Clear. Released Nov 17, 2014

Released Nov 17/14


For that I would need clarity.

Fair Enough.

Well, I would LOVE to clear the air even further.  How is that going to be done?

Look at the beauty.


Amazing, isn’t it.


What was the call on this email?  Hmmmmm.  Might as well start here.

I am a nobody.  Yet if you were to hold a level of conversation with myself, what tone would you have?  Only thing that I DO know, is with what I have shared.  Then again, “One of One” along with the “Trifacta of somebody”, does tend to say something.

To clear, clear some air.

What is the best part of a liar?…..Catching them in their lie.

What is the next best thing about a liar?…..Knowing when they are lying.

What is the final best thing about a liar?…..Knowing that you do not have to deal with he/she/it.

Now, think it through.  From what I can tell, what would happen to a society if it does NOT have to deal with those so many KEY liars of our world?

How many names can you think of?

Think it through.  IF the will is true, then the way shall show through.   There seems to be more “will” then what meets the eye.  Another book perhaps?

TO clear some air eh?


“With a greater balance, a person’s strength will grow.  With that greater strength within one’s balance, one can digest those increased levels of clarity.  Balance.  Strength.  Clarity.”

Results are still results.




Clearing some air.

“Fear of Change”


“Change of Fear”


Now that so many layers of information/knowledge has been revealed, how is that “Fear Card” doing?  After all, when looking at how things have been driven within your world.  I have to go with this one,  “FEAR PORN”, what else is there to say?




A breath of fresh air.


Do you have a mind?  Think it through.

Do you have a heart?  Can you not feel it?

Do you have a body?  Can you not sense it?

Do have soul?  Does it not charge you up?

Do you have spirit?  Do you not share such results?


Want to clear some air?


Evolution vs. Evilution.  People, good vs. bad is real.  Take a look at the results.  A person can be flakey and all, while within, the basics in any person can see the obvious.  While the conditioning that is being imposed can also show rather true.  Too funny, the basics still over-ride those insanities.  Ahhhh, awareness.


What do you want?

What do you see?

Are you still in denial?

How obvious can this be?




Hmmm, BLT.  First time in some time.

BLT……Bottom Line Time.   (Back to that other style)

1)…..Talk at, talk to, or talk with.  This is so real.  What can this be referred to being?  Which attitude works the best?  Yupp, and within the best version, does it not also bring out those needed levels of honesty?

2)…..Denial.  This can only bring out this other question.  What is the difference between sheeple, guppies, and cattle?  Hint:  Guppies live a fish bowl.  Reasons vs. Excuses, become a real factor when considering the results of such applications.

3)…..Remember:  “Think Global, act local”?  While the response was “Think local, act Global”.  Do you know why?   You are still a product of you land.   NOW, what has been applied?

4)…..Within whatever spectrum of your life, to what degree do you exist in fear?  What is real and what is manufactured?  Who is and trying to profit from those examples that you see?  Who has been the biggest manufacturer of such applied processes?  Think that one through, or are you afraid?

5)…..News, Views, and Reviews.  Well, now that CNN is on the down and out due to the amount of manufactured news.  Liars are liars.  BUT NOW, msnbc looks like it will be next.  After all, liars are liars.  It goes like this.  How many people/businesses actually supply real information to support their stories?  How many actually go to the source on where a story begins?  How many will report the truth in what those written results were?   Why do you think that the first three were chosen as Alternative Sources?  Remember?  (1)No Agenda  2)Infowars  3)Coast to Coast am)  It is called research.  Any professional knows that.  There are so many others, and yes, that will be shared as well.  Why?  Do I really have to answer that one?  Open your eyes.  Even a few up here in Canada.

How about that, not a single link within this release.



1…..Feel free to forward these releases to those of whom you feel are worthy, and to those who can benefit.  It is about sharing.

2…..I do respond to responses.  Yet, I also expect those responses to be of the same caliber.  It is about sharing.

3…..If you do not want to receive these releases, I have no problems in removing you from this list.  Just let me know.  (It is a small list, yet rather specific.)

It needed to be said, just like this.

The clamp down is not needed, as the awareness grows.

Too bad the awareness is ahead of the clamp.




Ps.  That pesky will.   After all, the will shows true when the way is genuine.  So what will stick again?


About penseroso069

I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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