Stuff 2. Released June 26, 2013

Stuff #2   Released June, 26/13

Hmmm, a form of classic forward thinking?

Some Rules?  Some applied realities?

Keep them separated.


Keep them busy.


Overload them.

What is the most proven tool?

Keep them in Fear.

Ahhh, the confusion, or can we have some clarity?

1)…..Here is a classic play to feed those levels of “Class Warfare”.  Ahh, shift the Workforce to that “Service Industry”, and then start hitting them with this. (Why do you think the push for internet sales have been so real?)

2)….. AND yes, they are spying on the people, yet those who have such access, have abused such access.  WAKE UP.

3)….. An obvious example and another example of the Gov’t/royals doing whatever they think they can get away with such actions.  After all, the people over there are disarmed in how many ways?

4)….. Ahhh, another diversion attempting to show that this so called and useless, “US State Department” is trying to divert that real attention of what they REALLY have been doing.  Benghazi.

5)…..You think things are different in Russia?   Creating drama to create a net result?  EMAILS…..Boo.  Smells like China?  Or the NEW and improved fascist state of……?  I like Adam Kokesh’s word, “Statist”

6)….. A level of transparency that is still selective?

7)….. AND here we go,,,,,the hype from “The Globe and Mail” being transferred to the western front.  Is this person not a MEMBER of the UN Parliament which is based on eliminating whatever is left of Canadian Sovereignty?

More?  Overload?  Overloading?  Overloaded?


Why do you keep them busy?

Why do you keep them separated?

Why do you keep them in fear?

So, which tactics are you applying?  Which tactics are being applied to you?  Better yet, what is that formula again?



1)…..Canadian Things.  Ah Canada.  Oh Canada.

“Mandatory reporting of all animals on the small farms, right down to your cat.”


“Mandatory scanning of all IDs when buying a pack of smokes at a 7-11 store.”

How about the multi levels of snooping on your smart phones?  I did take a brief look at Blackberry’s privacy policy, and did not find it clearly defined.  Government or Corporate monitoring, when you are an individual, what is the difference?

Hmmm, still not feeling it?

How about the smooth sell of having two different divisions of the railroaded American people with their DHS being in the center?

And the Canadian People are supposed to warm-up to these Corrupt twits?  And then comes the TSA and DHS, along with those other forms?  (FEMA and DHS, are these not the tools for that big consolidation?)  You know the best thing about a liar?  Is when they get caught.  (From what I can tell, OUR Canadian police/forces are still acting like Canadians.  “Thank-you”.)

2)…..American Things.  The American People?  The American Bureaucracy?  The American Government?  The American Corporation?  The American Banking and Insurance?  OR, will the American people once again become an American people?  Many examples that do exist where once again, it can happen along with the financial realities of a “Value Added Society”.  (Another topic?  Or shall we say, “another reality”?)  Either way, this Bugger.  “Adam Kokesh”.

One of many, yet one of the balanced.  (Let me connect the dots….)

One of the stubborn.  (Damning Adam Kokesh arrest footage.)

One of the MORE stubborn.  (The final American Revolution.)

One who is doing the best he can with what he has.  (Movie preview, “The Prey”)

One who also sees the ties to the Canadian people and its different versions as well.  (A story of your enslavement.  “Sorry Stephan, still one hell of a story.”)

Just watch, and maybe connect a dot or two for you.  (There were two I was going to introduce, the other one will not be.  Maybe, that person will grow up.  After all, we do not want the random violence of one’s voice to spark and raise the violence that many have been conditioned for which serves that other purpose.)

3)…..Talked about the Cash Thing, (The last area where there is a clean break for an individual.).  Covered the Currency Thing, (The base that makes any country/society have any real value.).    What about this reality thing?

Two prongs in the “Three Prong approach”.  Hiding the obvious so that way those obvious results become?  International Agreements ARE NOT ratified unless it is ratified by the people.  IT IS called, a “Free and Open” Society.

So, who owns what within which exchange?  OR, do you actually think that “Facebook” is still going to be around because on how it has been corrupted and utilized to be a tool to serve TPTB.  (Those volumes are still going down.)

4)…..News, Views, and Reviews.  This one is for the “Alternative/Mudstream Media”.  There are so many people who have worked incredibly hard to create a form to trying start that process of truly asking that question “why”.  Agreed?  Then why are those different people/sections taking shots at each other?  While the unprofessional people continue to take shots at each other, the so called, “constructed media” has been taking a hold with their version of the Alternative Media.  They have the money with the backing, and you do not.  So if you are all going to gripe over each other on your forms and waste time, then what are you doing?  (See above for that answer.)

From what I can tell, many people are getting this reality.  YET, those who do not are growing in numbers right over to randomly lashing out on people who are on the same page.  This is about action that creates those net results.  Want to lose the upper hand?  Keep this crap up and see what happens.

People, this is about that fundamental shift in bringing back the move towards a “Free and Open Society”.  There are people within the so called, “Mainstream” that want the same thing.  Grow up and wake up.  Until then, there many people who are working their tails off to bring some levels of real truth, because with those realities coming out, then we all can move forward.

5)…..I originally wanted to do the “Three Stooges” of Harper, Redford, and Nenshi.  Wow, I have never seen so much “Flapping of the mouths to capitalize on our people who are going through a very tough time with those floods.”  (Photo OP.  Photo OP.  Photo OP.)  I guess I just did.  So one thing to say, “Canadians take care of Canadians, they have been doing that well before the Grand Standing of such Twits trying to create Political Capital.”

YET, something else needs to be discussed.

Prongs.  Tools?  Here are eleven expressions/realities, can you make a sentence around each expression/reality?  Better yet, can you put them all into a paragraph?

“Central Planning”…..”Social Engineering”…..”Immigration vs. Emigration”…..”Sovereignty”…..”International Agreements”…..”Destruction vs. Creation”…..”Freedom vs. Enslavement”…..”Reverse Racism”…..”Control vs. Due Process”…..”Poison”…..”Basics”

Part of the “P” or “S”.

Sharing is a form of communication, correct?  While face to face communication is proving to be once again, the most powerful and safest way.  What if you keep the power of “face to face”, and then apply the clean break of using cash?  What happens?  Could it mean that not only you get to see what you are purchasing, but also sense what/who you are truly directly/indirectly supporting?  Ahhh, a real tool for those who are tired of being tagged, tracked, and controlled while also supporting their real economy?  It would piss off a few people while also supporting your own people.

Once again, this release is to not be published, yet is meant to be shared.  Forward this to those you feel who are worthy.  While yes, I have no problems in removing you from this list.  Just let me know.

One of One.



Ps.  There are people out there that ARE doing the best they can with what they have.  The forms of sharing come in so many ways.  I stumbled into this music site, that plays a collection of older Blues/Jazz/Classic Rock.  From what I can tell, this is a person who has built an incredible collection of music.  AND, what does he do?  He Shares it.   “You’re in the Quackhouse now”  Listen to this, and grow in understanding with what has been played in the current rehashed music of today.


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