Stuff 1. Released June 17,2013

Stuff 1.  Released June 17/13

“To die for one’s people, is a great sacrifice.  To live for one’s people, an even greater sacrifice.  I choose to live for my people, what do you choose?”

“Star Wars. Clone Wars.”

Which leads to this…..

How do you choose to live?

Why do you choose to live that way?

What will happen, by making such a choice?

Why see, when you can see through.  (Clever buggers I must admit, yet to cover their backs, things were presented with their reasoning.)


In what aspects of your life, can you say this applies to yourself?

“Life is too short to not learn, live, love, and pay attention while also sharing the obvious.”

Think about that for a moment, and make a note of that fact when considering just one aspect in your life.

Could a person then ask:

  • Is that note of which I chose a reflection of my core being?
  • Then, what do you begin to see and also realize when considering your own world?
  • What then, do you begin to do?

Ahhh, lots of words with no examples.  AS IF.  (And a few thoughts.)

1)…..Lt. Col. Roy Potter.

An honest man speaking out on many aspects, the main thing was the “Boston Thing”

2)…..Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer.

Another man speaking out, and his main thing was the Benghazi, and Afghanistan Things.

3)…..Representative Stella Tremblay.

For asking questions and the Mainstream labels her?  Who is labeling themselves by showing such disrespect?  Basics are Basics.

4)…..Representative Mike Bost.

A great example of honest people calling out the dishonest, after all, this is the crap the destroys societies.  History 101?

5)…..Ron and Rand Paul.    Look it up.  (Reminds me of previous Prime Minister of Canada, “Joe Clark”, an honest man who wanted a balanced budget because of obvious reasons, and he was voted out because maybe he saw where all of this was leading.)  Either way, Rand is still proving to be quite the Wild Card.

6)…..Honorable Brent Rathgeber.

Oh, the current smear campaign done by those who are owned, will NOT work this time.  Are Canadians waking up?  After all, what does the silent majority want back in their country?

7)…..Kristen Meghan.

AND, she IS an industrial hygienist and environmental specialist who worked for the Veterans Administration.  It is also called, “Geo-engineering”.  And how is it done, through “Chemtrails”.

8)…..Ashley Jessica.

How many Canadians are getting the Rub Down from the TSA?  After all, those scanners, do tend to fry food rather well.  (Yes, the second generation does not look to well either.)  Leave my Canadian people alone.

9)…..Karen Hudes.

Yes, the World Bank whistleblower.  Ok people, as this one continues to gain steam, the tentacles run quite deep.  Still, rather nice to have the backing of 181 central bankers from their respect countries also backing her.  YET, “Thank-you for sharing Karen.”

10)…..Pastor Manning.

It is not about Black or White, it is about sharing.  This one is more for other people who do not live in the USA, and those who still live in their bubble.

11)…..Adam Kokesh.

This bugger.  This person.  This man.  One clever man.  One stubborn mule.  A man being an example of The American People, and showing that a people can be a people once again.  From the ground and up, is that not how great societies have always been built?

Do you want more?  In what direction is this all being utilized to create such results?  After all, what is being emphasized over and above all of these people right now?

Eric Snowden….

While intern, honest people who report those truths, are now being warned about being arrested.

WHY?  What is the best thing about a liar?  IS when they get caught heaving such great BIG LIES.

How many open speaking engagements could a person have with five to seven speakers in one day?  Would be one very interesting tour.

Welcome to the Stuff Series.


Bottom Line…..BLT

1)…..The Canadian Thing.  Once again, do you people in Canada thing that you are immune to those levels of insanity that is being applied to the USA, or EU, or Australia?

Looks like it has been updated.  Either way, here in the latest list on those businesses that are HAPPY to continue to undermine their own real economy, while the Mayor says, it is because the workers are leaving their province.  LOOK at the list, and follow the money.

Then there are those other twits, openly showing their support for the further elimination of Canadian Sovereignty for its people.

BUT WAIT…..Another Massively loaded up Bill.   BILL-C38.  (Look it up.)  Yet, here is just one diversion within this Bill.

2)…..The American Thing.  What a Mess.  Yet, the tide is turning.  While, to what degree?  The people down there are starting something, it called, “WE THE PEOPLE of The Republic of the United States of America”.  Clinton, Bush, Obama, Holder, Bernanke, Napolitano, Bloomberg, seven names that are on the verge of going down.  After all, you can only cover up lies with more lies for so long.  Wait a minute, Obama is taking a page right out of Harper’s play book, “Change the regulations, because those laws will not be passed, because they will wake up more people.”

3)…..News, Views, and Reviews.  Looks like it just might be time for another section of the Mainstream media to finish the process of falling apart.  After all, the real American businesses are not advertising on the Mainstream as much because people no longer buy into those lies.  The loss of revenue continues.  So who is going to be?  Is CNN going to sell off another section, or will it be NBC/GE selling off MSNBC?  Hmmmm.  (That little angry little boy?  She has been changing her tune, while for whose benefit, it is too obvious.  While the best thing is, chronic liars do get kicked out.)

One must laugh though, with the KOCH Brothers trying to buy that News Paper Chain, the people who are objecting the most, are the ones who have been losing their viewership/readership.  “Why dost thou protest so much?”  The first big chain of papers that will not be owned by, a Global interest Group?

4)…..Cash.  One of the last main points on where there is a clean break between those systems and the people who use those systems.  Digital Indoctrination, how real is it now?  How obvious?  Which is why, cash will remain.  TRACK TRACK TRACKING.  (Track the cattle, and who are the cattle?)  Oh, is there a relation between the push for the acceptance of Gov’t/corporate tracking and the push for digital currency?  Does the Sky look blue?

Cash is currency.  (Print print print.)  BUT WAIT, what is any currency a reflection of?  (And who stands to benefit the most from such levels of destruction being applied to any country/society?)

All currencies are a reflection of its people with their values, morals, and ethics which are then proven through actions.  Then, it is reflected through its people to its government and business practices.  Why do you think The Republic of The United States currency has not collapsed?  Could it be that the people within are realizing that their three main tools, are not destroyed?  The American Bill of Rights, The American Constitution, and The Declaration of Independence.  Ahhh, and who are those people who are trying their best to undermine those building blocks that Made that Country Great?  (YES, and if you read, this very much applies to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; along with all of the other western Civilized Countries.)  Just take a look at the BRIC Countries and their version of absolute corruption with no levels of any oversight to keep those entities in check.

You see, not only the People of the United States know this, so do many other people within this world.  Could it be the real reason on why it was easy to have the play of the American Currency to become the world’s reserve currency?  What constant forms of tactics have been utilized on the Western Society?  (Full Spectrum.)  So, what has been really saving the Western World?  Could it be, the people are realizing the difference between the People, the Governments, the corporations, and the bureaucracies, along with how those tactics are being utilized upon the people?

5)…..The Syria Thing.  YES, the people of Syria who have come together to fight a common and real enemy.  (Brought to you by the same people who have been using AL-CIADA to go in and destroy those people’s society/culture.  The people of that country know it; all they have to do is look around at those other countries to see that truth.  (Libya, Egypt, and a few others.)  Yes, it is escalating, right over to The Israeli Government bombing Syria AGAIN.

Do the people want a war?  NO.  Do the corrupt Governments/Bureaucracies/Corporations and super structures (UN/NATO/BRIC etc.) above want a war?  YES.  Then what do they have to gain?  Could it be that not only do they all get to gain control of another country, but also get to play it all out upon their own respect people for a greater control?

Do you know why, the Syria thing is being played out to such a degree?  What happens when a people of a country come together and become one?  They no longer have to be pushed around by those who have been pushing so many people around the world to create such destruction/control.  It is also called, another form of “nationalism”.  Why do you think that so many Governments, Corporations, and Bureaucracies are trying to push the word, “Homegrown terrorist”?  Nationalism, everybody’s worst nightmare.  Everybody?  YES, everybody who is in charge of all of those different people in their respective regions, cultures, and countries.  Or, is it that dream that brings balance back to this world?

Part of the “P” or “S”.  Problem or Solution?


Here we go again.  “Vic Toews”, The Porno King.  He will take away your rights in the name of porn regarding children.

Wait, this time he has backing, and all done with a different approach?

And with GOOGLE…..the super duper twits.

Oh, is it not true that the government agencies are also big sponsors of child pornography, which trace back to many within the higher parts of the big bureaucracy of those many societies?

Will this diversion hold?  How can there be a solution in this mess?  Easy, those who are still trying to implement more control are typically those who are the pedophiles.  I would put 20 to 1 odds on that bet for being an actual percentage.

There, the first of many to come.  Forward this to those who also share, this is not meant to be published.  AND, as always, if you do not want to receive these, let me know.



Ps.  Yupp, kicked it up another notch.  These releases are not just about the problems, they are also about the solutions.  AND, why am I doing these releases?  Here are just two from today.

Secrets are now going to be permanent without oversight in our Free and Open Society?  BULL****.  Just look at the obvious changes in the OMNIBUS BILLS with changes in OUR regulations to appease the Central Banker driven, UN run SHITSHOW.

You lying sack of ****.  The USA Gov’t/Corporation/Bureaucracy has been ****ING it up for its own people, and to state this lie?  F*** OFF.  How fast can that statement be proven to be a blatant lie?

IS THAT CALLED?,,,,”Beyond The Boarder”  Look it UP.  AND THEN, look up those previous agreements.

Thank-you for being so obvious CTV, then again, you do not receive these emails.


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