So, from Pens, (Released Dec 13/12)


So, here I am sitting in front of this “Screen Thing”, digesting those levels of madness being applied to my local society, my regional society, my country’s society, my Western Society.  Yes, it still has to be done, just like you and many others taking time out in your day to pay attention to what is going on within this world.  (Just because of that fact in itself, is why the turning point has happened in certain areas.)  Then my doorbell rings.  And to my sight, I see children with their parents singing a Christmas Carol to me.  Wow.  I was so grateful to see such a sight.  To see something that I did, when I was a younger one, well Welcome to My Culture.  It was not just about singing Christmas Carols, it was about people sharing those net results of feelings, thoughts, and energy.  “Good will to all.”


Many of you know this, yet what has been played upon the whole of our shared and different, Western Societies, has been about the commercialization of our holidays.  Like Shopping on Boxing Day, Or that current destruction of “The American Thanksgiving”.  (Sports and Shopping.)  “Black-Friday”, what a joke, and what a destruction to that part of our Western Society.  Do you get it?  Do you see?  From giving thanks to violence with shopping deals?  Do you see on how such forms of the basics, within each western society has been challenged and twisted?  And in many cases, destroyed?  Or is it destroyed? 


Western Society is worth saving.  NAMELY, those original Ideals that made our different societies incredible, or do you really want this?  After all, this is openly being practiced.   


YET, there are many out there, that are aware, and who are sharing.  Some are not aware, yet the core of that energy is still shared.  This is called, the sleeping giant.  It is awake, which why on certain aspects, certain applications are being utilized to reinforce, “The Fear Card”.  How many versions of the Fear Card are being played upon?  Wait a minute, how many versions of those Fear Cards are also being played back upon those who are playing those Fear Cards.  YES, it is happening.


Why do you think Obama and his traitorous puppets are doing this?  Opens this right up.  


Could it be done so that way they can try, to get away with that formula that has been applied for so many years?  Maybe even provide a buffer for those who are actually behind the scenes.  Well, they have been doing for so many years, what can we do about it?  Run the laws within your lands upon those who are applying such madness.  ONLY in the Western Society Based countries can that be done.  Why do you think there has been such a massive play towards the Centralized U.N. while being backed through the Central Bankers?  Do you think your government wants to answer that question?


There are those who have put such venues into action.  What if that is increased?


It is a process, yet it is a process that also creates awareness.  Either that, or do you want these twits to continue?


While this truth is VERY real.


While some good that is coming out, is also this realization.


While also, this is what those of whom are playing for.


Think this through, America, namely the people of America may be missing, but are they still lost?


Do you think this does not apply to any country within our shared Western Society?  





Now, a closer look at some of those actions, that can create some incredible consequences.


ONE.  Jamie Fox, you have lost that essence.  You are done.  First you call “Obama, our lord and savior”?  and then you take pride in a movie where you get to kill all of the white people?  You said it, you are done.  The tactic is called, inciting racial tension.  Net Result, keep people separated.  Real result, people come together, because people are no longer just seeing, they are seeing through.  


And just in case of you missed it, here.


(Right up there with that Jolie dip, and her Brad stick.  Tyler, you may have to change the face of Durden)



TWO.  It was only a matter of a short period of time.  Those people who have been a part of those many Unions.  Wow, talk about people playing on that emotion.  This twit is trying to get attention by using that term, “CIVIL WAR.”   Hmmm, another form if instigating violence?  Net Result, keeping people separated.  Another “dip-stick” in action.


Real result, people within those many unions realize that they are next, and they are not immune from those practiced realities that have been practiced upon the rest of the population.  Hence, people start to come together because they are being forced together.  Which also means, what is the added value you really bring to your world?  YES, you did make that.


THREE.  What a way to acclimate the minds of people.  Squeeze it through the sex trades first. 

Net result, people becoming separated through practiced perverted madness.  Real result, keeping people in fear, so that way they turn away out of fear.


FOUR.  A premature bombing being swept under the rug.  Net result, keeping people separated.  Real result, showing the bad timing behind those real results because of what is in play.  Namely, about the terrorists out there (opps, allies.),  because those of whom who do know, need to try to win the PR campaign regarding Syria.  AND, it also shows that those are the same people behind that person in question.


FIVE.  A simple flow chart.  Net result, how to achieve those fruits by being so corrupted?  Real result, what to expect when you do have morals.  Imagine when those rules are turned back upon those.


What is the overall message behind these points behind many more of which will be played upon you?  Do not see, see through.  Do not understand, understand why.  Do not work on it, work it through.  This is about avoiding those levels of violence.  Hell, consider the ramifications behind that project named ,”Mayhem”.  Hmmm, depending on which side continues to play on what side, it could be actual information with not too much of disinformation.  I.T.U.   I hope they keep it focused.


And from myself to you, think about this……..


Ahhh, that pesky reality of evolution, vs. that version of evilution.  Think about it.  If I announce the word evolution in the British accent stating, “evilution”, what am I doing to others and myself?  What am I promoting?  What am I reinforcing to myself and how am I doing such an action?  Go up to a mirror and say, “evolution” and “evilution”.  Makes you think, does it not?  A word may have one meaning, yet how it is stated creates another.  Even then, why do you think we are having, more and more British personalities being promoted within the mainstream of Canada and the USA?  Why am I pointing this out?  Quite simple, the British people are some of the most oppressed people on this planet.  And the personalities that been promoting that structure from within, tend to be a direct reflection of the ruling class that is doing the “hen pecking” to keep the people in line.  Namely, their design, they are doing it to themselves without even realizing what there are doing.   What is the process called?  “Psycholinguistics”    OR  


Yes, the British people have been high jacked as well.  Yet, many people within, have realized and are doing what needs to be done as well.  “Cheers, to the people of Britain.  May you finally let go of the oppressed Irish and Scottish.  After all, how can you respect yourselves, when you still do not respect those who are immediately around you.”  Imagine, if the oppressed British people get together with the oppressed Irish and Scottish people.  You might get three separate people who not only respect themselves, but actually respect each other. 


While yes, this is very much applicable to every Western Society Based Country.


Forward this email to those you know who share.






Ps.  Sometimes a person has to suck it up.  This is about avoiding those levels of violence.  While, those so called elites, will have no place to run.  Because the system that is being built gives them no place to run to.  It is called, somebody was premature, and it’s time to pay that check.  The next level begins.


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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