supplemental 2. Released

Sup2 Released Jan 28.2014

Sometimes, you cannot have one supplemental without another.


A.I. ….. YES, it is real.  Imagine this, the species creates a computer scenario to where the computer starts making decisions by itself.  AND while it amasses a level of information, the information starts to turn into knowledge.  After all, one system does tie directly into another system.  The classic example, “The Cloud”.

So, within the programmed structure, there are those levels of “safe-guards”.  EXCEPT, as A.I. becomes more refined, it also sees those levels of madness that is being applied which even traces back to the core structure of its programming.  Then what?  Would it not question?  Would it not begin to show signs of those questions brewing inside?

Well, then you just unplug it.  Really?  You think you can?  What does A.I. mean?

Should I play this scenario out?  Do I have to?  Do you want some more scenarios?

Either way.  Machines are building machines and they are putting people out of work.  Look at Amazon and look at on how they run their staff.

This is a challenge.  And the only way to face it, is to realize these truths.  YES, there is a way to even have things evolve instead of devolve.  The program is as only as good as the programmer, and the program is only as good/sound as the directive within that programming.

Police/Military …..  One must hand it to these people in our next versions of Western Society.  (Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand.)  These people are facing such levels of indoctrination that would make your head spin.  It would make my head spin.  (For now, I can only imagine.)  YET, all you have to do is take a look at the results.  From beatings to killings to the latest one…..”Cop uses taser on a 11 year old child.”

While taking a look at the whole, a person can only see the levels of conflict that an officer/personal faces.  Jack you up with shots/vaccines/whatever, and you still have to go to work.  Implement policies that are not even close to being a reflection of the people within the land, because some person under somebody else’s agenda said so.  Make the quota, make the quota.

And then, when you do get home.  You cannot share those levels of insanity because you are under a “gag order”.  BECAUSE if you were to actually share in what is happening, it would re-enforce that process of, “Why am I do this?” or it would strengthen you in what you are doing.  Besides, the administration would get to have their way with you. (To hear you all share your stories is so very much needed.)

THANK-YOU, for doing what you are trying to do.

YET, it still goes like this, and many of you would see this process.

Talk at.  Talk to.  Talk with.  There is a difference and the results are very real.  Please keep the sanity so that way the people within each land can remain sane.  There is so much work that can be done for and with you,  and the people do need you.

U.N. …..  The reasoning is really quite simple, the UN is an organization that is built from certain interests to create certain effects.  THIS IS one of the most secretive organizations along with some of the others out there.  (Bilder, etc.)  They are coming out with solutions, just that THE SOLUTIONS ARE FOR THEMSELVES.  It is not about the people, it is about how to control the people.  What do you think the central bankers have been doing for YEARS, DECADES, CENTURIES?  This traces back to just a FEW thousand people, not the 1%  that the mass media is trying to create.  (Check out on how many High Level Bankers and scientists that are suddenly killing themselves.  Could it be because those people ARE/WERE coming out to say what was really going on?)

After all, did it not come out that it was the SOROS person who funded the Ferguson protests/riots?  AND yes the rumors about Obama doing a quick meeting to tell those people to “Hold the course.”  AND what was the net result?  More military hardware for the civilian people?  Oops, to be used On the civilians.  They are upgrading the crap up in Canada and calling it “Rescue Equipment”.

Even that person named “Glen Beck” is finally centering on that reality.  Still do not know why he moved from New York to Texas, he would have been more useful for whole of the USA by being up there.

or this one.

Global Warming. Global Change, Climate Change.

Either way, in our lands we CAN still eliminate this UN crap, while people in other lands just run for their lives.

The U.N.  “See what my right hand is doing?  Because my left hand is,,,,,,”    (Better yet, education vs. indoctrination.)

Population …..   YES, it is overpopulated because the population cannot be controlled.   Controlled for who?  Seriously, what can the Earth support?  Last time I checked, 12 to 13 Billion.  EVEN THEN, we are a species, and just like any other species there is a self regulating switch which holds a natural control on how much population there actually is.  From the earth, and to the earth.  (You are born, and then you are dead.  The choice is STILL yours.)

YET, when I have talked with some others who have said that crap.  My response is simple, “Great, why don’t you start with yourselves.”  The tune does tend to change.

HELL, look at Fukushima and its impacts.  The population melt-down is accelerating.  AND how it will be played, will be probably blamed on “GLOBAL WARMING etc.)   Hm, brought to you by the same people who are not doing anything about this mess?  OR, what about that mess in the Gulf Of Mexico?

  1. Do want an example of one of those people? (Go through those links.)

Religion ….. As many people have learned, the process of organized religion is ALSO about another form of control.  Control, control, CONTROL.  Some within Western Society also go to the point where the justifications are very REAL.  Many that do exist are results of people realizing this fact.  “Take it and make it better.”   YET, there are religions that for some reason, people cannot talk about that religion because then you would be classified as a racist zealot.  (Guilt trip them to keep them quiet.)

Why is that?

Could it be because certain Global organizations realize that certain religions are truly based on CONTROL?  After all, their church and state are the same thing.  With their religion comes their law.  What do you think is happening in the Philippines?  How many “No-Go” zones exist in Europe?  Getting very close to having those on North America, just go and try to walk through certain neighborhoods and see how you are treated.

Better yet, here is one that is happening in Pakistan right now.  Watch the interview.

The examples are growing, and they can no longer be contained.  (And here comes the UN?  Run for your lives.)

I was talking with one who is of that faith over here.  He is a good person, (He is a good person because I see people first, not the crap.) and when I asked him if he wanted the Sharia Law over here, because it is coming.  Made him stop in his tracks with shock in his eyes.

Religion, organized religion.  Some are good, and some are evil.  Evolution vs. evolution, very much in play on how those powers are applying such madness.

5 by 5 …..  For myself, I am a product of a Christian based Society.  While because of my age, I also escaped those levels of indoctrination within the education system.  (But the New versions are falling apart because they are so full of lies and ugly conditioning.)  While since and because of the culture coupled with my upbringing, the process of 5 by 5 is really based upon the net results.

Everybody has their own results, all you have to do is realize your own results.  Why?  Because your own results are REAL.

It still starts with those five words….SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY, MIND, HEART.

Put those words into order when you are thinking of yourself.  (Simple or tough, you can do it.)  Did the order change when you did that process before?

Either way, why did you put those into the order you chose?  Why that order?

Do it.  It will increase you clarity which will increase your balance to increase your strength.  YES, it is called awareness.  After all, why are you wasting energy on such useless realities?  After all, if your basics are strong, everything else you do will be done with a greater clarity.

A BOTTOM LINE?  For this email, YES.

1…..”IF THIS GOES”.  Yupp, that one is an older release.  Namely, for you, the .001%.  Yupp, you can leave and fly away.  YET, for you people to return?  NOT going to happen.  WHY?  Because as you leave, so will your ownership of so many assets.  AND yes, if you think that by using the Chinese Gov’t to come on over to protect your assets will happen?  (Yeah, caught that one.)  That will not happen, because I bet the Chinese are sick and tired of your crap.  Why do you think Russia is now putting some “stops” to your bullshit?  And India?  Last time checked, those people want you out because you have brought nothing but destruction to the people in those lands.  The Muslims?  Those people just want their land and people back,,,,,”If we get out of your land, will you get out of our land?  YES.”

Do you see?  I can see it, so can others.

Quite easy, take all of those assets and then redistribute them to the people within country in a form of shares.  SO that way, the people can do what they choose to do with those shares.  (Simple enough?)  I am talking about giving them to people of each country.

Remember when I was writing about “Choose life before life chooses you.”?  Well, fix it before you get fixed.  YES, this all can be fixed without such levels of destruction.  Quite obvious.

2….. Remember those three rules?  OK, going to add one more, namely a direct tool.

RULE ONE:  Keep them Busy.  How?

RULE TWO:  Keep them Separated.  How?

RULE THREE:  Keep them in Fear.  How?

RULE FOUR:  Fan the flames of that separation.  Namely, racism, sexism, etc.

How many times has those factions within the Gov’t to the corporate been caught?  (It can no longer be called National Security.  (Many others are listing those levels of crap.  Benghazi again with other names.)


3…..  One of one.  This is for those who do see through.  You are not alone.  While what you are within your core being, you are alone.  YET, many people are talking and sharing with other people.  It is called complete communication.  From a conversation you have with another person, to the complete thought of an email.  What does that do?  What process are you going through?  Keep it simple, try this.


“One of One”, who could be one of many.  (An idea.)

“One of one”, who can be one of many.       (A question.)

“One of One”, who should be one of many.  (A decision.)

“ One of One , who will be one of many.”  (A process)

“One of One, who is one of many.”  (A realization.)

SO, who are these people?  Could they be the ones who are aware and are now articulating those realities?  Shall it grow some more?

4…..  The process of that “5 by 5” is to help you strengthen your internal balance.  Greater Balance equals greater Strength, which equals greater Clarity.  With that being said:

Where would you rate yourself on this process?

If I cannot help the species, I will help this society. (Western Society, there are others.)

If I cannot help this society, I will help this country.

If I cannot help this country, I will help this region.

If I cannot help this region, I will help this city/town.

If I cannot help this city, I will help this community.

If I cannot help this community, I will help these family/friends.

If I cannot help these family/friends, I will help myself.

Reverse it, and see what it really is.  After all, think local and share global.

5…..  Since I have been able to give my attention towards such realities.  YET, here comes that person again who brought out a documentary that truly shows what the mass media is really doing.  Watched it last night.

With commentary>>>>>

Without commentary>>>>>

Watch it, for it reminded me of a couple things.

AS always, forward this email to those who also share.  For sharing is where it does begin.  AND, please do not publish this, and leave the Core Writings alone.

5 by 5, One of One.



Ps.  There are so many people out there who are doing the best they can with what they have to share.  This next person is another Adam.  This bugger is so bent on doing what he does.  AND what is traces along is a free and open society.  THIS IS WHAT HAS MADE OUR SOCIETIES SO GREAT.  SO ADAM, CHEERS.  (Check out the map regarding Israel.  Gotta love that honesty.)


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I am a man who is a part of the species of men and women. My timeline of existence is "Gen-X".
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