Supplemental 3. Released Feb 1, 2015

Released Feb 16, 2015

*****For this next release, IT IS:  “Either you get it, or you don’t.”*****

I hope you do.


Wow, that play?

What is this about?   Pieces and Parts, within…….

You know, with the people that I speak with, there are so many that DO truly get it within the lands in my land.  It is amazing on how many people from other lands get it on so many other levels.  AND, they do not want violence, they do not want conflict.  They just want to move on and move forward.  Free, and Free From.

It is a unifying voice.

Ahhhh, that voice.  You know that voice?  The one that is in your head that IS without such applied influences.  That little voice that sees through, instead of just seeing.  Yet, what are those influences?  How have they lead you so far?  What do you see?  How much fear is being played upon you?

YET, there has been a visible acceleration in Canada.  A tri-facta with a duality being played upon with some incredible levels of FEAR.  Timing, it is with a level of purpose.  How many times must things accidently happen before people realize that it is not an accident?  HERE, look at the timing on the release regarding the Bill C51, that Anti-terror Bill in Canada.  How many news venues in Canada actually covered it?  YET, ALL OF A SUDDEN…..BANG.  The hype about the deficit regarding the Federal Government.  OH MY.  (A double tap to overload OR just a strategic distraction?)  STILL, love the fake hype on how it would be unpopular if people were to stand up and give this some real attention and see what it really means.  (And who is pushing for this piece?  The Western Guy along with that U.N. guy?)

Some Current Plays.

WITH, the process of overload.

Diversions with teeth or gums?

ONE…..The continued play of vaccinations.  You know, out of the Canadian Press, a level of truth came out regarding the latest version/play of flu/measles.  Here are 89 people, and 52 of them HAD those so called shoots BEFORE they caught the Measles.  AMAZING on what VERBAL DIAREA has been coming out of so many people’s mouths.  From the process of “MANDATORY” to “CRIMINAL”.  YET, the real problem is with WHAT is in these shots.  OOPS, do not talk about those facts.   Better yet, how about that BILLY GATEY Boy and his version of manipulation of shots for the people within Africa?  How many African governments have been talking about those results?  And Autism?  DUHH, how many Law suits are in the making AND are currently tied up in the courts?  (See W.H.O. ?)  Do I need to do a full release on this?  How are those payoffs going?  Better yet, how many healthcare professionals are waking up?  (See Patents.)

TWO…..The Is/isi/isisisisis…..whatever thing.  (Looks like a few more different names in that name game.)  How many more professionals will come out talking about those videos being fake?  OR, the latest farce regarding that Jordan person?  Well, those other cards are not working so well.  Is it going to continue in the process of SELLING that war?  (Hey, ask that Obama-in-nation person.  After all, how many times must he slip it up to show that HE IS NOT, an American who is NOT a reflection of the people within that land.  OR any Western Society’s Land.)

Meanwhile, regarding the Ukraine thing.  Who stated that there are no Russians troops that are fighting in which part of Ukraine?  AND, who really installed the latest ruling government in Ukraine?

Yet, the attention of Benghazi, or the Real/Fake house of Saud continues in Syria BECAUSE the people over there realized what was going on and then fought back.  Why are the western nations over there?  (See Merkies?)  How are those training camps in Turkey going?

THREE…..The Global warming/change whatever game.  YES, NOA and NASA did come out with some interesting numbers.  A less than a 50% chance within a variance.  Even then, how about the latest scandal on how the numbers were being juiced within the on those so called temperature readings?

AND Julia. If you spew poison, you also poison yourself Roberts.

Poison the people, it is easier to poison the planet.  Poison the planet, it does tend to be harder to poison the people.  After all, awareness is greater than many people think.

Tax tax tax…….Gore Gore Gore…..Blood Blood Blood…..  And who is feeding who with what and from whom?

Meanwhile the REAL poisoning continues, “Geo-Engineering”  (Oh, classified.)

FOUR…..The economic thing.  After the double bump which brought on the slump for so many people regarding the oil thing.  What are those net results for the people within those plays right now?  Any washout in actual lower pricing for the people?  (Brought by the same people who spin doctored the “Peak Oil” Thing?)  Oil, water, food.  How are those yields doing with regards to the GMO seeding?

YET, it is about budget short falls.  Still, must people continue to support those to keep up/increase the support for those that HAVE been doing such levels of destruction?   Tax Tax, which leads to what levels?  What was the latest version of which banker that has died?  HELL, what is really happening in Greece?   Ahhh, a people that is acting like a people again?

FIVE….The Sexist Thing?  (Men are men, women are women.  Leave it alone so people can learn.)  The Racist Thing?  (That falls apart as soon as the next formulation is applied.)  The Cultural Thing?  (See Racism and see who is calling it as such.)  Class warfare?  (Ahh, the top 1%  vs the top 0.001?)  MORE?

More questions?  No, timing does go both ways.  (Rules.  Correct?)


A bit has been said.

YET, look at who is talking.

What is that rule again?

Keep them looking this way so that way they don’t look that way?

More Overload?



ONE.     This is one bill that goes into so many other bills.  A subtle change in wording in another Bill changes the meaning of another Bill.  Agreed?  Obvious?  How many Other laws/Acts does this affect?  Here are some of the obvious before that “wash-out” effect.  “Young Criminal Justice Act”, “Criminal Code”, ”Excise Tax Act”, “Fisheries and Oceans Act”, “Customs Act”, “Income Tax Act”, “Chemical Weapons Act”, “Income Tax Act”, “Economic Action Plan 2014”, “Security of Canada Info Sharing Act”, “Secure Air Travel Act”, “Aeronautics Act”, “Canada Evidence Act”, “Prison & Reformatories Act”, “Corrections & Conditional Release Act”.  AND that is before the washout effect.  Did I miss any other Acts?  I bet I did.  Reminds me of the “Patriot Act” in the USA.  (Prewritten for a “just in time”.)  After all, do you really think was written inside such a time?   SEE: Vic Toews.

YES,,,,,,look at its effects.

EXCLUDED INSTITUTIONS,  Zero Canadian Government Institutions.

INCLUDED INSTITUTIONS,  Seventeen Canadian Government Institutions.

ADDITIONAL INSTITUTIONS, ONE.  The Office of the Communications Establishment.  (Ahhh.  Smells like England.  The Snooper Bill that DID NOT pass.)

TWO.     To put in a regulatory body.  Regulatory body that is controlled by the Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness.  (Quite the mouth full, full of what?  SEE:USA and the Alphabet Soup.)   AND future changes will be done by this body without the DUE PROCESS OF LAW.  How are laws made in this Canadian Land?  “Governor in Council”?  Hell, take a look at the Canadian Neighbors to the south and see how many definitions are being changed by RULE of the Regulatory body.  (See any corruption there along with where that obviously traces back to.)

These are serious laws with………….


“Minister’s Opinion”.   Opinion?  Wow, this elected then appointed person’s opinion is now the “Applied Law of the Land”?  Since the people’s opinion is different than the current ruling regime, where does that lead them?

“Designated taxpayer information” is repealed?  I know, taxes are a pain.  BUT, that is one area that is protected because “The People” have that basic right to being protected as well.

“threats to Canada”.  As defined by the Minister’s Opinion?

“Reasonable Grounds”.  Within reason, as defined by “The Minister”.

“Fear”.  That is a word that is used many times within the wording of the “Youth Offenders Act”.  If we “FEAR” you might do this, then it gives those “reasonable grounds” to do that.  If such words apply to the kids in our society, what words do you think that will apply to the adults of our society?

“Screening”.  Redefining the process in boarding an airplane in Canada?  While within that process, if you challenge it, “Summary Conviction”?   Guilty until proven innocent?  TSA anybody?  What happened when the TSA finally got a hold of the airports?  TSA everywhere.  (THE BLUE SHIRTS.)  Better yet, under who’s guidelines are the American civil police being run with?

“Chief Public Health Officer” to “President of the Public Health Agency”?  They say, the words that people use are also a reflection of the people within each land.  Chief, (Native?) to President, (American?)  Well, since the New/Old order is having such problems because the reality of what they are about, the next play is the American Union.  (Mexico, USA, Canada being run as one.  How is that EU Thing doing?  It was never about money, it was about marginalizing the PEOPLE in their separate regions/countries.)

“An activity that takes place in Canada and undermines the security of another state”.  Well, do we need to talk about Obama/Bush/Clinton and their lies and destruction?  How many times have they been caught?  OR, the British and their pedophile rings?  Or, those levels of central bankers that bring destruction and control to other countries?  HSBC anybody?

“Terrorist Propaganda”.  Oh, I forgot, “Reasonable Grounds”, “Fear”, “Opinion”.

“Injurious to national security or endanger the safety of any person”.  A gag order which can be used for a motivation to apply.  Either way, the pedophile ring that is currently within the British Government and Royals has a gag order because it is deemed to be of “National Security”.   Any person?  Hey, if you want to bring harm to the People of Canada, the people of Canada can bring harm upon you.  (Pretty basic there.)

“computer system”.  Hmmm.  How do you know what is on that computer system?  There is only one way, “FULL MONITORING”.  Smells like China.  Smells like the next version of “CISPA”.  Smells like…..

“to order the deletion of the propaganda from a computer system”.  Tracking, tracing and deleting. How is that going to be done again?  Better check with the NEW and improved regulatory body.  OR just check the opinion of whoever is in “FEAR”.  That “one” person just might say, “Ooooga Booooga.”  It is what it is, “Black Box”.

“including in respect of their detection, identification, analysis, prevention, investigation or disruption.”  WOW, look at what can be done.  And how is that going to be done?  See any Dictatorship.  OR, see the “Big Brother” of England.  Or, Bigger BLACK BOX.

All of this before we actually talk about those levels of sharing information with those MANY outside interests of Canada.

FOUR.    No wonder Trudeau, Harper, and Muclair are talking about pushing through this crap.  (Yes, crap for the people of Canada.)  After all, it is the opinion of the Minister which circumvents the Judicial.  Hey Trudeau, what is it like being a member of the UN/central driven parliament before becoming a member of the CANADIAN PARLIAMENT?  Are you going to call me a terrorist, because it is the truth and it damages you?  OR, caught wind on how you want to bring back the National Energy Policy.

And the sell with the “Lone Wolf”.  YES, there are people out there that do feel alone.  Why do they feel alone?  Applications of being “Fear” driven?   Conditions.  Conditioning.

FIVE.     Checks and Balances.  I AM, a supporter of MY Canadian People within the Police, CSIS, and Arm-forces.  These are my Canadian people.  Those people that have grown up here and ARE a part of the Culture Of CANADA.  THE PEOPLE OF CANADA.  There has been a fine balance between CSIS and the RCMP.  YET, with this Bill, it is about the consolidation.  AND, who’s consolidation?  Really, is this latest trick for the Canadian People?  OR is it about the application UPON the Canadian People without actually showing them what it really is?  HOW ABOUT, letting these people actually do their job WITHOUT such levels of INTERVENTION.  AND, let the disclosure come back.  DO you actually think that these people are not conscious?

All you have to do, is read it.  Each time I have gone through this document, I am seeing more and more.

The PEOPLE inside England figured it out and are starting to take a hold.  Their latest tweak of a “Snooper Bill” fell apart because they are waking up.  Can the Canadian?  The people DO have a choice.  JUST like many other people in other lands.  The time is now.


What is in play?  How many forms/definitions are being applied to the current main forms of communication that is in our world?  Can you say, “International Agreements” or “ITL” or “CISPA” or just…..  Just Google it, “Oogly Googly Eyes”,  Hardware.  (What a creepy character.)  I wonder if Schmit actually knew about that one.  “The push to control the flow of…..”

It is all there, just look it up.  Or ask this, who is supplying a more thoroughness in what they are saying?  Why is CNN around?  Just ask MSNBC.  (Which one has been caught more often in fabricating news?)  In Canada, it does tend to be applied through omission.

P or S?   Problem or Solution?

Ahhh.  This one is too funny.  Are we supposed to “Salute or Bow” to this Little, “Nenni ”?

“Councilors need to know when to stop talking”

Beautifully done to layer it into the overtime regarding those meetings.  (And the numbers are not even clear.)  Could it be, that this person NO longer has control over those councilors because they were voted in because the population is seeing through the crap?  The section of these people in this city IS growing.  The councilors are doing their job, and if it takes overtime, deal with it.  (And to play the “fear card” of “The Greatest Mayor in the World”, is quite similar to how Obama won the “Nobel Peace Prize”.  When considering the applied strategy.  I did not make that rule.)

In Closing.


You know, I am not one to be, wanting so much.  Hell, that path, this path, your path, my path, and yes, our path.  It all ties in.  What do you think is “In Play”?  How does it wash out onto you?  How are you washing it onto others?

I hear this expression on so many levels, “Life Carries On.” OR “Life Goes On.”  YES, it does.  YES, you are alive.  AND then, look at the application.  “To BE Alive”, different meaning yes?

WELL:  To survive.  To be alive.  To Thrive.  Another piece of that 5 by 5?

With what you are doing within your world.  What are you applying and what is being applied upon you?

As Always, do FORWARD this email to those that share.  (There are two/three emails there, that way, you can even be specific.)  Leave the 5 by 5 alone please.



Ps.  Do you think I like doing these releases?  Do you think I am having fun?  The only thing I know, is that I have an understanding of what I am sharing and how it is being shared which is a “piece of a part”, that is within this world.  What do you share?  Better yet, how do you share?  Do you understand to what ends such levels are to be?  YOU CAN, because YOU ARE.

It has been some time, a tune.  Ties to a rule which is a beautiful thing.

And in case if you have missed the words?

PPS.  As the PEOPLE of Canada has helped other people in other lands.  It would be good that if those people would give the Canadian people a hand.  (These, are the last lands to have such levels of freedom in this current world.  What do you think when these lands go down?)


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