in maybe having others improve upon such levels of thought.  Yes, it is about sharing.  (Could this be called a belief in my fellow being?)  For myself, I only saw about seven different points of which I found to be questionable, I was still impressed.  Yet, I still grew from the experience in watching this one.   



Bottom Line Time.


ONE.  The American Thing.  Wow, the evidence is growing again, regarding this Sandy Hook thing.  Another farce, another lie within the application of murdering people to try to achieve the destruction of the American people.  (There are now over 500000 articles regarding this now soon to be open fact.  Do a search.)  So, who are the people behind these violent incidents?  You already know.  YET, the great push within the once again soon to be proven traitorous politicians, are all lining up to sign off those American rights.  If not, just that Obama person.  After all, even China has openly stated that the Americans should be disarmed, along with so many other dictatorships.  Hell, what do you think the U.N. is all about?  (Central Banks are for it as well, look it up.)  So, why is this push being applied so hard?  The approval ratings are dropping faster this time.    


You see, after the approval rating is once again bottomed out, people start to ask those other pesky questions again.  AND, more people will stand together against those real enemies.  


After all, this is not just about guns, it is about disarming people right down to their basic right to protect themselves from their oppressors.  What is really wonderful, is the American people have not been fully baited to implode upon themselves.  CHEERS.   


TWO.  The Canadian Thing.  What a mess.  There really is only one thing to say.  “Wake Up, because we as a country we CAN wake up and do something about our mess before the current bureaucracies destroy Canada.”  It starts with honesty, here is just one example.  


How much proof do you want?  Syria is not a civil war, it is a foreign invasion. 


Do you not think those insanities will not be applied to Canada as well?  Then why such levels of deception?   Budget Bill 1 and 2, or no approval process regarding these international treaties.


THREE.  Yes, the retail numbers for the Christmas season are NOT good.  Hell, not even factoring for inflation.   


As expected, and the blame will go towards everything except those fundamentals.  Yet, for goods made in America, many Americans did decide.  A nice positive spike.  Now what happens when that term, “Made in America” is clarified?    


Remember me talking about fundamentals?  After all, why do business with countries that are fundamentally fucked, when it comes to those basic shared values?  For Canada, we were gutted back in the eighties and nineties.  Right now, our various levels government, are in the middle of finishing those next round of processes.  Water rights anybody?


FOUR.  The Digital Thing.  Right along with the full push for digital currency.  Track it.  Track it.  Track it.  


This is such old news.  


So, in what areas can you truly disconnect from such blatant abuse of your privacy?  One obvious area, start to use cash more often, does it not provide a clean break from such tracking?  Again, this is not about having something to hide, it is about who gains by tracking every move you do?  And for what purpose?  Punch in, “Illegal to use cash”, 14 million results.


FIVE.  Another Twit.  This statement alone just proves all too well regarding those little purists.  Can we call this one a racist now?  BIG TIME.


And I Quote, “Born (With Natural British) Supremacy”.


Another form of instigating violence through racism, maybe Jamie Fox and him could be buddies.  Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb.  I do like the petition to deport that twit, actually two petitions, it also looks like the British people do not want this twit back.     


Piers, your career is finished, or you can finish destroying CNN, doing a good job there.  Meanwhile, these other people are in the position to replace CNN, after all, they support their news with facts, and they do not support such madness.  


As always, forward this email to those of whom, you feel who can benefit.  It is still about sharing. 






Ps.  It is not just about recognizing the problems, it is also about recognizing the results of the solution, and people are sharing, because this is one very good tool in avoiding such levels of violent destruction. 


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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